Back in 2011 we worked on meta-search engine for the tour operator. During this process we became experts on the topic and now successfully cooperate with a number of clients from travel industry. Today online travel booking becoming more and more popular, so we always have orders to create convenient reservation systems and software for the traveling agencies.

API integration with leading travel product suppliers

Working with large volumes of data

Intelligent selection of the best offers and price Analytics

Sales system for the German travel market

We created a system for selling special offers, travel discounts and travel holiday packages for the
European travel market. The system included an online store, a mobile application and emailing list. The
most important point was to make sure that all the users get all the relevant information in a timely
manner. We developed the appropriate algorithms, and besides that got engaged in project
management and technical support of the project.

Tools and technologies were used: PHP7, Laravel, Codeception, Docker, CI, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Mysql, MongoDB, AngularJS.

Management: Agile Scrum, XP, TDD, CI

Hotel reservation system

Developed a backend system, as well as an interface for booking hotels all over the world. To do this, we
came up with a complex business logic that ensured optimized search results and allowed processing
large volumes of information-the system included information on 250,000 hotels.

  • 21 integrations with individual vendors (Miki, Kuoni, Travco, Tourico, GTA…)
  • 2 flight booking systems (Amadeus, TravelPort)
  • 2 airport transfer providers
  • car rental service provider

Tools and technologies were used: PHP5, Zend Framework, Memcached, MemcacheQ, Mysql, MongoDB, Debian, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS.

Management: Waterfall, XP, TDD.

The system of search and booking tours with optimal prices

Development of the system required finding a way to perform more than 70 integrations with tour operators in the shortest term of 4 months.
It became possible due to pre-planned architecture and coordinated work of 20 developers.

It became a serious challenge to design a system for merging products from different tour operators.
The system combined same tours automatically despite differences in names of resorts and even hotels.
Successfully solved the following tasks:

  • integration of 70 suppliers of tourism product in 4 months
  • working with high workload, up to 1.5 million visitors per day
  • complex analytical queries for selecting the best tours for a specific client profile

Tools and technologies were used: PHP, Redis, RabbitMQ, Mysql, MongoDB, Debian, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS.

Management: Waterfall, Agile Scrum, TDD, XP, CI.


Online education is in big demand today and foreign language learning projects are competing to have not only great educational tools and methods but also compatible and user-friendly interfaces. We develop learning websites with flexible architecture which allows the website owner to update and change the content without spending much time and money.

Clear implementation of business logic for process participants
Monthly subscriptions system and online payment
Convenient back-office for Education
A website for a foreign language online school

We developed a website with the online classes stricture that was using groups with native speakers. For registered users we created a personal cabinet with a user-friendly interface.

Tools and technologies were used: PHP 7, Laravel, Websockets,, React, Next.

Management: Waterfall, XP, CI.

Content management system for language school

Developed system of dictionary management and interactive content for work with dictionaries of the language online school

Tools and technologies were used: Ruby on Rails, Redis, Mysql

Management: Waterfall, XP, CI.


Entertainment is a big part of the everyday life and is used in almost all the gadgets, so the new entertainment applications are always in demand. And we have the experience in this field. One of our most interesting projects –is the joint music listening application. The users can add each other to their contacts then the application recognizes their musical taste and comes up with a joint playlist.

Mobile solutions for joint music listening
Working with large volumes of data
Unique and funcional algorithms of music selection
Listen together app

Created an application to bring together people with the same musical taste and to help sharing music
with friends. We developed AI (artificial intelligence) for this project, which allowed us to find common
user preferences and adjust the playlist to the listener’s tastes.

  • real-time synchronized joint music listening based on Google Firebase and Google Functions technologies
  • hybrid application for Ionic with native plug-ins to work with Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud
  • full-fledged music play inside application based on native SDK

Tools and technologies were used: Ionic 3, Angular 4, Firebase, Cloud Google functions, Docker, CI, ElasticSearch, Node.JS, cloud Google services

Management: Agile Scrum, XP, TDD, CI


We’ve developed a music portal for selecting new interesting music and searching for like-minded musical individuals – people who are close to you by musical taste.
The development team successfully coped and made:

  • integration with 4 leading content providers: Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and Youtube with ability to export and import playlists
  • matching providers’ tracks to a single track database FindWhatYouLike
  • unique fast algorithm for searching like-minded musical individuals based on ElasticSearch

Tools and technologies were used: Ruby on Rails, Mysql, ElasticSearch Docker, CI, Node.JS, Amazon AWS

Management: Agile Kanban, XP, CI, TDD

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