How to Hire an Ethereum Software Developer: a Complete Guide
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As of April 2022, there were more than 3,000 dApps, or decentralized applications, stored on the Ethereum platform, according to the State of the dApps website. That may not seem a big number, but consider that the technology is still fresh and rather experimental.

Nevertheless, businesses of all industries, from gaming to healthcare, want to catch up with swiftly advancing technology, so the interest in decentralized solutions is rising. It’s all new, so hiring an Ethereum developer with experience and great qualifications may be tough unless you know how to do it.

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We at ProCoders have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you make informed choices when it comes to looking for an Ethereum developer for hire. Here, we cover all topics from the types of products that may need smart contracts for back end as a reinforcement to the investment you’re going to make into a great dedicated team.

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Key takeaways:

  • Ethereum is the leading platform for decentralized applications, storing over 3,000 dApps.
  • Hiring an Ethereum developer is useful if you have an app in logistics, healthcare, or real estate, among other more relevant industries like gaming, trading, etc.
  • You can hire developers through freelance and job boards, hiring and outsourcing agencies, as well as staff augmentation companies.
  • The hiring process is rather extensive, but you can delegate most of the efforts to an outstaffing company like ProCoders.
  • The salary expectations of US Ethereum programmers are $10-12K a month on average, but you can find cheaper options.

Types of Products You Should Hire Ethereum Developers for to Boost Them with Smart Contracts

Before you hire a team of Ethereum developers to build a dApp for you, it’s wise to know that solutions need smart contracts for more efficient operation. If your type is on the list, definitely think about reinforcing your software with some decentralization.

Logistics Apps

Hire a dedicated Ethereum dev team to craft decentralized logistics apps that will make it easier to keep your customers safe. They can check the authenticity of the products and track the state of their orders. Your employees will also find it more convenient to track the position of the goods in real time to ensure proper service.

Real Estate Apps

Hiring specialists with Ethereum experience will also help your real estate app to make purchases easier, collect and store documents safely, and move on from thousands of papers on your employees’ desks.

Healthcare Apps

Ethereum developers for hire can also enhance the efficiency of your healthcare application. From pharmacies to hospitals, private blockchain can help all medical practitioners and their patients to access and store data, especially sensitive data, safely.

medical confidentiality

Retail and eCommerce

Build a scalable, fast, and protected eCommerce decentralized application or a whole marketplace to meet the harsh expectations of a modern consumer.

Finance and Banking

The finance and banking industry can make transactions and financial data storage more secure and versatile by building an app on blockchain, for example, when you need wallet development. They will look like usual applications but will be decentralized, which is considered more trustworthy nowadays.


Picking e-learning Ethereum developers will help you improve the learning experience of your customers and bring new audiences, especially the younger ones, to your app. Education isn’t only about the quality of knowledge now. The way you present data is crucial, as well as the protection of students’ data.

Travel and Tourism

Hire a dedicated Ethereum developer to level up your travel application by providing real-time data, secure transactions, and 100% reliability of all offers.

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Ethereum Developer Skills, Experience, and Expertise

When hiring specialists in Ethereum to build a DeFi app or another decentralized program, you have to know what skills and experience one should have to be considered a qualified candidate.

Here’s a brief list of skills a pro Ethereum software developer for hire must have:


Smart contract development services, consensus algorithm, transactions, incentives for miners, token standards, and more. The candidate must know the fundamentals of blockchain technology, how it works, and how to work with it.

Web programming

Solidity, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Rust, C++, etc. Programming languages are a must, as well as experience in troubleshooting.


Digital signatures, encrypted storage, public and private keys encryption, etc. Cryptography enhances the security of Ethereum, which is one of the most important criteria for all dApps.

When you hire a dedicated dev team for an Ethereum project, make sure they have practical experience working with dApps in your industry, because nothing is as good as in-depth insider knowledge of algorithms.

Where to Find Ethereum Developers?

Whether you want to hire a dedicated team of Ethereum developers or a single expert, the choice of the place is essential. Here, we discuss some of the most popular hiring methods, mentioning their pros and cons for your convenience.

Freelance Boards

If you want to hire remote Ethereum developers, you can try freelance boards. They are OK if your project is beginner-friendly and not urgent. You can find professional Ethereum engineers among freelancers, but you never know who you hire.

freelance ethereum engineers


  • Rather cheap
  • Very fast to find
  • No taxes


No guarantees of quality and deadline-meeting
You need a qualified manager to check the work
You need to surf freelancer boards to find the candidate yourself

Job Boards

These are a former staple of recruiting. You create a vacancy, include the description of your company, salary range, and additional information, and wait. Or you look through resumes (tons of them) to find the right Ethereum developer.


  • Many boards have verified applicants
  • A large pool of diverse programmers
  • Hopefully, applications will come themselves


  • Waiting time may be months
  • No guarantee of a qualified candidate
  • Time-consuming hiring process

Hiring Agencies

This is a more time- and effort-saving option when you need to hire Ethereum solution development experts. However, quick candidates might not be what you’re looking for as hiring agencies employ recruiters, not technical practitioners who know how to choose a skilled coder.


  • Fast
  • No searching effort


  • You need a tech specialist to interview the candidates
  • All the management responsibilities are yours
  • Taxes are also on you if the agency hires a specialist right into your company
  • No skillset guarantee

Outsourcing Agencies

Caesar about outsourcing

In this case, you have no technical responsibilities, it’s all done for you. But, you will only get desired results if you do great research on the companies. You can hire 10 devs on Ethereum remotely when you need 3 if the agency isn’t reliable.


  • Speedy (if the needed devs are on board)
  • Management is on them
  • Technical expertise is good if you choose the right agency


  • Rather expensive
  • No direct contact with all devs working for you
  • Hard to notice when something goes wrong
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Outstaffing Companies

When hiring an Ethereum specialist through staff augmentation, you combine all the benefits of the aforementioned hiring models together. You can overlook the programming process, you can communicate with coders directly, you can interview them if you want, and you get 100% suitable employees on a quick notice.

A decent outstaffing company will hire cryptocurrency developers with proper qualifications because they keep them on board mid-projects, which means they pay them monthly, not depending on whether they are engaged in a project or not.


  • Speedy hire
  • 100% qualified, suitable programmers
  • Quality guarantee and reliability
  • Total transparency throughout the cooperation
  • No search and hiring efforts as it’s all done for you


  • The price may be stiff (but if you choose a company from, say, Estonia or Croatia, you’ll get a more cost-efficient deal that if you choose local recruitment)
  • You need a team lead and a project manager for the outstaffed team.

Where and When to Hire a Dedicated Ethereum Development Team?

Your hiring model highly depends on the job to be done. When it comes to hiring a dedicated Ethereum developer or a team of such, they are useful when you:

  • Need to create a whole project from scratch
  • Have no team on hand
  • Have a team but it’s not qualified for the type of project you want
  • Are short on time
  • Have no time to find and hire each programmer all by yourself

We recommend using the staff augmentation approach. It’s beneficial for you on all levels, as you can choose not to interview the candidates at all. ProCoders has team leads with technical experience that will interview and test coders for you, providing a team ready to start on your project.

Let’s see how to hire the best Ethereum smart contract devs.

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How to Hire Dedicated Ethereum Developers?

Let us guide you through the interview questions and steps of the recruiting process.

How to Check Expertise Before Hiring an Ethereum Developer: Interview Questions to Ask

Here are some Qs you can ask:

  • How long have you been working with Ethereum projects?
  • What framework is the most useful when working with Ethereum software?
  • What protection can you provide to Ethereum transactions to avoid malicious attacks?
  • What’s the most efficient programming language for Ethereum programs? Do you have experience with it?
  • You need to develop a dApp game on Ethereum. How would you do it?

If you hire remote developers, all of these questions can be asked by Zoom, so it’s not a problem.

Steps to Hire an Ethereum Developer

Here’s a standard hiring process:

  1. Looking for candidates throughout job and freelance boards by creating posts with the description of the company, requirements, salary range, and further to-do actions.
  2. Reviewing resumes of each candidate, checking portfolios, gathering a list of those to interview
  3. Interviewing each candidate, finding out about their experience, seeing if they pass the “vibe check” of your company, its philosophy and values.
  4. Testing the remaining candidates to see their skills in practice.
  5. Checking the tests and making the final decision.
  6. Contacting the final candidate, discussing the salary, gathering documents.
  7. Proceeding with the onboarding documentation, etc.

This may take months. But what if you need to start Ethereum app development in a week?

don't hurry when hiring ethereum programmer

You can save most of the time by trusting the most effort-intensive parts of the hiring process to ProCoders. We will look for a suitable full stack Ethereum blockchain developer in our pool or find one for you quickly. Our team will take care of the selection and testing of the candidates. All you will have to do is interviewing 2-3 members of the final team to see if that’s what you’ve been looking for.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ethereum Smart Contract Developers?

The final number for the project is nearly impossible to compile until we find out what your goals are, what kind of project you plan, what your budget is, and more.

As to the spending on qualified developers, we can provide estimated numbers. Keep in mind that salary depends on the country where your coder resides, the hiring model you choose, the level of proficiency, and more.

Dev level / CountryUSA (monthly)UK (monthly)Estonia, Croatia, etc. (monthly)
BenefitsEnglish proficiency and high qualification.English proficiency and high qualificationPerfect for remote collaboration.
High-level English fluency.
Highly qualified.
DrawbacksNot cost-efficient.Not cost-efficient.Potential additional costs
Possible miscommunication

Using staff augmentation and collaborating with devs from Central Europe brings more than financial benefits, although those shouldn’t be underestimated. Hiring Ethereum specialists at ProCoders means swift onboarding for demanding deadlines, task completion in limited timeframes, only suitable people with the necessary hard and soft skills, and astonishing results!

Hiring Ethereum Developers at ProCoders: What Does Your Business Gain?

When hiring Ethereum smart contract developers, professional help is essential. ProCoders can not only find even the narrowest niche specialist for you but deliver results in a limited time.

We guarantee:

  • Faster than average search time (4-6 weeks)
  • Process transparency and reliability
  • Outstanding talent and competitive results

By picking our Ethereum developers, you make a decision to launch high-quality custom software and beat the competition. We will help you achieve market leadership by taking your dApps to the next level. Why? Because ProCoders works not only on the project but on helping you implement your business goals with that solution.

It’s a perfect choice for enterprises, startups, and small/medium businesses. We help establish your authority in the market at an adequate cost, with minimal efforts needed from you. The outstaffing model has been working for years, only proving its usefulness during the pandemic and beyond.

Even a niche as new as decentralized applications is quite demanding, and you need qualified Ethereum programmers to stand out. By hiring Ethereum software developers at ProCoders, you’re choosing that outcome.

F. A. Q. To finish our guide and help you find the best Ethereum developers, we’ll answer several top questions.
How many projects are built on the Ethereum network?

Talking about dApps, there are over 3,000 on Ethereum basis, and the number grows every month!

Which crypto has the most developer activity?

Ethereum. It has over 4,000 MADs (monthly active developers). While competitors like Solana are gaining pace, Ethereum is still leading.

How much does the blockchain developer cost?

A senior coder from the USA may cost you $12K+ per month, while there are more cost-efficient options you can find out more about in this guide.

When picking Ethereum developers, lots of factors play a role in the numbers you’re going to pay them. Those include the country they live in, your hiring model, the scale and complexity of the project, and more.

Where can I find the best blockchain developers for hire?

To be brief: in countries that have a large pool of Ethereum talent at an affordable price. For example, we know that Estonia, Croatia, and Portugal have those pools, and that’s why our customers stick with us long-term. Our smart contractors always work for the result, delivering dApps of outstanding quality.

How to pick Ethereum developers for a dedicated development team?

You have to take into account more than the hard skills of your candidates. Teamwork, communication, dedication, and other soft skills are important when it comes to building a team. When hiring remote Ethereum developers, you need to know they will create a tandem that works like a Swiss clock.

ProCoders always hires people who are not only qualified professionals per se but work well in different teams. We need universal talent, and so do our customers.


This guide is aimed at improving your understanding of the process of hiring qualified Ethereum software developers, as well as necessary skills, hiring models, industries where dApps bring the most use, and more.

We at ProCoders think it’s rather easy to find narrow-niche specialists for any project. However, we’ve been in the business for over a decade, so we can understand why it’s difficult to do for your first project or when you don’t have enough experience.

We find staff augmentation the most convenient and efficient hiring model as you’re guaranteed top-notch talent, all deadlines met, less recruiting effort for you, constant support at all stages of blockchain development and after launch, and more. All that is hard to find at an adequate price, but we succeed 100% of the time.

It’s not late to join blockchain with your new solution. Just make sure to hire experienced Ethereum smart contract developers!

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