How to Outsource ReactJS Development Services to Grow Your Company
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ReactJS is indeed one of the most popular and widely used front-end frameworks out there. It is used to create user interfaces for sites like Facebook, Netflix, etc. If you are looking to outsource react.js development and are not sure where to begin, or how to find the right vendor for your project, then this right here is for you. We have a step-by-step guide for you, using which you can find high-quality software developers. Here are some React websites examples for you to see.

Reasons to Outsource React.js Development?

So, let’s get right into it! Why should one look at outsourcing React development services? Well, the answer is actually quite simple, hiring an in-house team takes at least 6 months! Moreover, if you lack the technical expertise, the team that you hire might lack them as well because you are unable to test them.

You might think that onboarding freelancers can be a viable option. Wrong! When we do the math, we find that freelancers are not budget friendly if hired long-term because freelancers tend to take on numerous projects at a given time which means that their divided attention will lead to a lower quality of work and they might take longer to finish a task. You can never be sure about their quality of work until you hire them! 

outsource react development is better than hiring freelancers

On top of that, why would you go through the pain of doing everything by yourself if you are a startup without technical know-how and experience or if you already have a business that is not related to IT (for example, a store)? Especially given that you lack relevant experience. It is preferable to select professionals who can complete the task for you quickly and to a good standard.

Business Benefits of Outsourcing React Development Services

After looking into the reasons why we should Outsource React Development services, I think it is only logical to talk about the benefits of react.js outsourcing services. One should know the benefits of React.js before getting into the benefits of outsourcing though. 


If you will outsource react application development, you will end up spending less. It is because employing an in-house team will take at least 6 months. That is half a year spent just hiring, which means, you are still paying for your office, HR services, the staff who are already working, utilities, and more! 

Even after the onboarding process, there will be a need to train your development team if required, all your employees will require workstations which can cost a lot of money but if a business does outsource React development services they do not have to pay for all the expenses mentioned. 

Moreover, if you are located in a country where the developer salaries are high, you can always outsource React programmers offshore which can make a huge difference in the cost of the development process.


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Access To The Latest Technology

You can gain access to the most recent technologies in the market by working with a React app outsourcing company. Management might not be aware of the most recent market trends, therefore they won’t be certain which skills to consider when employing a developer.

Whereas, You can be sure that your vendor will provide you with experts who are well-versed in the trends and latest technologies because they are always involved in the action and have a far deeper understanding of the development processes, including all the most recent trends.

Having access to the most recent technology is critical for keeping up with all the innovations and not falling behind the competition. At ProCoders, we make sure that all our employees are well-versed in the new technologies.  

Quality Of The Work 

As mentioned before, outsourcing companies are aware of the latest technologies and trends. Along with that, they have certain standards, regulations, and practices which ensure that the quality of work is up to the mark. If you cooperate with a reputable partner, they will make sure that you are satisfied with the results. Because at the end of the day if you outsource react js development what you are looking for is good quality results that will benefit the quality of your business in the long run.

Bigger Talent Pool

Additionally, your vendor will have access to a very diverse pool of talent, which means that they have specialists in every area of development. You don’t even have to worry about assigning jobs they will take it upon themselves and produce a high-quality product. For example, if there is a time when one of your current developers for some reason has to take some time off or you hit a roadblock where a specialist with a different skill set is required then your outsourcing react development company will make sure that they will choose and provide the right candidate ASAP! 

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Faster Product Delivery

Another one of the benefits of React development outsourcing is that you as a client can set a delivery date for the project. It goes without saying that the target should be a realistic one and the rest is up to them. 

If you are working on a fixed price model, there will be no additional costs if they need to expand the development team in order to reach the goals. It is their responsibility to finish everything in time!

Imagine, you have an in-house team and one of the developers decides to quit their job and pursue their childhood dream of ballroom dancing. The amount of time required to find their replacement, train them if needed, and get them familiar with the project and the team would mean that your deadlines are now a complete mess! If you outsource react developers, you don’t have to worry about anybody pursuing their ballroom dancing dreams because your vendor will swiftly replace them with a developer who is interested in developing! 

Focus On The Business

Nothing much to explain here! While the dedicated team focuses on software development, You will have less paperwork, lower taxes, and a lot of time to focus on what you do best! That is running your business and not letting your competitors leave you behind just because you were too busy managing an in-house development team without the technical knowledge required! In other words, you can watch Netflix and chill while the developers work!  

outsource react.js development to focus on your business

Lower Risks

Although it might have its own risks but react development outsourcing is safer when compared to freelancers! Because you will sign a contract with a development company if you outsource, where the responsibility for any delays, low-quality products, or information leaks is on the development partner. In the unlikely event that something of this sort does occur, you are legally protected, and the outsourcing company will be held accountable. 

Additionally, when working with a reputable development company, the entire project will be managed by experienced individuals, which means the likelihood of something going wrong is minimal. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing is quite scalable when compared to in-house teams. The outsourcing partner can add developers when needed and remove them from the team when their services are no longer required, making it easier to reach targets and meet deadlines! This will save you a lot of time in the hiring and firing processes. 

Who Should You Hire for React Development Outsourcing?

When you decide to outsource react app development services, the next thing to consider is who you would like to work with. The two main options that you have are, basically, an outsourcing company and freelancers. Let’s see which one suits you best. 


  • Suitable for short-term projects 
  • Limited skills/knowledge 
  • Low flexibility
  • Higher risks
reactjs development outsourcing is much more save option

Outsourcing Company

  • Lower Risk 
  • Great for long-term cooperation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Responsible

Cost to Outsource React.js Development

The most important aspect of all is the price. How much will it cost you? If you’re looking for React developer salaries, this is a must-read. Here, I will give you a very brief breakdown. The cost basically depends on the country where your outsourcing partner is located, also, additional payments like bonuses for the developers, the vendor, etc. 

For example, the average annual salary in Estonia is $67,200. Taking it into account, the outsourcing costs in Estonia would be lower than an in-house team in Israel or USA.

Senior ReactJS Developer, working in a countryAverage Annual Salary
United Kingdom$74,000

The table above indicates the average salary for senior level developers! You will end up paying less if you go with middle or junior level developers, but you will have to understand the pros and cons of different levels of developers. On top of that, if you are looking for developers with experience within a certain industry you may end up paying extra! 

How to Avoid Overtime and Hidden Costs?

The answer is very simple: You should choose a model together with your vendor that suits your needs after you have gone through a discovery phase where they give you a ballpark estimate in terms of the time and financial resources required and the number of experts that are required for the job. This means that you will have an idea from the beginning and will know how deep the water is before jumping in. 

You can still come across a number of problems that can lead to extra costs, for example, delayed delivery in a time and materials model. Or bad coding which leads to numerous bugs which might end up taking a lot of time and resources to fix. These are just a few of the obstacles that you might end up facing when you outsource react development services

time is money

On top of that, you need to make sure that you do your own research when choosing your partner, as their professional competence will be a huge factor in getting everything done smoothly. Furthermore, it is important that you read the contract very carefully in order to completely understand the terms of your partnership. 

In terms of what model would suit you best if you outsource react developers: 

  • Early startup – dedicated team or a project-based partnership
  • Pre-seed and seed startup – time-and-materials, project-based offshore or nearshore partnership
  • Mid-size business – Staff augmentation, a dedicated team, or project-based collaboration depends on whether you have an in-house team and what the duration of the partnership will be
  • Enterprise – Time and materials model specifications would be the best selection as well because an enterprise does need a lot of flexibility in terms of a long-term collaboration.

How to Lead a Remote ReactJs Team for the Best Outcomes

Although you don’t have to spend as much time managing your team when you outsource ReactJS development, there are some things you should do to ensure that everything is in order. 

Choosing the right tools

A variety of tools are available for collaboration, including those for task management (Trello, Jira), having meetings (Zoom, Google Meets), exchanging code (CodeSandbox Live, CodePen), brainstorming (Podio, Redbooth), maintaining databases (Relational Database, Network Database), etc.

Set milestones

Make sure you and your outsource partner have clear milestones with deadlines so you both know what is expected and required. This makes it easier to collaborate with ReactJS development outsourcing companies and make sure to keep an eye out to see if they are meeting the deadlines.

We have a discovery phase that helps the client comprehend all the milestones and keep track of everything. This helps us to be transparent and keep our clients in the loop.

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Synchronize Work Hours

Even if you have decided to outsource React application development, you still have to make sure that you and your partner are flexible with working hours, especially if you are located in different time zones. Setting up a shared daily work schedule is a crucial component of working with outsourced staff.


The most important aspect! Communication is important to the success of your project. Be sure to encourage the developers to talk to you directly if there is something bothering them or an issue that they would like to talk to you about. Do keep team building events and exercises so all your employees feel that they are on the same ship! Your vendor should keep you informed about all the developments, progress, changes, and anything else that is going on.

A piece of advice from ProCoders – Early on in the negotiation process, pay attention to any communication issues and keep an eye on how your potential vendor responds to you.

How to Choose the Right Company to Outsource ReactJS Development Services

In order to choose the right outsource ReactJS web app development services partner, you need to make sure that you do a couple of things. It must be stressed that this step is actually the most important, and if you are a startup, the future of your company will completely depend on it!


Search search and once more, search for companies that have a good reputation. No one is stopping you from contacting numerous vendors, and you should try to find reviews that their customers left, for example on Clutch, LinkedIn, Upwork, etc. If it is possible, get in touch with one of their clients and ask the company if anyone would be interested in a short call to share their experience with you. 

Do not hesitate to ask them questions like, how do they stand out? What are the advantages of working with them? What are they willing to do in order to make sure that your project is successful? how do they view your partnership? And, in their previous experience, what problems did they encounter and how did they deal with them?

Listen to what they have to say, and you’ll have an initial idea if they suit you! 

Case Studies

Another important aspect of evaluating your outsourcing React development company is to thoroughly check out their previous cases and how they worked on them. What methods were implied, check if they have experience in your industry or type of application. If you need to create a chatbot in React JS and the company you consider has done something like this before, you can surely say they know what to do. Nevertheless, be sure to check if these cases are real. You can request that the potential partner connect you with a client from one of these cases and how they respond to such a request can also reveal a lot about them.

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Would a partnership work if the partners were not compatible? Pay attention to the details. When you shared your idea with them, what kind of feedback did you get? Do they believe in your business plans as much as you do? Do they have any opinions about how your plans can be made better?

What time zone are they located in? If they do not suit your time zone, what are they willing to do about it? Are they going to tweak their working hours a bit in order to stay in touch and keep you in the loop? When you send them a message, what is the speed of their reply? Are they easy to communicate with? Because you have to build a working relationship with them! 

Interviewing Developers

It would be great if you interview developers who will be working on your project, if you don’t have the time to interview all of them then at least the lead developer and if there is a project manager, do talk to them. Find out what they think about your project, you can ask them React interview questions and answers to evaluate their skills. 

Find out if it would be comfortable for you to communicate with them directly, understand their personality traits and understand how motivated they are to work on your project!

Outsourcing React Developer Services from ProCoders That Our Clients Appreciate

Here at ProCoders, we are proud of the fact that our clients trust us! We make sure that they are satisfied and we are always open to hearing them out. We have a clear process in place that clients get acquainted with when they first approach us, it doesn’t matter if they are looking for a web app, mobile apps or any other service. We have strict quality standards with no ifs and buts! So what is our process, you ask? Let me enlighten you! 


ProCoders is a brand that our clients can rely on. That is why the first thing we do is sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), where we ensure that everyone participating is legally obligated to never share any sensitive information with anyone unless they are also working on the project because there is always a chance that private information, business plans, etc., could end up in the hands of someone we wouldn’t want to have access to it.

Discovery Phase

The next step! Here, the client shares their ideas, plans, and vision with us, and we develop a strategy after we have a better understanding of their desires. We estimate the required time and develop a timeline for your project’s development along with the tech stack that would be required (in this case, we know that the frontend would be built using ReactJS).

Our experts evaluate the idea and the challenges that we would have to face in order to bring the client’s dream to life, and we try our best to prepare for any situation or circumstance. We are as prepared as one could be, so the probability of coming across a problem that we didn’t consider is very low. This ends up saving quite a lot of time if or when the challenges arise. 

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Team Selection

We need to determine how many developers you’ll need for the job during this step. Since ProCoders has been in the industry for some time, our experts know how many members are required for a given project.

Most of the time, we have experts in our pool ready to begin working on a project, but if we do not have someone who suits the client’s needs, we find suitable professionals for the project. It is our responsibility to hire developers—top specialists with all the necessary tech skills.


The client is updated frequently throughout the development process. They are completely aware of what is going on and can go back and review the development phase plans to make sure everything is in order.

Employers can express their wishes directly to developers through direct communication, and developers will approach clients directly if they have any issues or ideas that will help the project.

Testing Phase

One of the most important phases, is usually carried out parallelly with development. Testing ensures that everything is up to standard in terms of quality at an early stage. If a good testing system is implemented, it can save a lot of resources because, no matter how small an error is, it can lead to you spending a lot of money and time just to correct it if it is found in the later stages.


This is when the client’s product has been developed and is ready to be released for the target audience, but our work does not stop here. One or two developers are allotted the maintenance and update tasks, and we are always around if our beloved client needs any kind of help and/or support. Whatever stage and condition your projects are in, ProCoders are always prepared to take them on and complete/maintain them.

Is outsourcing React development worth it in 2023?

In simple words, the answer is yes! It is quite advantageous to outsource React development, especially if you don’t have the required technical skills and you don’t want to spend your valuable time and resources looking for competent professionals because your outsourcing partner will have someone in their pool already waiting for you, and even if they don’t, finding experts is their headache and they do not charge you for it.

If you choose the right partner to outsource with, you will have complete flexibility, save resources, and in case of a possible recession, they will have you covered!

Should you outsource React development services as a start-up?

Outsourcing React development services as a start-up is absolutely worth it! You will get help from professionals who have years of experience under their belt and they might even help you with your business strategy and support you while you leave your competition in the rear view mirror.

Is ReactJS a popular framework?

You can be sure that React is here to stay and won’t be replaced by other frameworks any time soon because it is one of the most well-liked and frequently utilized front-end frameworks available as of 2022, only behind NodeJS.


Outsourcing has a load of benefits from being cost-effective to giving you access to the latest technologies and trends in your industry, from having a huge pool of experts to complete flexibility and scalability of your project! But doing it for the first time can be quite overwhelming. People are often perplexed because there are numerous engagement models available and a vendor can be located in your city or on another continent.

Do your research, go through their case studies, talk to your potential outsourcing partner  , check your compatibility, and talk to one of their current or previous clients because choosing the right React development services outsourcing company is vital. The success of your project completely depends on it, and you have to make sure that they share the same enthusiasm as you do! If you choose the right tools, set milestones, communicate and sync your work hours with your partner and make sure that your partner is willing to work within your budget, then your ride from the idea phase to the release should be smooth. If you are looking for react js outsourcing services, hire React.js developer would be worth looking at! 

That is where ProCoders come in! We believe in what you believe, and we will do our best to make sure that you always have a smile on your face!

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