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Results. It’s what you get when you find talents at ProCoders. Take a look at this growing list of our recent case studies, and see how the right applications can drive your business.

  • case fwyl picture
    case fwyl picture

    Find What You Like / Listen Together

    Your digital platforms are the gateway to engaging with your audience, yet they might reach their full potential with innovative features and seamless user interaction. At ProCoders, we get to the true capabilities of your digital offerings with expert software development services.

    This page showcases how our solutions have transformed the entertainment industry through the FindWhatYouLike case. Discover how we created cutting-edge social music apps that connect users in dynamic new ways, elevating user engagement and redefining interaction. See how our development services can energize your projects and captivate your audience!

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    Wordpress Case

    Websites Build with WordPress

    Our expert developers create custom websites that perform flawlessly and look stunning. Optimized site speed and seamless functionality drive higher search engine rankings and better user engagement, boosting marketing efforts.

    In our case studies, see how we tackled challenges and delivered exceptional results. From eCommerce solutions to custom plugin development, our team’s expertise covers all aspects of WordPress. Learn how our tailored solutions meet business needs, ensuring scalability and security.

  • case study avanto care
    avanto care case study

    Avanto Care

    Given that the elderly make up 20% of Sweden’s population, it’s not surprising that there are numerous eHealth platforms tailored for this social group. But what if you add IoT capabilities, health tracker integration, and data visualization for risk management and reporting?

    All of this is about our partner – Avanto Care. ProCoders’ full-stack developers helped scale up the product development process, integrating new features and achieving remarkable results.

  • nordic city on water
    nordic country view


    Our client offers tech-driven innovative solutions for property management and the legal part of renting out real estate in the Nordic countries.

    With its help, landlords can manage their properties, see payments and compile statistics, communicate with tenants, and see the issues occurring in the real estate they’re renting out.

    We were able to provide our senior solution architect to analyze the project and execute team assembly.

  • ushahidi mobile interface
    ushahidi case study website


    A non-profit, non-governmental, open-source platform as a source of crisis information on topics from corruption and election manipulation to police brutality and domestic violence. How does that sound?

    When our partner, Ushahidi, first contacted ProCoders asking for help, we were as impressed by the idea as you may be now. So, we’ve updated a 5-6-year-old website, migrated it to a newer framework, and redesigned a mobile app almost from scratch so that any user can report an event.

  • led display in the bus
    multiq led bus displays


    MultiQ hired ProCoders that provided a dedicated team of senior Angular developers to upgrade the legacy codebase in Angular.js. The team worked closely to the MultiQ CTO and Development Manager to deliver updated CMS software.

  • frontegg mobile website
    frontegg web page - case study


    Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of development time and talent. ProCoders helped Frontegg get to market faster by providing surge staffing.

    Our developers ensured Frontegg got their product in front of customers, and get one step ahead of their competition, all while staying on time and on budget.

  • quartz website mobile
    quartz network web interface

    Quartz Network

    The goals Quartz Network had for this product were ambitious, to say the least. To put it succinctly, they were asking for the B2B networking with a deep library of educational courses, online conference spaces that can accommodate hundreds like a convention hotel, and the matching by interest/queries power you’d find in a dating app. ProCoders was up to the job.

  • handle website display
    Handle website


    In 2020, our client HANDLE was in the business of medical equipment sales, providing online marketplaces where healthcare organizations could resell their outmoded medical equipment. But when the COVID pandemic hit, they realized their business opportunity was far larger than reselling MRI machines and CT scanners. They needed a software development partner that could help them develop a comprehensive tool for their clients. They needed to expand their core offerings to meet market demand.

  • whiskey barrels roth river
    rothriver web interface

    Roth River, Inc.

    Brain drain is a big problem for IT startups in most regions of the U.S. How to kick start your IoT project development in such circumstances without wasting time finding developers?

    How to avoid the overpriced local IT engineers? A case study by ProCoders shed some light on this on the example of Roth River.

  • man receiving a male
    courier delivering a package

    SameDay Courier Network

    SDCN already had a reputation as being a high-tech solution for transport companies looking to share hauling space. But new technologies brought new opportunities to offer up and reserve load space on the fly.

    SDCN needed to build a new tech infrastructure to maximize their mobile reservation opportunities. They came to ProCoders to help get them there.

  • Vsimple mobile interface
    Vsimple website for case study


    AxisPoint needed a service to help vendors keep better track of their customers, they’d run out of programming bandwidth. The brand new platform ProCoders developed was so popular and effective, AxisPoint made it into a whole new product line — VSimple. And soon, a whole new way of managing customers was born.

  • driver standing near the truck
    happy man leaning on a truck


    The company was the vision of the founders of SDCN (Same Day Courier Network), another logistics company, who saw the need for a way to match contract truckers with openings in their schedule with companies urgently needing truckers for runs.

    ProCoders helped the company not only build its e-signature enabled platform, but it helped create a marketplace for driver education, too. Here’s how.

  • lady in a gym
    dryft case - girl in a gym


    It’s easy for an in-gym exercise routine to get boring. So how do you mix it up? You Dryft. The dream behind Dryft was simple: let people get their health and wellness classes that drifted around major cities and scenic locations like the foot of the golden gate bridge a la carte and booked in areas and settings that were interesting and convenient.
    It was a bold plan, a non-technical founder needed an outsourced software development team that could make Dryft platform work on mobile devices and desktops. ProCoders came to the rescue.

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    nda case cover


Get ahead of the market by crafting disruptive applications with tech experts dedicated by ProCoders.
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