Need to hire ReactJS developers for your next project? Here’s what you need to know to find the right match

What is your challenge?

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    Application Development on Demand

    ReactJS is a popular, reliable, and solid choice for companies looking to put together fast, responsive frontend for applications on various devices. If you’re looking to build your next application in ReactJS and hire the right React JS programmer talent, you’re in good company.

    According to a recent study of developers by StackOverflow, more than 74 percent of the developers surveyed said they “loved” working with the library — more than any other competing framework. It’s not hard to see why. ReactJS is an open-source, JavaScript-enabled library that allows developers enormous flexibility in crafting frontend applications. Originally developed in 2013 by Facebook, the library is used to create applications that can run multiple user interfaces at once, without slowdowns in processing speed.

    Case Studies: ProCoders Apps That Use ReactJS

    We have many clients who specifically hire ReactJS talent as developers. So, we have many examples to show off our expertise in this library. We can offer you ReactJS case studies in nearly every industry vertical. These are some of our favorites.

    These companies trust us with their business

    Internet of Things SaaS Distillery
    RothRiver is a startup located in the motherland of bourbon — Louisville. They wanted to build an innovative system for bourbon distillation control. It had to be highly responsive and able to monitor pressure, humidity, and temperature trackers. Moreover, the system required online access from both desktop and mobile. We have chosen the tandem of React and React Native to achieve the CPOs goals and deliver the app faster by 2 months! We’ve also cut RothRiver’s development budget at least in half due to the ability to reuse the code base from the web front on mobile.
    React JS
    React Native
    Software as a Service
    Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of app development time and talent. ProCoders helped frontegg get to market faster by providing surge staffing. frontegg is an innovative SaaS project that provides other SaaS businesses with out-of-the-box solutions they can just “plug” into their services and get special features in several clicks. When the company was founded, it was a very small team of two people with big ambitions. By finding our experts, they have also found a reliable partner with skilled professionals that could be outstaffed for short-term tasks, allowing for development optimization. frontegg had harsh deadlines and big ideas. For them, we’ve assembled a powerful team of high-end, English-proficient engineers. Hand-in-hand we’ve been working all this time and will continue in the future.
    React JS
    B2B Online Education Networking Social
    Turning to us to hire ReactJS developer talent, Quartz Network opted for a partner that is ready to take the risk. The company didn’t have enough in-house developers for the job, which was large – creating a B2B app that: Offers professionals to learn together, attend conferences, and get to know each other Has a huge library of online courses and other learning materials Has spaces for conferences with hundreds of attendee slots Allows to match people by interests, like a dating app but for businesses Has extensive profile action like sending and receiving invitations, setting up personal data, etc. All that with a limited time and budget. Gladly, a combination of skilled talent from Central Europe (read that as “fair pricing for excellent skills”) and a suitable tech stack that included ReactJS, was just right for the application. Results? Deadlines met, conferences held, businesses happy and educated, the customer – satisfied.
    React JS

    Backed by Facebook

    Because it is an open-source library maintained by Facebook, you get the best of both worlds when you hire ReactJS developers. It has the backing of Meta, and as such, is constantly updated by one of the biggest technology firms in the world, with testing and debugging timely performed. And, as an open-source library, it has a devoted global following of thousands of React JS developers to hire and a thriving online community where tips, tricks and extensions are discussed, and new libraries are introduced. When you hire ReactJS programmer staff, these are some of the skills you can expect them to have:

    Using Redux
    Using Material UI
    sing React Bootstrap

    Our rock-stars are hands-on with 50 more Ruby, Python and JavaScript – based tools and libraries. What stack do you use?

    Why You Have to Try Outstaffing for Team Augmentation: ProCoders Experience

    Within over 7 years of our experience with staff augmentation, we’ve communicated with multiple companies whose owners were in doubt as to whether to choose React developers for hire.
    Specifically our Head of Partnerships George has heard a lot of potential objections from people who wanted to hire React developers but weren’t sure if outstaffing is the right choice.

    Let us address some of the things we hear most often:

    ‘How can you guarantee you can find and hire React developers qualified for my project?’

    We already have a large team of professionals for your application. We’ve hired them based on their talents and skills, and they have proven all of that while working on the ideas of our clients all over the world. We have developers fluent in various programming languages and testing methodology options that have experience in different industries. We hire them full-time and pay them whether or not they are engaged in a project. So, you can be sure the people we offer for your team are professionals. If in a rare case, all of our devs are engaged in other apps or your idea requires more people, we’re looking for them in our verified talent pools. We always find specialists with no commitment issues (so no newbie freelancers) and adequate pricing expectations.

    ”Response time is crucial for my deadlines. As my team may be far away, what if I have to wait for 2-3 days for a reply?”

    When our clients provide public reviews on working with us they often highlight the high-quality and lightning-fast communication since we understand it’s one of the most important things during the work process. In this matter, Staff Augmentation/Outstaffing/etc is the best solution you can find! When you hire React engineers with us, they basically become your own employees and you communicate with them directly, without any middlemen. You can add them to your Slack/MicrosoftTeams/GSuit/etc. and send them messages, schedule calls, send them audio when you find it fit. In our turn, we will make sure that you get a reply as soon as possible. One of the most important values of our company is constant contact with our clients. We have this point in our contracts, guaranteeing a response within 15 minutes during working hours. Another advantage is that we choose reliable and flexible people according to your time preference. This means we hire React developers that can move their working hours closer to yours so that you won’t have to wait a day or more for a reply that could have taken minutes.

    ”What if I need a narrow-niche developer? I don’t want to spend any more time on meaningless interviews.”

    In over 7 years, we’ve grown from a small agency with 3 employees to an international company with 120+ skilled developers implementing creative ideas worldwide. Based on our experience, we’ve built a clear and robust hiring process that guarantees that we add top-notch professionals to the team. Here’s how it looks: 1. The search for relevant experts through our channels and personal database. 2. Pre-screen where we interview potential teammates about their experience and check their English proficiency, soft skills, and compatibility (“No toxic people on the team” is our rule) 3. Technical test task to define what level of fundamental knowledge a candidate have. If we don’t see sufficient result quality, the candidate is removed from the list. 4. Technical interview with one of our practicing specialists. It’s not a CTO with basic knowledge or a former developer. It’s a tech lead specializing in a certain technology. This phase includes practical tasks where we can see the logic of the applicant, problem-solving skills, etc. We base the tasks on real experience from former projects. Real challenges only! Finally, if our client finds it necessary, they can interview the developer additionally to make sure they are a perfect fit for their application. So, we hire dedicated React JS developer according to the results of multiple interviews and tests.

    ”I have some security and payment concerns. How do you protect data and guarantee the results of your work?”

    Lots of people are hesitating to pick staff augmentation as it seems counterproductive to trust an important task to people you don’t know who live abroad. It’s a very logical fear, and that’s why we’re ready to take care of your security. The best thing about staff augmentation is that you’re the boss. You control the developer and tell them what to do. You know best how to use the resources you have to achieve business goals ASAP. In our turn, we guarantee the technical expertise of our engineers and constant contact during working hours. But all the important decisions are on you, as if it was your in-house employee. Even looking at our clients’ positive feedback and ProCoder’s extensive experience, we know that nobody is 100% protected from mistakes. Exhaustion, life circumstances, and wrong decisions are very common in the world, unfortunately. Well, ProCoders is actually protected. We partner with an insurance company that takes care of all things security, including: – Phishing protection training – Dark web monitoring – Deep scanning of vulnerabilities – Real-time threat alerts – New potential threat monitoring, and more Even if, in theory, something were to go wrong, we would get you covered. Our company is insured for unexpected circumstances, with damages covered by an up to $1M compensation. We got insurance thinking about your concerns about the security of our collaboration and the finances you invest. As to the payment methods, we always find the best option for each customer. The most used ones by product companies are: – ACH for the US – SEPA for EU – SWIFT via IBAN worldwide You can contact us to pick the most effective one through a consultation.

    ”How can I make sure you can offer flexible engagement and match my large scale full stack project?”

    ProCoders has sufficient engineering talent for a full development cycle, from design to quality assurance. So we can provide additional staff for you at any stage. We can also compile a full team specifically for your app. In both cases, we invest our time and effort into studying the details of the app you need and the challenges our developers will address. We do this prior to signing a contract. Our analysts always try to understand not only technical but also business goals instead of just offering any developer for your team. We want to clearly see what tasks we have to complete in order to provide the most qualified staff. Besides, when we know all the details about the project, we can plan the workload of our engineers. For example, if you’ll need an extra developer a bit later, we’ll have the right person waiting for that stage instead of allocating them to another development. We make your requirements our priority and do our best to find the right people and solutions for your app in weeks instead of months.

    ”What if something happens during the development of my web app? (User experience, app architecture, server side rendering, features, coding standards, APIs, other challenges)”

    As we mentioned earlier, our specialists always try to study clients’ current and future needs to pick the right expert for the job. That being said, unexpected problems may occur. We at ProCoders are always in favor of honest, open communication. This helps us grow and become better, building transparent relationships with our partners. So, if something goes wrong, we immediately notify the customer and offer a plan on fixing the issue. We can also fix it ourselves if entitled to do so. And in case the damage is irreversible because of our actions, we’ve got insurance! To top that, we’re always attentive to what we’re doing and we never shy away from potential solutions. For example, when our specialists test the source code and see that something could’ve been done differently to ensure efficiency, speed, and safety, they will mention this in reports. If we see that the product development may take more time than estimated based of the features you want to add, they will notify you. There are more examples, but why don’t you just check for yourself? 🙂

    Problems ProCoders Solves for Every Business Scale

    From startup to enterprise, we’re ready to provide React experts to any scale of business, understanding the unique web development needs of each.

    01. For Startups

    • Get experienced developers for a fair price
    • Save time on head-hunting and hiring the right contractor
    • Reduce your time-to-market

    We can provide proper skilled staff with fair prices in a short time.

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    02. For Small to Middle Businesses in Digitalization

    • First-level engineers for a fair price
    • We study your business and technical goals, aligning them in a perfect app
    • Get rid of HR hassles – it’s on us

    ProCoders offers development services at an affordable rate to ensure you don’t have to think about career opportunities, insurance, vacations, and other hardships of in-house expert maintenance.

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    03. For Enterprise Digitalization Projects

    • Be flexible and fast in your decisions regarding engineering staff – we got your back
    • Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy while hiring new engineers with ProCoders
    • Be confident about the security and privacy control

    We take the hiring process off your shoulders. We ensure that the needed staff is available for app or website development in weeks so that you can be both faster and better than the competition. We study your standards, documentation needs, and suitable payment methods and find the best collaboration model even with the least flexible partners.

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    web page illustration

    The ProCoders Outstaffing model

    When you hire ReactJS developer talent with us, you have direct managerial control over your outstaffed team. For most clients, this feels a lot like hiring new internal staff with ReactJS expertise, but without all the extra expenses and HR hassles.

    Whether you’re working with the front end part of web applications or complex software development, we’ll hire the right ReactJS developer for you. And once the work begins, you don’t have to worry about managers getting in the way.

    Outstaffing Model illustration

    We work with you directly, in a completely transparent manner from start to finish.

    By choosing ProCoders when looking for expert ReactJS developers to hire, you save time and effort as you don’t have to sift through piles of candidate resumes on job boards to find a match. We have the professionals you need on the bench already.

    We work seamlessly with your team, giving you the best ReactJS developers for hire. Here’s how we can do it:

    ProCoders team

    A Dedicated Outstaffed Team

    • A discovery process to find the right mix of talent for your project
    • Two or more coders matching your technical and business requirements
    • Clear monthly fees and no-surprise billing
    • Direct client management of your outstaffed team
    • Ability to staff up quickly to meet surge capacity needs
    • Teams assembled and ready to work in just two to four weeks
    • Confidentiality and NDAs signed with each contract
    ProCoders team

    Self-managed dedicated team

    • Two to six weeks discovery period to thoroughly describe requirements and create a roadmap
    • Developer teams created from scratch, and based around your R&D needs
    • Teams including a UI/UX designer, software engineers, project manager and Q/A Specialists
    • Monthly billion as a subscription
    • Dedicated managers overseeing development, for a turnkey experience
    • A confidentiality agreement signed for every app & secure development portals used
    • Scope of work created for every sprint, and matched to your timeline
    • Rapid team deployment
    selection illustration

    ReactJS Talent, at the Ready

    This framework has been embraced by the developer community in a big way. In fact, according to the latest report from SimilarTech, ReactJS has been used on more than one million websites to date, and more than 298,000 unique domains. And the numbers are growing every day.

    With so many ReactJS developers for hire, the pool of hireable ReactJS programmers, coders and software engineers is large. But so is the demand. It’s a very competitive market to hire the best ReactJS talent.


    Hi there!
    I have a project to build but I don’t have experienced developers to handle it locally.

    Can you guys give me a ballpark estimate how much would it cost?

    George George

    Hello! We can do something even better: Research your project, create prototypes and assemble a team for you.

    You can use our online calculator or let’s schedule a call to have more details!

    Check how much you can cut your budget working with ProCoders

    Try our Resource Calculator, and find out. Get a ballpark estimate in a few clicks.

    ReactJS Developers with Experience in Every Industry Vertical

    ProCoders has been assembling teams for various projects for over 7 years now. Within that time, we’ve gathered a group of experienced ReactJS programmers for hire, other frontend, backend, and full-stack developers, designers, QA specialists, and other staff. These people have been with us for at least 2 years, and some have committed for all 7 years! We’re focused on long-term collaborations and never fear new challenges, which plays a role in our staff expertise in various business industries.

    Of course, they are all fluent in English, which eliminates communication boundaries, allowing for clear goal-setting.

    Healthcare icon

    Sports & Fitness

    Deliver a great workout experience through virtual group fitness classes, yoga, meditation, etc., find new fitness spots anywhere your life brings you, or engage in a pickleball tournament. Everything has a solution developed by ProCoders.

    SaaS icon


    Software as a Service is closer than you think. Uber, Glovo, Google Workspace apps, Netflix – all of them are the software that you can use as a complete service. These innovative solutions and ease of use explains why SaaS has become such a popular and profitable industry. And, as always, our specialists ride the wave of this popularity by bringing fast, function-packed SaaS to your mobile and desktop devices.

    Logistic icon


    Reinvent courier services and improve customer satisfaction by building memorable, robust, and flexible applications for drivers,logistics suppliers, and sales managers.

    certificate icon

    Online Education

    Build communities with matching interests, hold online conferences, provide learning materials for individuals and businesses around the globe. Bring meaningful software to increase the availability of educational services in digital space.

    Marketing icon


    Leverage innovative technology to boost customer engagement and optimize workflows. Automate consumers’ data processing to ship-high level services to the market.

    IoT icon

    Internet of Things

    Discover immediate and long-term value from gathering, visualizing, and processing data from hardware and sensors, as well as controlling your smart devices and home equipment through modern and reliable software applications.

    Ready to Hire React Engineer for Your Next Project?

    Based on our experience, it’s one of the most difficult questions to answer. You seem to have all the information, but making the decision may take just as long. We also know that in life like business, you plan to succeed when you succeed to plan. Come to ProCoders, and before you hire a prospective ReactJS developer, we’ll work with you to understand what drives your business, your key performance indicators, and milestones. This essential part of the process helps us match the right combination of middle and senior experts to your project while minimizing your budget.

    And it also ensures that we are able to understand your unique technology landscape and legacy systems. Here’s how our onboarding system works for new clients:

    Needs Assessment

    We listen to your needs and review your development plans, offering you the best choices for outstaffed developers from our team.

    Best Match and Interviews

    Having your requirements set and studies, we choose the best-fitting people for your team. You can interview them additionally to ensure it’s a perfect match.


    After signing the contract, you integrate the staff into your work system (It can be Slack, ticket boards, inside communication software, etc.) and have them working for you as any in-house employee.

    Monthly Billing

    Once a month, you pay a fixed price discussed, agreed, and included in the contract at the beginning of our collaboration. No surprise billings or hidden costs!

    Some of the Best ReactJS Developers from Our Rock-Star Team

    Let’s get to know the heroes behind some of the best projects ProCoders has been a part of.

    Serhii Mykhailov

    Serhii Mykhailov

    6 years of experience say for themselves in Serhii’s case. He contributes his time and skills to our projects as our React team lead. Basically, he’s one of the titans of ProCoders.

    Currently, Serhii is curating and managing the team working on one of our largest, coolest product with the longest time in collaboration – Quartz Network. It’s an e-learning and networking B2B platform with online conferences, interest-matching, and more features. People find new business partners there and learn together.

    Max Arnaut
    Max Arnaut

    Max has 4 years of experience with React and other programming languages. Within this time, he’s made a tremendous contribution to the Frontegg project.

    He didn’t spend this time just coding — Max has grown from a frontend developer to almost a team lead. No joke, in frontegg they trust him with managerial tasks when their PMs are on vacation.

    Check THIS out! To fit the role, Max has grown a neat mustache.

    Average React Developers Cost

    An average hourly rate for a middle ReactJS developer is around $40, compared to $57 for a senior specialist. The final number depends, first of all, on the country and level. So, if it’s a senior dev from the USA, expect to pay $110,000 a year.
    But we can find a more cost-efficient option for you.

    Senior ReactJS dev, country Annual salary, average
    USA $110,000
    UK $105,000
    Canada $100,000
    Israel $80,000
    Estonia $67,000

    The secret to such a drastic difference is that the living expenses differ in each country. What costs $100 in the US may cost $50 in Central Europe. That’s why you can get deliverables for a cheaper price without losing quality.
    Same API integration, same cloud services, same level of code reusability, just another country where talented programmers located.

    ProCoders team
    Why we are different

    Located in Central Europe, the company is situated in an economic center well known for its ecosystem of high-tech schools. This gives us an enormous pool of world-class talent, available at a cost for hire far lower than you might expect to pay in the US, the UK, and many European markets.

    Along with that, we prefer a clear approach to cooperation, and our values are one of the reasons why many of our clients are referrals.

    Listen to Our Clients’ Feedback Directly

    Henry Lynch
    Co-Founder & CTO @ Vsimple
    “It’s not been the traditional contractor-company relationship, I feel like everybody in our team genuinely cares about our product and our customers.“
    Jens Larsson
    Co-founder and CPO @ Avanto Care
    “We’re impressed with their ability to understand our needs and match us with the right developer. The developer is skilled and fits our culture and way of working.”
    Shai Alani
    VP Marketing @ Aporia
    “The company’s ability to consistently deliver cutting-edge technological solutions and their dedication to innovation set them apart in the industry.”
    Roni Berri
    Co-founder and CRO @ PayEat
    “After presenting our application in an exhibition in Sweden we received only positive feedback on the smoothness & quality of the application and landed multiple clients that day.”

    What Our Clients say about us

    A black and white photo of Todd Pritts wearing a hat.

    Although the app is still being fine-tuned, ProCoders have succeeded in creating a promising product. The team was open to exploring new ideas, even in early development. Although better conferencing tools might improve communication, ProCoders were very responsive and overall a joy to work with.

    Todd Pritts
    Chief product officer, Roth River


    How fast can you add/remove a team member?

    Speaking generally, we can provide you with a new team member within a couple of days, and you can “offboard” a team member with a one-month notice. However, if we don’t have the needed staff ready, we’ll allocate more resources on our constant hiring process and will have the right people ready in 2-4 weeks, depending on how unique and narrow your request is. And if you need a developer with a difficult-to-source skillset, it may take us a few days longer. While ramp-up times do vary, we make it our business to fill your outsourcing needs quickly.

    Why are rates different for developers with the same experience level?

    A developer’s worth is often measured not by the years they’ve been in the business, but on what programs they know. For example, if a developer has five years of experience, but it’s in languages that are older or not as popular, they won’t be worth as much as the developer with the same experience in those technologies + narrow-niche micro stacks with new, innovative technologies.

    Do you bill hourly or monthly?

    We can bill hourly or monthly, depending on your needs. Most of our clients work with us on a monthly basis, multiplying our hourly rate by 160 hours for a flat monthly full-time fee. Hours in this arrangement tend to flex a bit in the client’s favor as our developers work to get the job done just right. We also work on a project basis with a strict flat fee arrangement.

    I’m not a technical founder of a start-up. Can I manage a team?

    It’s true, at ProCoders we do put an emphasis on direct client-to-team communication. But if you’re more of a hands-off kind of manager, we can assure you that we’ll be watching things from our end. Every team you hire from us should consist of a Quality Assurance Specialist and a Lead Software Engineer, who will do a lot of the management, day-to-day.

    Can you assemble a team that’s right for my app’s needs?

    Of course! Matching the right programming talent to various tasks is what we do best. We have an extensive research phase that helps us understand your business needs and goals, allowing us to outline the steps and resources needed to take your idea from concept to completion. We’ll provide you with extensive documentation that outlines the scope of your app and shows why our staff is the right mix for your technical stack, schedule, and milestones. When working with us, you can count on us finding the right developers.

    What kinds of specialists do you have onboard?

    Our staff covers most of the popular technologies, both for web applications (using React.js, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby, and Python) as well as mobile applications (cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native and Flutter). If you’d like to see the full list, check out our tech stack.

    How fast can ProCoders hire an React developer for my company?

    React is one of the most popular technologies nowadays and THE most popular in our company. The largest share of developers in our company work with React, so we always have a spare developer for your project. That’s why we e can place the right coder for you in a couple of days or less if you choose not to conduct an additional interview.

    How much can I expect to pay to develop a ReactJS app?

    It can be $80K a year or $300K a year. The answer depends on the size and complexity of your app and the level of superiority you need our experts to have. There is no hard and fast answer we can give. But, we can make an estimate for you. Answer the following questions: – Do you need an independent team or do you need to simply augment your existing team? – What needs to be done, and how many hours of developer time will it take to complete the app? – How quickly do you need the tasks done? – Does there need to be complicated tie-ins to your existing backend systems? – How senior does the developer need to be to work on your project? We’ll ask you all these things and more, and develop a proposal that takes all these answers into account.

    Do you want to learn more how to build remote team with ProCoders?

    Successfully Sent!