How to Hire a Highly Qualified Docker Developer in the Shortest Possible Time
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The massive popularity of Docker in the past couple of years has led to a continuous increase in its adoption by businesses. This article will focus only on how to hire Docker developers who are highly qualified to help your company achieve its technology goals.

Who are the Docker Developers?

A Docker developer is a software engineer or an application programmer responsible for defining, implementing, and troubleshooting containerization features in their enterprise. They are usually full-stack developers with both back end and front end expertise as well as experience in containerization, Linux, web technologies, and scripting languages.

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The software developer must ensure that the right tools are available for the system administrators to manage containers, clients for development and deployment, and other software engineers to use it to configure the applications.

Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of a Docker Developer for Hire

If you plan to hire a Docker expert, it is always important to figure out what kind of person you are hiring for the job. Finding the right candidate can get tricky with the increasing demand for Docker development professionals. It is why we have outlined the roles and the skills that make an experienced professional the best one to hire for your project.

  • They should be familiar with the containerization of the application and should know how to start, stop and run containers.
  • Docker is an open source program that uses the Google Go language. Therefore, a developer must be able to work efficiently using this language. You can also set up containerized environments in other languages such as Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, etc.
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  • They should be familiar with troubleshooting tools such as logs and events. A developer can analyze what is happening inside the container and debug the issue accordingly with these two tools.
  • Understanding the basics of DevOps helps the developer be more effective at deploying software to production servers.
  • The developer must have proven experience working with various development tools such as Build, Context, Hub, Desktop, etc.
  • Of course, such a professional must be skilled in applying software engineering best practices, including code review, debugging, continuous integration, etc.
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  • The role of the developer is to work alongside others to help design and implement applications using container technology. The role will usually be part of a team of UX designers, product managers, technical architects, cloud pros, machine learning experts, and other developers.

Reasons to Hire a Docker Developer

One of the biggest challenges facing many potential clients interested in working with a Docker developer knows why to hire one. To complicate things, there are multiple business cases for using or even requiring such a developer, making it challenging to understand your exact needs and then decide if working with them is the best way to fulfill those needs.

This section outlines the benefits of working with these developers and how the technology can help you build your dream app.

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Developers who work with a container-based virtualization system can quickly build scalable applications. Containers provide developers with an easy way to optimize their apps for resource isolation and security. This makes it ideal for managing large-scale deployments such as cloud services or web applications.

Cross-platform functionality

It can be difficult to coordinate efforts and manage versions if you’re working with a team that uses different operating systems. In this case, using Docker’s cross-platform functionality can come handy. The developers can work more collaboratively with other team members due to the platform’s portability and streamlined nature.

Faster Deployment

Hiring Docker developers helps you to build apps faster with fewer resources. Docker uses containers, which are lighter than virtual machines, and you can even run multiple containers on a single machine. Hence, it makes deploying your apps into production easier with less time and effort spent configuring and managing dependencies in development and QA environments.

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Efficient Development

Docker developers can get the job done in a fraction of the time. You’ll be able to deploy your applications a lot faster. It also helps with fast onboarding. This is because you don’t have to spend time configuring an entire virtual machine when you can just pull it from the Hub repository. This ultimately improves software development lifecycle (SDLC) with better testing and release processes and faster deployments.

Where to Find a Docker Developer for Hire?

To find developers for startup can be a difficult task. Finding developers with the right skills, experience, and availability can be challenging. Here are some places where you can find a Docker developer that is an excellent match for your project.

Freelance platforms

If you’re looking to hire Docker programmers, you’ll be happy to know that several freelance platforms have developers with this skill set. These include Upwork, Fiverr,, Toptal, Arc, etc. These platforms allow you to post your project and let freelance developers apply for it. You can see each person’s portfolio and ratings, so you know exactly who you’re hiring. However, not all freelance developers are reliable.

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Hiring agencies

Suppose you don’t have time to search through all the available candidates; turn to recruitment agencies specializing in finding qualified developers for your project (usually at a price). You can hire for fixed-term, full-time, or part-time work, and you get to choose the skills and experience you need.

This is an ideal option if you have a specific project in mind or build a team with a particular skill set. One main con here is that you may not find the best fit for your company culture.


Hiring developers is a time-consuming process and can be pretty complex. It might save you time and money to utilize an outstaffing company that specializes in finding qualified developers for hire. A good software development company will work with you to find the best talent for your project and budget.

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This is a practice we have embraced at ProCoders, and it has helped us provide our clients with the best dedicated talents. Since we already have vetted expert Docker developers in our employ, hiring is only a matter of days or weeks, at most.

4 Steps to Hire a Docker Developer?

Docker is a well-known technology nowadays, and most companies have already decided to use it. The next step is to find an expert Docker developer for hire. Whether you’re looking to hire Docker coders full-time or part-time, or you need some help with your current project, here are some tips on how to get started finding the best candidates.

Identify your hiring needs

The first step in hiring a Docker expert is to decide precisely what you require from them. Are you looking for someone who can help you build a function from the ground up, or do you simply need someone who understands the platform well enough to use it as a component of your application development process?

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Determine the Skills You Need for Your Project

You need to make sure that the candidate has all the skills required by your project. Some basic skills include knowledge of Linux, programming languages, and databases. For a Docker developer, you should consider their previous experience and their ability to interact with other team members.

Find candidates with the right skillset

After deciding what type of candidate you need, there are several ways to find qualified candidates. You could post an ad on job boards like Monster or Craiglist. You could also use freelance platforms or hiring agencies. However, we recommend outstaffing companies if you want to enjoy the best partnership and affordability.

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Check technical skills

Technical knowledge is fundamental in the world of software development. If a developer does not have the necessary technical skills, they might not build your app per your requirements. The technical skills required include programming, containerization, cloud ops, DevOps, etc. At ProCoders, we screen our developers carefully before assembling them into a team for any project. This has enabled us to function at high capacity for years.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Docker Developer

There are a lot of factors that can influence the rate of hiring a Docker developer, including:

  • How much experience they have;
  • The cost to hire a Docker developer as well as the cost to hire a mobile app developer can vary a lot depending on what country they work in;
  • The skillset they possess;
  • The hiring model.

In this section, you can find the hourly costs of hiring Docker developers from various countries.

United States $50/hr$75/hr$150/hr
United Kingdom $35/hr$60/hr$95/hr

Hire Docker Developers with ProCoders

ProCoders provides Docker development talents to companies looking to hire remote developers who are experienced, talented, and resourceful. Our service is designed to be fast and efficient and delivers the right candidate in days. Our professionals are well-versed with the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions for our clients spread across the globe.

Partnership with Procoders Docker developers that drives success.

ProCoders is committed to using software resources to solve business challenges for clients. Before our partnership with AxisPoint, the company’s leaders expressed their desire for a solution that would help them to keep better track of their customers. Using Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, and other tools, the solution that ProCoders built was so effective that AxisPoint turned it into another product line: VSimple.

The development process was swift, saving two months, and the company saved 35% of hiring costs by using our outstaffing approach.

F. A. Q.
What problem does using Docker solve in software development?

Docker containers allow developers to easily run the same code on different operating systems and architectures without having to worry about the hardware configuration of systems. That means that you can write your code once and then deploy it anywhere you need to. In development, you can quickly and easily develop and test your applications against multiple environments, which leads to fewer bugs in your final product.

Why does a startup need to hire Docker developers?

Docker has created a way for developers and system administrators to package and manage applications, making it easier to deploy, scale, and maintain them. Docker has all the benefits of a virtual machine but is much easier to configure, run and use. This flexibility comes without the pain of configuration or operational management.

What is the main responsibility of Docker developers?

Docker developers should also be familiar with the commands required for creating and running containers, including logging into containers, listing containers, and removing containers. A Docker developer also needs to work with other development teams so that they can easily integrate their products with Docker.


Getting in touch with the right talent at the right time is not as difficult as it sounds. The tips mentioned above will help you better understand the recruiting process and make sure that you hire Docker engineers who are experienced and qualified. ProCoders is at hand to supply you with the right talents to build your next project. Begin hiring Docker developers with ProCoders now.

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