Leadership team

We combine high-quality work and a high level of expertise in work guided by extensive experience and a high level of professionalism.

Procoders is an innovative IT technology orchestra

Head office
Oleg Kopachovets

Who is Mr. Oleg?
At the age of 9 my life became connected with IT when I wrote my first simple computer program . At this time, all my classmates were occupied with playing video games. Since writing my first program, my passion for programming has never left me and continues to grow from the extraordinary sense of satisfaction I receive when users experience and admire a well-built software product. The satisfaction I receive from programming led me to found my company, ProCoders, which I have built as a place where developers can grow and a platform where high-quality IT solutions are created with love.

Business department
  • George Krivoruchko
    George Krivoruchko
    Creative ideas must be magnificently performed!
  • Vitalii Pribytkov
  • Alex Khryplyvyi
    Project Manager
  • Vadim Tushev
    Business Engineer
  • Ann Storozhko
    Magnificent Design Artist
  • Ksenya Pavichenko
    People Partner
  • Oksana Lutsenko
    People Partner
Development department
  • Vadym Semchenko
    Mobile App Lead
  • Dmitry Morozov
    Node.js & WebLead
  • Miroslav Murka
    Angular & WebLead
  • Dmitry Buchkovsky
    Solution Architect

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