What is the Laravel Website Development Price?
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How much does Laravel cost to build a fully functioning website? This is a common question for those looking to develop a website. Having the correct information will allow you to pick the proper budget and make an informed decision on who you should hire. That is what this post aims to help you achieve.

Why Product Owners and CTO Love Laravel?

How to select a technology stack for web development? That’s right – carefully consider all your project requirements! And if the expressive and elegant syntax is among them Laravel could be your answer! Laravel, from the outset, was designed to be a simple and straightforward framework. It is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks because its syntax is expressive and easy to read and understand.

laravel website price can be high

In addition, Laravel benefits include many powerful features out of the box with minimal configuration required. Using Laravel, startup leaders can quickly prototype their ideas and then easily build them into full-featured applications. It has also attracted plenty of developers, so you are never short of people who can make your custom project scale quickly.

Build a Website in Laravel: Cost Depending on Hiring Model

Do you want to build a website in this framework? To do this, you should select a hiring model. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages with various impacts on the eventual Laravel price of development, so the choice of one or another will depend not only on your preferences but also on your budget.

Outstaffing model

This is where one organization outsources its project to another organization to build it for them. As a result, this model becomes suitable for projects where skill sharing is possible and cost control is paramount. An example is ProCoders, providing startups worldwide with excellent staff augmentation services.

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Freelance platforms

This model involves freelance websites that help employers find freelancers and vice versa. They work best when clients need expertise from large pools of freelancers. The rates may range from $15 – $30. Keep in mind, though, that freelance platforms are often filled with unreliable people who may pose legal challenges to your business.

Recruitment agencies

These agencies specialize in hiring employees for companies, small businesses, or individuals. They have a splendid database of potential candidates, and they can provide you with details like work experience and skill set of those they recommend. However, they usually charge a fee to cover their costs and this may make hiring expensive in some cases, even if hiring remote developers is a profitable model overall because it is cost effective.

laravel website cost depend on talents availability

Laravel Price Depends on the Project Scope

The size and complexity of the project is a major determinant of how much time it takes to build and how many developers are needed to complete the project. It also determines the level of expertise required of the developers.

At ProCoders, before beginning any project, we interact with the client to understand their objectives and expectations. This allows us to determine the exact make-up of the development and engineering team. Then, from our pool of experienced developers, we assemble a team for the project.

If you are not sure about the project scope then there are some ways through which you can know the project scope. You can look at your competitors’ website and see how their website works? Do you need any extra features like social login, photo upload? Do you want to integrate any other third-party APIs? These all are questions that will help you decide your project scope and adjust your budget appropriately.

Developer’s Location Affects the Laravel Website Cost

There is no denying that the location of your developer matters a lot when it comes to the overall budget for your project. For instance, tons of developers in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine enjoy working with Laravel and charge significantly less for their services compared to Western Europe. Similarly, developers in Asian countries like India have less Laravel developer cost and lower app developer hourly rate than in western countries such as the United States.

If you want to hire a high-quality developer, Ukraine is a great option because it offers a good balance of skills and affordability. Also, the prime location of the country ensures that their developers can work well with other teams across multiple time zones. From our testimony at ProCoders, being located in Ukraine has served us well. More so, our developers are proficient in English and that really helps us to deepen communications with clients from other countries.

CountryAverage Hourly rate
Ukraine $25.30
United States $47.37
India $15.74
Germany $34.62
United Kingdom$36.04

Developer’s Skills and Laravel Project Cost

The skill level of the developer is one of the major reasons behind this disparity in the Laravel project cost, especially for hiring developers. Therefore, if you’re looking for a developer, it’s very important to know the level of his skills and experience with the framework.

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While many aspects require some expertise, there are certain skills that are especially important to have, especially if you want to be able to scale your application in the future. This requires asking the right Laravel interview questions during the screening stage.

To get the best value out of your project, you need a developer who understands the ins and outs of this framework. The table below shows Laravel programmer salary by skill level for various countries.

Ukraine $39,000$67,000$86,500
United States $74,500$116,000$145,500
India $15,971$30,009$45,658
Germany $50,475$77,011$110,375
United Kingdom$53,810$92,506$127,579

How Much Does a Laravel Project Cost by ProCoders?

ProCoders is a software outstaffing company that provides development services to companies of all sizes. We have experts in providing the best development services for startups especially. Our developers have years of experience working on various web applications using this technology stack. They can help you with everything from conceptualizing and planning the application, to developing and deploying it, as well as improving its performance over time.

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At ProCoders, we are known for helping companies optimize their Laravel website price. In a SaaS project for Frontegg, we helped lower the development cost by 38%. In building a vendor solution for AxisPoint, we helped the team save up to 35% of the cost that would have been expended trying to hire Laravel developers based in the US. Likewise, we built a logistics platform for SDCN that cost 50% less than it would have, had they hired UK-based developers.

F. A. Q.
Is Laravel still relevant in 2022?

Laravel is a free, open source framework for PHP which offers many advanced features that may be found in other popular PHP frameworks such as Symfony or Codeigniter such as rapid application development and the Artisan functionality. It’s a framework that focuses on the end user experience and at the same time helps you to develop your application faster, with fewer bugs and more security. The framework has a bright future and will be relevant for many years to come.

Are outstaffing agencies great for finding Laravel developers?

The upside of using an IT outstaffing agency is the immediate access to a large pool of candidates. A single call to the right staffing firm can produce dozens of qualified candidates who are ready to interview at a moment’s notice. If you have a project that requires development and you can’t find an internal resource, outstaffing agencies are great for finding Laravel developers. You can find candidates with desirable skills or even just someone who has worked with the framework before.

What are the most important skills that a Laravel developer must possess?

A successful Laravel developer should be able to create clean, well-documented code that makes use of object-oriented principles. Top technical skills required include knowledge of PHP development, database management, understanding of the MVC design architecture, and so on. For soft skills, the developer should be excellent at communication and expressiveness, as well as being able to work well in a team. For senior developers, leadership skills are very important.


Comparing Laravel website costs across the world requires you to consider a lot of parameters. However, given that the framework is used by top-notch websites and applications, it’s safe to say that hiring Laravel developers will definitely help your business reach high heights. The important thing when looking for the right web development company to work with is finding a person or a team that shares your vision and knows your project inside out.

That is what we aim for when working with clients, and that’s why we have garnered numerous testimonials from our clients. To get the best Laravel development services (or even QA testing for web application), hire the ProCoders team today.

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  • Laravel website development prices vary depending on several factors, such as project complexity, functionality requirements, and customization needs. It’s essential to consider these factors and discuss them with a professional web development team to get an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific project.

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