Smart Contract Programmer for Hire: Guide on Services, Benefits and Cost
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By 2028, the global market of smart contracts is forecasted to reach $1,460 million, with a CAGR of 24.2%. Their popularity is rising due to the versatility and convenience they bring. Their algorithm seems so easy, just a set of if/then commands, but if you think about it, this simple sequence can be used in just any industry, from trading and investing to healthcare, gaming, and real estate.

These blockchain programs can automate workflow. And automation is definitely something you should be after nowadays if you want to catch up with time, consumers’ demands, and technological advances.

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For all that to happen, you need to hire a smart contract developer. There are many factors a business must know before making the right choice, and we at ProCoders are ready to help you with this. We’ve hired a fair share of developers and found out all about the industry for you.

Key takeaways:

  • Finding a smart contract developer has a lot of benefits that save you time, money, and nerves
  • When looking for a team of smart contract devs for hire, make sure they are fluent not only in the creation of programs but also in audit and optimization
  • Industries from supply chain to betting use smart contracts, that’s why smart contract coders for hire are in demand
  • There is a vast number of technologies an expert should be fluent in, including Ethereum Virtual Machine, Solidity, etc.
  • Salary expectations vary greatly. You can pay as much as $120K a year for a US-based specialist, while a Central European team would cost much less
  • ProCoders offers the best talent for an adequate check, taking care of data security and implementing our client-oriented approaches with each case
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Benefits of Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts offer multiple benefits concerning security, time and money you spend, and operational concerns:

No execution errors

These programs execute automatically, so there’s no place for human error and no central institution is needed to support or approve them.

Quick processing

Smart contracts have a really fat run time because they are automatic and no additional control or verification is needed.

Accurate execution

If the contract is properly built, there’s a guarantee its execution will be accurate as no humans are involved.


Blockchain is the most transparent technology to date. No bureaucracy, no secrecy, and open information for all who take part in the contract.

Better security

Again, due to the automation of the process, as well as the security of blockchain technology, smart contracts have a high level of protection.


As there are no mediators and no actions have to be performed manually, you don’t have to pay a million fees, so if you do a good job to hire developers for smart contract projects, you’re going to save money.

This is all given you hire a good smart contract development team with years of experience and an understanding of your business needs. Gladly, ProCoders not only knows how to find such specialists, but we also have them on our team!

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Services Our Smart Contract Developers Offer

To hire a smart contract programmer you can trust to build a dApp contract, you have to know what services the best ones offer. We’ve hired a lot of such specialists and know for a fact what technical knowledge one needs to be eligible for such work.

So, here are the services our ProCoders experts offer.

Smart Contracts Development

We can build anything from cryptocurrency exchange platforms to game economy control programs. Solutions for electronic wallets, as well as contract management platforms, are all doable, no matter the complexity.

Smart Contracts Audit

If you have a problem with an existing smart contract, allow our trained professionals to take care of it. They know every troubleshooting method and can handle not only common issues but tricky ones as well, making your solution close to perfection in the end.

We only hire people with extensive practical experience and, after finishing a project, they remain employees of ProCoders. So, it’s in our interest to choose only the best candidates.

Decentralized Apps

Decentralized applications offer superior security, speed, and integrity. Hiring a team of smart contract developers at ProCoders ensures you work with people fluent in blockchain technology and with rich expertise in both contract and dApp creation.

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Contracts for Digital Wallets

Smart contracts can make your digital wallet more secure and ensure faster and more transparent transactions. Finding a suitable type of contract for your solution is crucial, and our ProCoders specialists can do it easily.

dApp Smart Contracts

dApp solutions can benefit from smart contracts as well, you just have to choose the right program for your type of dApp. When you have years of experience working with such software, you know exactly what contract suits any app.

We offer clear timeframes and pricing, so your investment will be justified.

Smart Contract Optimization

Optimization of a smart contract can make it times more fitting to your requirements. When choosing smart contracts experts for hire, make sure they don’t only know how to build a solution from scratch but how to check and optimize an existing one.

Smart contracts can be used in so many industries and they don’t have to be overcomplicated. It’s not just about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, Solidity and other complicated programming languages that may just sound like weird words, NFTs, and all that jazz.

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Industries Hiring Smart Contract Developers

Smart contracts aren’t “that new thing connected to blockchain and crypto”. It’s been used in many industries, including:

  • Supply chain – you can make payments and indicate situations where manual control is needed through smart contracts.
  • Banking and finance – you can find smart contract developers to build solutions for your bank or financial software, as well as an eCommerce business.
  • Real estate – finding smart contract developers for hire may start a new era for your real estate business by introducing peer-to-peer payment or automated digital contracts with clients.
  • Betting – hire smart contract developers for your legal betting business to ensure transparency and draw more customers. As these contracts can’t be changed, it’s nice for the customers to know that you’re an honest venture.
  • Media – getting a smart contract developer for hire for your media project means you can automate transactions, subscription renewal, access grants, and more.
  • Voting – the voting industry always needs more transparency, and smart contracts can give you that.

There are many more, they may have made a huge list. But what technologies are used to develop these solutions? What skills to look for when hiring smart contract developers?

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Technologies Our Smart Contract Programmers Use

Before hiring a great team of smart contract developers, there comes lots of skill testing. We at ProCoders know that as we test out candidates ourselves. Your requirements are high, so we want to meet them at the same level. Here are the skills our development company offers:

  • Solidity – a programming language built specifically by Ethereum Network for creating and executing smart contracts. This is the basic, most important skill.
smart contracts experts can write good solidity code
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM – the software responsible for the implementation of smart contracts based on the Ethereum Network. It also audits the condition of the network after the chain has a new block built.
  • dApp – dApp development involves creating decentralized apps (hence the name). It’s different from regular app development as the backend code is situated on a P2P network that is also decentralized.
  • Consensus Algorithm – in blockchain, this is one of the computer science processes that helps achieve trustworthiness within a network with various users and nodes.
  • Chaincode – similar to a smart contract, chaincode takes care of the business processes between the participants instead of a human. To write such a program, one has to be fluent in Go, mode.js, and/or Java.

There are so many more skills involved in the creation of smart contracts and their implementation. When hiring developers for smart contract projects, you have to be sure the experts are knowledgeable in common cryptocurrencies, API integration, transactional technologies, including NFT, fungible tokens, ICO, smart contracts themselves, and much more.

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What to Expect from Our Smart Contract Experts

To make money from Web3, you need to hire a smart contract coder that is perfect for your project. ProCoders can guarantee you excellent talent and the following features that are a part of our philosophy.

Full Process Transparency

All of our teams are ready to sign NDAs so that nobody finds out that we’re working on your project. We take data security and collaboration transparency seriously and are always ready to hear out your requirements.

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We guarantee that you’ll always be updated with the information on your project. Our policy implies providing programmers’ contacts to the client. This helps us maintain full transparency of the development process. So, even if you hire a self-managed dedicated team, you can always contact them during the working hours and get a reply within 30 minutes.

Client-Oriented Approach

We value communication and instill this habit into all our teams. So, by hiring smart contract programmers from ProCoders, you ensure that your team will not only have excellent technical skills but soft ones as well.

We also give a lot of hiring freedom to our customers. If you want, you can conduct an additional interview with the specialist we choose for you and give us your verdict. After all, it’s your project, and our job is to find the best people for it.

Cost Efficiency

We at ProCoders seek not only skilled smart contract project devs for hire. Most of our coders are from Estonia and Croatia, where the price of living is lower, and so are salary expectations. Yet, the talent of these tech specialists can’t be doubted.

Total Project Support

We’re willing to provide additional resources to match your project needs, even for free. We’ll help you not only create software, but launch it as well. We’re not focused on quick cash. Our priority is long-term successful projects. We consider such cases much more beneficial than temporary fame.

3 Steps to Hire a Smart Contract Developer

Let’s sum all this up. The hiring process can be done in 3 steps:

  1. Identifying requirements, and details about your project, deciding on how many people you need, and how much money you’re going to spend. We can help you with this through our Discovery Phase.
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  1. Interview the developers if you want. If not, just let us do the job. Keep in mind that if you choose another hiring model, you may either end up with a programmer without the needed skills or you’ll have to interview everyone yourself, test them, and evaluate their skills.
  2. Complete the onboarding process and prepare to start the project.

Then, all you have to do is to enjoy working with true professionals that will deliver services of high quality. Hire experts in smart contract creation in simple 3 steps with ProCoders at rather affordable prices.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Smart Contract Programmer?

As already told, we at ProCoders are always looking for developers of smart contracts with the best balance of salary expectations and skills. The truth is, Central European countries can contribute a lot to your company for a much lower price than a California-based top programmer.

And the quality won’t be lost. And you know why? Because many countries have lower living costs, which means that hiring even a senior smart contract coder will cost you less than you may think.

Dev level / CountryUSA (monthly)UK (monthly)Estonia, Croatia, etc. (monthly)
BenefitsEnglish proficiency, great skills, good choice if you’re US-based.English proficiency, great skills, good choice if you’re UK-based or live in another European country.Good location for clients from Europe.
High-level English fluency.
Cost-effectiveness with excellent skills.
DrawbacksThe salary expectations are rather high.The salary expectations are rather high.You may have to fly all the way to Europe if you’re based in the US for meetings (although with properly-arranged Zoom meetings it’s not a problem)

So, why opt to hire smart contract programmers that will cost you $120K a year if you can get the same level of expertise from English-speaking developers at ProCoders? Besides, the benefits don’t stop on money-saving. We also offer short hiring deadlines, meaning we can find a good fit for your project in a very short time and let you start working ASAP. Not to mention that the results of such collaborations are outstanding as we only recruit qualified programmers with decent hard and soft skills.

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Why Hire Smart Contract Developers by ProCoders?

If you look to hire a team of smart contract devs, don’t go past staff augmentation with ProCoders.
Service is our superpower! We wanted to create a company that would be universal for all clients. And we have succeeded, because:

We provide only well-tested specialists.

We interview, test, and hire people ourselves, using years of recruiting and technical experience. They are working with us all the time and we pay them even if they aren’t involved in projects at the moment. So, it’s our priority to hire people that could easily join new projects, and this is only possible if they are well-trained.

We have a lengthy hiring process.

First, we look to hire smart contract experts that are right for your project (if we don’t have them already, which is a rare occasion). Then, we pre-interview them, finding out if their world-view and soft skills match our high-end requirements. Then comes the team-lead check and the main interview. We also test the skills of all candidates because one completed test task says more than a thousand words.
Finally, you get to interview the people if you want. And then, after the hiring procedures, you have a perfect expert creating a smart contract for you.

Balance of quality and investments.

We provide specialists of all niches according to your requirements. If you participate in our Discovery Phase, you’re guaranteed no extra penny spent and no redundant worker hired.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a program or transaction protocol that is executed when all the conditions within it are met. You can use such contracts to automate processes, control and document legal events, work with logistics, etc. using these programs.

How much does it cost to make a smart contract?

The range is immense, from $2,500 to $50,000 and more. A small, simple contract for two parties may really cost you less than $3,000. But if you need a complicated program for multiple users, expect the cost to rise with each sophisticated element.

The final cost also depends on where you look for smart contract developers for hire. If you choose to hire in-house specialists for the project, expect additional payments such as insurance, paid vacation, etc. You can also choose staff augmentation, which will cost you much less.

What is the turnaround time for smart contract development?

We’d say a month and more. It’s impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing the details of your project. We never throw claims before deeply researching your idea and estimating a proper turnaround time.


Hiring devs for smart contract projects may seem difficult if you don’t have support and strong expertise to check their skills and technical skill level. Gladly, there’s ProCoders! We’ve spent over 10 years in staff augmentation and programming and trained to close vacancies 50% faster than competitors. We can find a coder with any skill set and for any project difficulty. And all our employees value communication and being on the same page as much as outstanding work.

Using our expertise, In this guide, we’ve told you about the benefits of these smart programs, where they are used, and what technologies are involved in their creation.

Of course, we didn’t shy away from salary expectations you have to take into account when looking to hire smart contract coders. After reading this guide, you can start the search through ProCoders, find out all the details about your future project, including the timeframes and investments needed, and finally get a perfect specialist to work for you!

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