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ProCoders NodeJS talent combines robust back-end development skills with clean, intuitive front end interfaces for a polished user experience. Hire NodeJS developers with us, and our experts will match your project needs to people with proven expertise in building high-performance applications!

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    Why Our Partners Choose NodeJS Developers for Hire

    As a free, open-source, cross-platform runtime environment, Node runs on JavaScript, one of the world’s most widely used programming languages. It divides tasks into independently operating nodes, which creates smooth-running server side Node JS applications. Because the framework is so popular, the community of Node developers is large. But so is the demand for talent.

    Before you hire Node.js developers, there’s a lot to consider. We’ll help you determine what you need before you start.

    TOP-6 NodeJS Services ProCoders Offer

    With ProCoders, you can hire senior Node JS developers for all services connected to the framework. Here are some of them:

    Scale Your Development Team Instantly with Our Seasoned Node.js Experts. Start Outsourcing Development Today!

    Find Best Node JS expertise with ProCoders

    At ProCoders, you can hire dedicated NodeJS developers not just for their deep understanding of this framework. The technology has many complementary technologies, plugins, and libraries that engineers should know to be successful in Node programming. All our staff members have that basic knowledge, plus a whole lot more that can take your applications to the next level.


    Besides, if you need full-stack services with skilled backend specialists and front-end developers, we can cover that as well. Our rock stars are hands-on with 50+ tools and libraries.

    Hire Professional Developers with Years of Experience in the Frameworks You Need, Your Industry Vertical, and the Type of Product You Have in Mind!

    Choose Between ProCoders Universal Working Models

    01. Staff Augmentation

    Think of us as your auxiliary staff. We help you hire Node developer talent and get the tasks done in tight timelines. You get a dedicated full time or part-time team without the hassles of hiring additional coders in-house.

    Our team works for you for a standard monthly payment based on the skills and the hours needed. Whether you only need to hire programmers on project based or even task-based terms, you get the hands-on benefit of working in an outstaffed arrangement with the ProCoders team.

    Choose Between ProCoders Universal Working Models

    02. TaaS (Team as a Service or Self-Managed Dedicated Team)

    This approach is perfect for companies that don’t have a tech team yet need professional Node JS developers for hire. The TaaS method includes a free 1.5-hour workshop where we talk about your needs and ideas and a Discovery Phase to find the right mix of talent for your project.

    We match developers perfectly based on the vast amounts of information we get from you. The team, as a result, knows your market, industry, tech stack, and culture, which enables all its members to ensure a high-level development process.

    Power Your Next Web or Mobile App with TOP Node.js Talent! Start Now!

    ProCoders Partners That Hire NodeJS Developers on Their Way to Success

    Hiring outsourced Node.js programming staff doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive, budget-busting process.
    When you work with us, you’ll hire a Node programming team that’s dedicated to being fast, reliable, responsive, and strategic. All at a price that won’t break the bank.

    These companies trust their business to ProCoders

    Internet of Things SaaS Distillery
    When Roth River came to us with the need for a monitoring mobile app, our team helped them conceptualize the project, choose the proper framework, assemble an outstaffed team, and produce the app from start to finish. The app created turned out to be a major part of the company’s overall product offering and business strategy, setting them up for a smooth sail. The strong backend allows for quick access to the platform and the monitoring algorithm, better compatibility with all devices (which was a priority since the partner needed to access the app at any moment remotely), and better security. The app created turned out to be a major part of the company’s overall product offering and business strategy, setting them ahead of their competition.
    React Native
    Software as a Service
    Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of development time and talent. ProCoders helped frontegg get to market faster by providing surge staffing. Our developers ensured frontegg got their product in front of customers and jumped ahead of their competition, all while staying on time and on budget. The stable backend of the project improved data management and performance, future-proofing it for our loyal partner. Our developers ensured Frontegg got their product in front of customers, and get one step ahead of their competition, all while staying on time and on budget.
    Online Education Social Media
    Quartz Network is a company that focuses on professional development for emerging executives. They needed a website that would allow its members to register for online events, take online courses, network with other influencers, and search directories of professional services. We developed a smooth-running system that allowed all this to take place within one simple web interface. We developed a smooth-running system that allowed all this to take place within one simple web interface. Node.js

    Node.js Expertise in Every Vertical

    The versatility of this technology means that it works well for many industries and any kind of application. Here’s how we’re making it work for companies across the industry spectrum.

    Sports symbol
    Sports & Fitness

    Workout booking, tournament participation apps, etc.

    Healthcare symbol

    Wearables data collection and monitoring, data visualization, etc.

    Shopping cart symbol

    User-centric marketplaces with in-app payments, from niche SMBs to large corporations.

    Legal service symbol

    Litigation management software, data sharing and presentation solutions, etc.

    Delivery box symbol

    Warehouse and inventory management systems, delivery apps, etc.

    Capability symbol

    Learning management systems, education platforms, AI-infused tests, etc.

    Accelerate Your Timeline and Improve Cost Efficiency. Hire Our Pre-Vetted Node.js Developers!

    On-time. On budget. On point. That’s what you can expect when bringing your latest project to ProCoders. We’ll ensure that you hire the right Node.js programmers for your needs. And the best part is, we can usually get your outstaffed team up and running for you in 3-14 days!

    Here’s how we work:

    The First Contact

    We establish contact with prospective clients and arrange an introductory call or meeting to discuss project needs and expectations, and make plans for the next steps.

    NDA Signing

    Before any proprietary information is shared, we have both parties sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure confidentiality and mutual protection of sensitive details.

    A Free Workshop

    We hold a 1.5-hour workshop to discuss your idea in detail and map the following steps.

    Discovery Phase (Optional)

    For clients seeking a full dedicated development team, we kick off with our Discovery Phase. This involves extensive analysis of the project scope, budget, timeline, and goals to create a tailored roadmap.

    Developer Selection and Interview

    We carefully select Node.js experts well-matched to each project. Prospective team members then interview so clients can evaluate skills, experience, and fit.

    Project Execution

    Following the roadmap, our developers provide ongoing status updates, risk management, and maintain clear communication through the client’s preferred channels.

    Monthly Payments

    Clients can conveniently pay monthly for developer services through our straightforward billing process that is structured for efficiency.

    The ProCoders Difference:

    01. Communication

    No middlemen. No teams of project managers. When you work with ProCoders, you manage your outstaffed team directly. Our team is your team.

    The ProCoders Difference:

    02. Transparency

    You’ll never catch us hedging our reports or hiding emerging problems. You are with there in the trenches with us every day, and you see every aspect of your development, as it unfolds.

    The ProCoders Difference:

    03. Corporate Culture

    We hire high-end programming talent, and though your outstaffed team might be far away, our team members can assimilate perfectly into your corporate culture. We dive into your culture first and specialize in finding people who can appreciate your corporate values, market pressures, and business environment.

    The ProCoders Difference:

    04. Business Ethics

    Our teams regularly work with companies from around the globe, including North America, Europe, and Asia. We understand how the development market works in each of these regions, and the business values that power them. We also understand project security, and how to keep your data safe, and your development plans under wraps until you’re ready for project launch.

    Let Our 9+ Years of Development Experience Drive Your Project to Success!

    Testimonials that tell the Story

    Todd Pritts

    We could talk all day about the work we do. But we’d rather have our clients tell their experience with ProCoders had a real and lasting impact on their business goals. Here’s one of our favorites: Although the app is still being fine-tuned, ProCoders have succeeded in creating a promising product. The team was open to exploring new ideas, even in early development. Although better conferencing tools might improve communication, ProCoders were very responsive and overall a joy to work with.

    Todd Pritts
    Todd Pritts

    Listen to Our Clients’ Feedback Directly

    Henry Lynch
    Co-Founder & CTO @ Vsimple
    “It’s not been the traditional contractor-company relationship, I feel like everybody in our team genuinely cares about our product and our customers.“
    Jens Larsson
    Co-founder and CPO @ Avanto Care
    “We’re impressed with their ability to understand our needs and match us with the right developer. The developer is skilled and fits our culture and way of working.”
    Shai Alani
    VP Marketing @ Aporia
    “The company’s ability to consistently deliver cutting-edge technological solutions and their dedication to innovation set them apart in the industry.”
    Roni Berri
    Co-founder and CRO @ PayEat
    “After presenting our application in an exhibition in Sweden we received only positive feedback on the smoothness & quality of the application and landed multiple clients that day.”


    How fast can ProCoders hire a Node.js developer for my company?

    Usually, 3-14 days. We have a vast team of 120+ developers, so there’s always someone on bench waiting to start the work on your project. If you need a large team or some narrow-niche engineers we don’t have full-time with us, give us a bit more time, and we’ll swim through the candidate pool that’s always increasing and find the right match for your project.

    If a staff member needs to be removed or added, how quickly can that be done?

    We can add another team member in 3-14 weeks to accommodate the growth of your project. If you realize you have one too many developers, provide a 1-month notice, and we’ll “offboard” them from the team.

    Do you have a translator or anyone who will help me communicate with my outstaffed team?

    No translators needed! We only hire developers fluent in English, ensuring clear communication without language barriers. As a global company, direct client-team collaboration is pivotal for us.

    I’m not a technical founder of a start-up. Can I manage a team?

    Absolutely. We emphasize client involvement, but our teams include engineering leads and QA specialists to support day-to-day operations for hands-off managers. You control the engagement style.

    Can you assemble a team that’s right for my project’s needs?

    Yes. Through extensive discovery of your goals, we precisely tailor teams for your needs – from technologies to timelines. We provide documentation outlining the project scope and how the team is optimized across technical, schedule, and milestone dimensions. You get the right fit.

    What kinds of specialists do you have onboard?

    Our staff covers most of the popular technologies, both for web applications (using React.js, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, and Symfony) as well as mobile applications (cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native and Flutter.) If you’d like to see the full list, check out our tech stack.

    How much does it cost to hire Node JS developers?

    According to Upwork, the average rate for Node.js developers is $25/hr, with rates typically ranging between $18 to $150 per hour. According to TopDevelopers.co, the cost to hire Node.js developers for a project may range from $12,000 to $60,000. If you want to find out ProCoders rates, just contact us and let’s schedule a call!

    How do I find Node JS developers?

    Finding Node.js developers can be done through job boards, staffing agencies, freelance sites, networking events, LinkedIn/GitHub searches, or outsourcing companies. As an international staff augmentation company, we at ProCoders clearly define the advantages of the outstaffing/outsourcing approach. Unlike job boards, we’re ready to provide a team or separate developers in 3 days, so you don’t have to check resumes and conduct countless interviews. We also know exactly what skills we hire people for, unlike staffing agencies. And finally, our engineers are with you till the end, which isn’t a guarantee if you’re working with a freelancer.

    How do I hire the best Node JS developer?

    Carefully screen candidates based on portfolio, experience level, code quality, GitHub contributions, technical assessment performance, communication skills, and cultural fit. Or just leave the HR hassles to ProCoders – one of the best sites to hire NodeJS developers!

    Do you want to hire the best NodeJS Developers?
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