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George Helgesen

VP of Partnerships, ProCoders

Experience: Experience: 9+ years in IT

George is the VP of Partnerships at ProCoders. Over 9 years ago, his journey began with a passion for product development, service design, and marketing, culminating in a role where he serves as a key executive leader.

In his role for the past six years, George has showcased his skills in team management, product design, and advertising. His diverse background includes serving as a Client Partner and Account Executive, managing over 40 B2B accounts, and demonstrating his proficiency in building and nurturing client relationships.

George's approach goes beyond traditional sales tactics; he focuses on deeply understanding client problems, objectives, and software products, enabling him to effectively tailor proposals that highlight ProCoders' values, expertise, and reliability.

Since 2018, George has worked closely with over 50 ProCoders clients on various projects, including staff augmentation, assembling IT teams from scratch, launching new software products, and reviving underperforming products.

He takes pride in assembling full-cycle teams that drive towards product launches, maintenance, and continuous development, contributing significantly to ProCoders' partners' success. Under his leadership, clients have:

  • launched over 20 new software products
  • formed over 30 teams
  • boosted their revenues, collectively generating over $100 million

“The clients I’ve worked with range from ambitious startups to experienced scale-ups and large enterprises. I hope you enjoy my articles on our website, and hey - drop me a line if you'd like!”

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