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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that is used by developers to build, run, and manage applications through on-demand resources like storage, computing power, databases, analytics, networking, and more. The cloud is cool, but AWS differentiates itself from the competition.

The sheer breadth of services available, and their consistent levels of excellence, make AWS the top choice for a slew of technical hiring needs. In this article, we look at who AWS experts are, what they do, how they can be beneficial to your startup, and how to hire AWS developers.

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Who Are the AWS Developers?

An AWS developer is responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining web applications using the AWS cloud platform. They also evaluate new technologies to incorporate into the existing setup.

The need for an AWS developer arises when you want to improve your company’s efficiency by implementing effective solutions based on cloud technologies. If you’re looking to integrate your existing system or software with Amazon Web Services, an AWS developer will help you design a scalable database solution that’s compatible with your existing technology stack.

Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of an AWS Developer for Hire

The profile of an AWS developer has changed over the past few years, with more and more companies adopting AWS as their cloud solution architecture. Understanding the skill, role, and responsibilities of an AWS developer will be the first step in assembling your dream team.

  • In-depth knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which include EC2, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, and others.
  • Ability to integrate DevOps processes using tools like CloudFormation, Chef, or Puppet.
  • Understanding of the architecture design principles and best practices for designing scalable systems
  • Experience with security best practices related to designing highly secure cloud systems
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  • Strong data management skills with an understanding of database technologies such as DynamoDB, RDS, and Aurora (for relational databases) or RedShift (for data warehouse systems)
  • Expertise in application programming using Python, Java, PHP or other similar languages·
  • Being agile with good technical problem-solving capabilities
  • Must be enthusiastic about using cloud computing technologies to optimize the efficiency of business processes through automation
  • Excellent communication skills and be able to work in a team environment
  • Possession of relevant AWS certification validates understanding of fundamental cloud principles and basic cloud architecture terminology, concepts, and services related to the core features of AWS.

The best way to hire an AWS expert is to have clarity about the type of developer you require in terms of skills and experience. Often, many startups need the assistance of IT outstaffing companies such as ProCoders with experience assembling teams for a wide variety of projects, including cloud environment roles.

When You May Need AWS Developers for Hire?

An AWS developer is responsible for integrating the AWS environment into the application architecture. This includes defining strategies for migrating data to the cloud, managing access control and authentication between an on-premise system and the cloud environment, and creating mechanisms to move data between environments.

Also, they should be able to create test plans that simulate real-life scenarios and ensure the compatibility of the software with the cloud environment.

aws consultants can help you to choose proper technologies

While you certainly can build your cloud-based apps with the help of managed services and third-party expertise, an AWS development team will ensure that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and skillsets in this area. They will handle all of the intricate technical details for your app so that you can focus your energies on other key elements of your business.

Hiring AWS developers from a reliable company such as ProCoders is a great way to enhance product delivery.

Where You Can Find an Amazon Web Services Expert for Hire?

If a startup wants to find and hire an AWS developer, they can do it with the help of an outstaffing company, online freelancing platforms, or HR firms. In this section, we analyze all three options so you can determine the right choice for your project.

Hire AWS Consultants by an Outstaffing Company

Outstaffing companies are usually regarded as the sweet spot of IT hiring. Companies like ProCoders provide outstaffing services that help startups access a pool of expert talents to work on their project. When you outsource app development to an outstaffing company, the company is responsible for all parts of the project, working closely with the client to properly identify project requirements and create an execution plan.

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Find the helping hand at ProCoders!

At ProCoders, we even offer post-development services, providing clients with ongoing support after project delivery. In essence, hiring an outstaffing company is a great way to gain comprehensive access to reliable AWS consultants and developers.

Hire an AWS Expert on Freelance

Upwork, Freelancer.com, Toptal, and Fiverr are a few of the platforms that allow you to hire AWS consultants and engineers. Considering the scarcity of professionals to fill this role, hiring freelancers is a reasonable option. More so, on the financial side, freelancers are usually paid by the hour; therefore, you can ensure that you are paying the worth of the amount of work you get when you hire remote developers via freelancing.

However, there is no such a good guarantee when you work with freelancers like when you work with outstaffing agencies. Many companies are never able to close the gaps of communication and collaboration but if yours can, then freelancing might be a great deal for you.

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Hire an AWS Developer at a Hiring Agency

When trying to find developers for startup, the appeal of hiring agencies is that they have an established network of professionals that they can connect you with to hire an Amazon Web Services expert. However, outsourcing your recruitment process to a hiring agency is relinquishing your control over the quality of the AWS developers who end up at your company.

More so, unlike outstaffing companies, hiring agencies are only responsible for the recruitment stage (and sometimes onboarding) and they can’t be held accountable if the project does not go as planned.

The above are just 3 techniques that can help you hire Amazon Web Services AWS experts. At the end of the day, the most important is understanding the requirements and the needs of your project and then finding a way to solve those needs.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an AWS Developer

If you’re an AWS user and are looking for a developer or development team to work on your new or current project, it can be hard to know what to look for. When it comes to AWS development, there are lots of issues to consider. AWS is, after all, a very complex platform with an overwhelming amount of features.

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To help you discern whether someone is truly an expert, we’ve put together this list of questions to ask when hiring an AWS developer. These questions are drawn from ProCoders’ experience hiring AWS developers and assembling teams to support the cloud architecture of other companies.

  • Can you outline a typical workflow for designing an application’s cloud architecture?
  • How can you harness AWS to mitigate a DDoS attack?
  • What are the uses of various types of AWS virtualization?
  • Why do regions matter to AWS, and which services are not region-specific?
  • How would you set a security policy for users’ passwords?
  • How can you monitor Amazon Web Services in real-time and gain useful insights?
  • What are the most significant current trends in AWS?
  • Do you know how to present technical requirements and project reports in a way that stakeholders without a lot of technical knowledge can understand?
  • Can you discuss your AWS solutions and implementation experience?
  • What is a significant problem that you overcame in a previous AWS project?
  • How would you determine if a company requires a public cloud solution, private servers, or a hybrid approach?
  • What are the commonest cloud storage issues and how would you deal with them?

Because there are so many ways to implement AWS into your project, it is important to know what questions to ask during the interview process.

3 Steps of Hiring an AWS Developer

Building a development team is one of the most complex things a small business can do. It requires you to think about all the different areas that come into play and decide how each area will be handled internally. A successful team requires a good plan, patience, and more than anything else, an eye for talent so let’s walk through all the steps.

Outline your requirements

Also, there are a lot of different roles that an AWS developer can have, and some of them may or may not be applicable to your company or project. Before trying to find AWS developers for hire, you must define the type of person you want to hire and how he or she will fit in with your team. What type of applications do you want to run on AWS? What features and functionalities do they need? How many developers do you need?

Have a picture of an ideal candidate

Before you begin your search for candidates, it’s important to define your needs in the role. Are there specific skill sets that need to be on the resume? Is there a certain amount of experience you’re looking for? How much are you willing to pay for someone with the skills you seek? Once you’ve outlined these details, it will be much easier to get started.

Prepare for Evaluation

It is important to prepare a checklist of evaluation parameters in order to hire an AWS certified developer with outstanding professionals. This evaluation might come in the form of interview questions, test challenges, or tasks that give you insights into their problem-solving and programming skills. This helps you get the best out of candidates and shortlist the best.

Even if you are using an outstaffing company, interaction with the developers to screen them ahead of the project is not a bad choice. Indeed, at ProCoders, we let our clients know which members of our team would be working on their project so that the clients can assess them and have smooth communication channels going forward.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an AWS Developer: Salary and Hourly Rate

As you decide between Amazon Web Services as a hosting provider and other providers, you’ll likely want to know how much it will cost. In this section, we give an overview of what that cost is for hiring AWS developers based on multiple parameters.

Country JuniorMiddleSenior
United States $89,480$123,709$152,155
Ukraine $17,170$26,555$38,694
India $14,690$20,002$24,980
Germany $88,269$122,033$150,094
United Kingdom$72,433$100,142$123,176

One way to optimize your AWS development cost is through offshoring, seeking talents in countries where it is more affordable to hire Amazon Web Services developers, such as Estonia, Croatia, Albania, and so on. Location affects, for example, the cost to hire an app developer as well as developers in general. This does not mean compromising on quality. Based in Croatia, ProCoders has been supplying companies in various countries with IT talents.

Hire AWS Developers with ProCoders

ProCoders is a leading IT outstaffing firm in Ukraine that provides AWS developer hiring services. Hire a dev shop with us to access the most affordable and cost-efficient cloud hosting and server management services in the industry. We help clients to assemble a team to build their most complex and mission-critical cloud applications. Our developers are experienced, certified, and skilled in the latest versions of the AWS service.

Testimonials from our numerous clients worldwide show our skill and expertise in handling cloud projects. In a recent project for Quartz Network, a B2B networking platform for professionals, we brought our best AWS development talents to build a complex full-stack application from the ground up. Being located in budget-friendly Ukraine, ProCoders was able to supply affordable talents to Quartz Network.

F. A. Q.
Why does a startup need an AWS developer?

With the boom of startup companies and the need for these firms to adopt web services, it is becoming increasingly critical to have a strong web foundation. Hence, many startups are adopting and using AWS as their development platform. AWS developers help startups to work more effectively, regardless of whether you’re building an MVP or a full-fledged product.

What does an AWS developer do?

The world of technology is expanding at a fast pace. People are adopting cloud solutions like AWS as it has made it very easy to develop and deploy applications without setting up infrastructure. Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer has emerged as one of the fastest-growing job roles across the globe. An AWS developer deals with the development, integration, and deployment of solutions and services to their clients.

How do you determine your ideal candidate for an AWS developer role?

There’s a lot of work that goes into developing applications on AWS. An AWS Developer is responsible for managing and maintaining the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and developing solutions that run on this cloud-computing platform. To hire an effective individual, companies need to determine their requirements first and find qualified candidates who can meet those requirements.


With the technology moving towards cloud computing and more efficient processing of data, hiring AWS developers has become an essential part to get your desired solutions as a startup. Cloud-based computing is changing the way we test our applications. By outsourcing to AWS developers, you can have the servers scaled up or down depending on the need of your system.

The best way to do that is to outsource the project to a reliable company such as ProCoders. At ProCoders, our team of software developers engineers is made up of the best people in the business, and we’re committed to delivering high-quality solutions that drive value to your business. Give us a call today to discuss your next AWS project.

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