Node.js Resume: How to Avoid Pitfalls When Hiring Employees?
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Wondering what makes the ideal Node.js developer resume? We’ll walk you through the qualifications a developer needs to succeed in Node.js programming — and how potential employers can find them.

Node.js is one of the world’s most popular JavaScript runtime environments — a technology embraced by some of the world’s largest companies including eBay, Ali Baba, and so many more. So, it’s no mystery why developers the world over are scrambling to learn Node.js, and why so many corporations are looking to hire experts with just the right Node.js resume.

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In a crowded field of tech talent, what does a true Node.js professional resume look like? And if you’re a company looking for talent, how do you separate a standout candidate from one who’s merely average? In this article we’ll break it down for you, and show you step by step what competence looks like in the Node.js developer world. We’ll offer tips for how to build a competitive Node.js developer CV, and how to evaluate one, if you’re in the market to hire.

After all, a professional resume/cv — whether you’re dealing with a fresher, backend programmer, or more experienced software engineer — should contain specific points, descriptions, and sometimes even templates. We’ll explore them all.

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Node.js Developers: Facts and Statistics

A recent usage report from shows that four out of five backend and Full Stack developers have the skills to fill a Node.js resume template. Other than that, take for instance this recent survey of developers by Statista. When developers were asked which JavaScript environment they prefer to use, even when compare Node vs Express, Node.js always comes out on top.

As this chart shows, employers want to see more Node.js resume options coming across their desks. When polled, more than 30 percent said they were actively looking for developers with experience in this environment. And yet, not even 20 percent of developers have learned how to use Node.js.

JS framework

That’s a need gap that ambitious Node developers can exploit in the marketplace. But the key is finding developers with the right Node.js CV template, resume points and description points, on the fresher, backend and senior development level. It’s a challenge, but it can be done if you know what you’re looking for.

Crucial Points of a Node.js Developer’s Resume

There are several skills that should be present on a Node.js professional resume. While the depth of a software engineer’s knowledge will vary based on their experience, there still are several key proficiencies that should be present on any Node.js CV, including:

Flawless command of JavaScript

With Node.js being programmed entirely using JavaScript, a deep understanding of the language is the price of admission to get a job developing in this run-time environment. It’s key to any Node.js developer CV

Willingness to be a team player

This may sound like a soft skill, but it’s critical in the world of development. Be sure that you hire NodeJS developers who work well on deadline and communicates easily with others. For many companies, this will mean ensuring a candidate has English-speaking skills and or an understanding of project management and Agile technologies. This is especially important on a Node.js back developer resume, as they often have to work extensively with your internal staff on your existing systems.

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Cross-platform development experience

It is crucial your developers understand how to connect desktop and mobile applications.

Security compliances

Every candidate should have a healthy respect for the client’s non-disclosure agreements and trademark considerations. Again, you should look for security expertise, particularly on a Node.js backend developer resume

This sums up the key skills your developer should have, but if you want to get into specific Node.js resume points, we’ve broken down skills and expectations, based on the career level.

Node.js resume points—Junior Level:

In the early stages of a developer’s career, they need to show understanding of the basics on their Node.js developer resume. A bachelor’s degree is especially important on a Node.js fresher resume, to prove that a candidate has a base of technical understanding, even if they don’t have deep industry experience now.

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Still, even a junior Node developer must be able to demonstrate work done with relational databases, web and mobile app development, and, of course, a deep understanding of some of Node.js frameworks: Express, Nest, Koa, etc. Here’s the basics of what you should expect on a Node.js fresher resume:

NPM and modular app development
Previous work with relational DBs and NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB, Cassandra)
A Node.js developer CV with:
Experience with relational databases and/or SQL
Highly interactive web applications with JavaScript
Created custom general- use modules to extend Node’s capabilities
Bachelor’s Degree in computer science

Node.js Sample Resume: Mid-Level

Now that we’ve discussed the Node.js fresher resume, what additional skills should you expect at the next level? With three to six years of experience under their belt, a mid-level developer has to demonstrate core programming proficiencies. In many cases, you will want to see at least the level of a Node.js backend developer resume by this point in a coder’s career.

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Three years needed in UI/UX development
Many skills found in a Node.js backend resume
Node.js professional resume with experience in:
React Native
Bootstrap 3/4

Node.js developer sample resume: Senior Level

There’s a lot that separates a Node.js fresher resume or a Node.js backend developer resume from a senior engineer. Senior-level Node developers should be at the top of their game, and their resume should reflect that. Not only does a senior-level engineer need the skills found on a Node.js backend resume, they also need a broader range of programming experience, but they need experience in project or staff leadership as well.

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Top-level talent should be able to lead development strategy, analyzing all the incoming user data and existing back in front and structures to create forward-thinking applications for their clients. Client recommendations and reviews can be important Node.js resume points at this stage, and with a portfolio of work to show, you should be able to visit websites and mobile apps to test drive their work.

ProficienciesProjectsLanguages & Platforms
A Node.js CV showing the development of web applications with Node.js and React
Using data analytics for development strategy and project management
Should show a minimum of qualifications typically seen on a Node.js backend resume
Shows Node.js developer resume with a portfolio of work doing development for companies large and small, preferably with experience in many industry verticals such as:

JavaScript, ES6
GoogleMap API, Open Layers
Node.js: Express / Nest / Koa / Meteor / LoopBack, Electrolyte,, mongoose, passport, npm
UI: HTML5/CSS3, LESS/SCSS, UIKit, Bootstrap, SVG, JS:Promises, Gulp, Browserify
OOP, JSON, Webpack, Babel, React Native (8w)
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
AWS: S3, EC2
Source control: git, Perforce
JIRA, TeamCity, Confluence

What to Pay Attention to in a Developer’s Resume if You are Looking for an Employee

While we have discussed the various skill sets in programming languages that most Node.js developers have on their resumes, there are some general qualities that should be on any Node.js resume sample.

As someone in a position to hire, it’s important that you look for developers with a Node.js developer CV with proof of expertise in Agile technologies, understand the security concerns of working in global environments, and communicate well. They should have deep experience working on diverse teams and the flexibility to plug in quickly to your existing teams and project management processes.

Look for the developers who appear to have a true passion for what they do and are always willing to learn new platforms, languages, and frameworks.

willing to learn new frameworks which Node.js developer resume sample should include

Most of all, make sure to interview your next Node.js developer you hire in person or online. Any candidate can look good on paper, and have an ideal Node.js developer resume sample. But a winning candidate should be able to talk meaningfully about your projects and needs. It doesn’t take long to separate the average job candidate with one with the right Node.js resume template who can truly help you drive your business goals.

Node.js Resume Sample from ProCoders

So far in this article, we’ve discussed what should be part of a Node.js resume description, and even offered up a blank Node.js resume template. Now, we’ll show you a Node.js resume sample from one of our own developers.

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We hope this Node.js resume sample makes it a little more clear. Now that we’ve explored the sample points, template and description that should be on a professional resume/CV for fresher and backend developer teams, let’s move on to the issue of efficient recruiting.

Where to find Node.js Developers with the right Node.js developer resume sample

Any simple search for a Node.js developer on Google will yield hundreds of results, and many different kinds of Node.js resume template. The world is full of developers advertising their wares on job boards and still more offshoring companies that are willing to match you up with any of hundreds of developers. Such companies give a good Node.js resume description for their developers so they can have the good ones. These are all valid options, but can be labor-intensive, as the vetting process for these developers is often lacking.

If you want a more streamlined, high-service offshoring experience, look to ProCoders. We’ve built our IT offshoring operation around your needs, and we’re able to immediately find staffers with the right Node.js developer resume sample. Instead of having to filter through dozens of resumes, we match the right ProCoder staff member to your specific job needs.

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Hire JavaScript Developers

You choose from a small, vetted pool of Node.js developers who work with us regularly — not some random person we’ve pulled off a job board. When you work with us, we’ll present you with a professional developer with the right resume/cv descriptions, with the right sampling of expertise points, whether they’re a fresher or a more seasoned backend developer.

If you’re looking to hire a developer with the right Node.js resume description and with a reasonable Node JS developer salary, ProCoders can have the talent you need lined up for you within two to three weeks, in most cases.


Node.js developers come in a variety of expertise levels, but all the Node.js developer resume sample documents share one thing in common — a solid grasp of programming in JavaScript, JS environments, and frameworks. As one of the most popular JS environments out there, Node.js enjoys a robust international community of developers who are very proficient in it. This popularity makes it easy to fine people who claim to be able to code in Node.

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It’s another matter entirely to find a fresher, backend or senior developer that truly has a professional Node.js resume/cv with the right sampling of experience points and template requirements. The proper developer will understand not just Node.js but your business needs, existing front and backend structures, and the secondary skills and programs needed to do the job. Working with the best offshoring company can help you locate that talent with ease.

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