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ProCoders’ Elementor developers help businesses create custom, one-of-a-kind website designs that draw customers in.

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    Hire Elementor Developers Through the Most Effective Working Model

    An experienced Elementor web developer is one of the main building blocks of your project. However, hiring one using the best-fitting working model is an important detail some businesses tend to omit. So, as a result, you get more than a decent Shopify store. You get a wholesome selling tool addressing your business needs.

    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 2 business days response time
    • 1 hour Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 2 business days response time
    • 2 hours Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    1+ month
    • 1 business day response time
    • 2 hours Min billing quote
    • QA service included
    • Project manager included
    • Range-only tasks evaluation
    • x1.5 Non-business time
    Hours per month:
    2+ months
    • 2 business hours response time
    • Full time mode
    • QA service not included
    • Account manager included
    • x1.3 Non-business time

    ProCoders’ Most-Skilled Elementor Developers

    Alex Head of Websites Department

    With ProCoders since its founding, Alex is now Head of Website Development. He excels in critical thinking and actively engages in learning. Alex is productive throughout the entire project lifecycle and is very empathic, which is an underestimated asset of any project manager.


    Also a veteran of ProCoders, Dmytro is our WordPress Development Lead. He has an unwavering passion for coding and brings a non-standard approach to problem-solving. As a senior developer, he possesses strong technical skills yet has a continuous learning mindset.

    Bring the Brand-Customer Connection to a New Level Through a Unique User-Friendly Website by ProCoders’ Skilled Elementor Developers for Hire!

    The ProCoders Work Process for you to Hire Elementor Programmers Through Us


    Non-Disclosure Agreement Signing

    From the beginning of our partnership, we make the safety of your data our top priority and do everything for it to remain secure. We’ll gladly sign your non-disclosure agreement. However, if you don’t have one, ProCoders offers an internal document that fits all the standards of a modern NDA.


    Initial Consultation

    Before you hire Elementor expert from ProCoders, we thoroughly evaluate your project’s challenges and tasks to determine who to assign.


    Assigning Elementor Developers

    We assign a senior specialist to meticulously select Elementor WordPress developers with the skills and expertise that align with your requirements.


    Final Developer Choice

    We offer you a list of our A-list programmers, and you choose who’s going to work on the project. As you approve the right people for the job, our staff starts working on the website, implementing your ideas professionally and effectively.


    Task Completion and Regular Updates

    For a speedy development process, we offer direct communication with our experts. Every Elementor developer for hire from ProCoders is a middle or senior (more often) possesses exceptional problem-solving skills to work on your project, so you don’t have to micromanage them.


    Flexible Monthly Billing

    Our monthly billing system is convenient and secure. You can choose a subscription-based model and never worry about the next payment again. Additionally, you can add and remove specialists from the project depending on its needs.

    Illustration of a web page

    How Much It Costs to Hire a TOP Elementor Developer

    The cost of hiring an Elementor expert depends on their experience and the length of the contract, as well as the complexity of your project and its urgency.

    To make it easier for you, here are some references:

    • A middle Elementor development specialist rate is around $5,000 a month.
    • A senior expert’s monthly rate rises to $6,500 and more.

    If you want to find out the price of your particular website, let us give you a free quote!

    TOP-3 Reasons to Choose ProCoders, According to Our Clients

    01. Full Technical Support

    Our team provides end-to-end support for your project, from the initial planning stage to post-development maintenance. Our specialists take the time to understand your unique needs and challenges and create custom solutions that achieve your goals.

    UI Design Illustration

    TOP-3 Reasons to Choose ProCoders, According to Our Clients

    02. Top-Quality Elementor Programmers

    At ProCoders, we’ve established a complicated interview and test process conducted by experts who know how to evaluate a candidate’s skill level and motivation. This sets us apart from traditional hiring agencies, making sure we only provide the best talent to our clients.

    Development Illustration

    TOP-3 Reasons to Choose ProCoders, According to Our Clients

    03. Transparent Communication

    We value open and transparent communication with our clients. You can use any suitable channel to get regular updates from our Elementor experts. We’ll provide honest feedback on the project’s strengths and weaknesses, recommend features and technologies, identify potential errors, and suggest ways to fix them.

    Discussion Illustration

    Top Businesses Trust Elementor Projects to ProCoders

    Fintech WordPress Elementor
    Highline is a payments platform that automates bill payments directly from payroll to reduce missed payments by up to 2/3rds, expand credit options, and better support financial wellness. The company turned to ProCoders for a tech-driven, modern, minimalistic design. Our Elementor experts have achieved the most effective results in a short time.
    WordPress Elementor
    Tuath Housing is a registered housing organization that was established in 2000 and awarded Voluntary Housing Status by the Department of the Environment. They are committed to providing housing solutions to meet the needs of single people, families, and those with special needs in Ireland. Our WordPress Elementor developers were able to represent the mission of the company in a design that has speed and user-friendliness as priorities.
    WordPress Elementor
    Mesh Payments is a spend management platform designed for finance managers. The US-based company powers several fast-growing brands. Mesh helps finance teams control their spending, automate tasks, and gain real-time insights. Elementor website development for the company was trusted to our top developers. You can see the results on the website.

    What Clients Say About ProCoders

    lock symbol
    Financial Technology Company
    VP Marketing

    The site is simple for us to update ourselves, ProCoders made sure we understood how to do that and are available for further questions should we need. Most unique was the quality of work – excellent! and excellent communication – the project was finished quickly with clear collaboration throughout. Overall a genuinely positive experience, would highly recommend!

    Mesh Payments
    VP Marketing

    While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far has delivered great results. The ProCoders team’s dedication has resulted in a successful partnership. They continue to communicate to ensure both teams remain on the same page.

    lock symbol
    Construction Company
    Director of Operations

    Going live was seamless, corrections were fast, and the final product was better than we envisioned. I can’t stress enough how good ProCoders’ communication is. This quality is lacking in all industries, and over 120 days, no emails went unresponded, and no tasks went uncompleted.

    Need More Proof? Talk to Our Partners Personally!


    How to hire an Elementor developer from ProCoders?

    The first thing to do is schedule a call with us at a comfortable time for you. We’ll talk about your project, define technical challenges and see if we can augment the right developer Then we provide you with a list of the best WordPress Elementor developer candidates who we definitely know can contribute to your project, and you then choose the experts who feel right for the job.

    How are ProCoders Elementor developers different?

    Our Elementor developers have diverse experience with projects in different industries and intricacies of various stages of development. They can quickly understand project details and work with both large and small teams, maintaining great communication. ProCoders’ experts are also skilled self-managers, which means excellent trouble-shooting and no need for additional management.

    How much does it cost to hire an Elementor developer via ProCoders?

    The monthly rate for hiring a middle Elementor programmer typically ranges from $6,000 to $6,500, while a senior specialist can cost around $7,500. The final cost depends on the level of technical support you need, the number of developers hired, the required expertise, and the length of our cooperation.

    How experienced are the Elementor developers at ProCoders?

    We exclusively hire middle and senior developers with practical experience in various industries. Our hiring process consists of at least 4 different interviews and tests, all conducted by our practicing technical expert. Besides, all staff gets experience from working with various projects while with ProCoders.

    How will you secure the project’s confidentiality?

    Ensuring confidentiality, we require all the staff involved in your project to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and we respect your wishes to keep your company’s name and project details private. In case of agreement violation, we provide penalties ranging from fines to firing and legal action, depending on the damage caused to the client. Fortunately, there were no such precedents in our practice and we are doing everything to keep it that way.

    Can I work with your Elementor core developers in my time zone?

    Our employees work as a part of your team during the cooperation and are available for communication during working hours, with a response time of 30 minutes or less. We move the hours as close to your time zone as possible, discussing this topic beforehand. Once the working time has been established, our developers must reply in half an hour.

    What if I am not satisfied with the result?

    In case the developer we provided doesn’t deliver the qualities you need, we offer a free replacement. ProCoders always selects developers carefully, offering clients the opportunity to interview them personally. We also provide frequent updates on the project’s progress to ensure the result meets the client’s expectations.

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