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    Hire .NET Developers Using the Best-Filling Working Model

    When you hire dot NET developer, the right working model is essential. You may need a couple of engineers or a whole team with a project manager and a quality assurance specialist. You may also need help with creating the roadmap, planning the budget, and establishing the timeframe.
    Gladly, ProCoders will help you with all of the above.

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    Senior Full-Stack Developer .NET/Angular Likes to solve trick logical tasks and gets quickly into any process.

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    Senior Full-Stack Dev Technical Lead .NET/Angular Always eager to improve knowledge and skills to create stable and user-friendly products. Very responsible and proactive.

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    Full-Stack Developer .NET/Angular/ReactJS Loves implementing innovative ideas and automating routine tasks for faster and better results.

    Achieve a Breakthrough for Your Business by Hiring .NET Engineers Who Know What Your Solution Needs!

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    The Costs of Finding NET Developers Through ProCoders

    When you hire .NET engineer, their rate depends on the years of experience and the length of the contract. However, for your convenience, we’ve created pricing plans so that you understand what services we will provide:

    • Part-time – you hire .NET coders to work 80 hours a month for you. This is a great option for app support, and you can also get a QA specialist and a project manager for the team.
    • Full-time – our programmers work on your project full-time.

    Why Choose ProCoders as Your IT Ally?

    x2 shorter team assembly time
    99% decrease in HR costs
    30% total costs decrease
    20%+ sooner time-to-market

    The Best ProCoders Benefits According to Our Clients Who Hire .NET Programmers

    01. Top Talent

    We only hire NET programmers who are reliable. How do we know? Through several years of experience, we’ve built our own process with interviews and practical tests. Unlike in hiring agencies, our .NET coders are interviewed by specialists who are still practicing. They know just what to ask and how to do it to find out candidates’ true motivations and skill levels.

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    The Best ProCoders Benefits According to Our Clients Who Hire .NET Programmers

    02. Open Communication

    You can use any communication channels already present in your company to get updates on the project from ProCoders .NET experts. You can also expect transparent communication concerning the solution’s pros and cons, recommendations on the features and technologies, potential errors, and ways to fix them.

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    The Best ProCoders Benefits According to Our Clients Who Hire .NET Programmers

    03. Complex Technical Support

    ProCoders support your project before, during, and after its development. We’re interested in your success, so we’re ready to provide complex help. Our specialists study your needs and challenges, create top-notch solutions according to the roadmap, and support the product when you need it.

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    Questions to Ask When Interviewing a .NET Engineer

    We’re always transparent and honest with our customers, so you can freely ask our devs technical questions like:

    • What’s Base Class Library (BCL) and what parts does it consist of?
    • Managed vs unmanaged code. What’s the difference?
    • What’s a Dynamic Link Library?
    • Why is Just in Time considered important?

    You can also communicate with them on non-tech questions:

    • Why should I hire a .NET coder instead of another technology?
    • How do you improve your .NET and other skills?
    • Share some mistakes you’ve made in your experience and how you fixed them.

    .NET Projects Businesses Have Trusted to ProCoders

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    American Company in the Mineral Sector

    After working with another outsourcing team for 6 months, the client came to us with burning deadlines and the need for a strong MVP. Point A included a lack of documentation and poor quality assurance and unreliable suppliers that left a mess.

    The client’s request was to make a powerful MVP ASAP, that will fit the initial budget and have a top-notch design. They also wanted us to support and maintenance of the project after the launch, use agile mythologies, and be oriented toward automatic deployment.

    We made case research and analysis, provided the best ASP.NET, Angular, and MS SQL experts, used Docker for deployment, and implemented automated testing to speed up QA

    Result? The MVP was released in 7 weeks, increasing the client’s sales by 20%!

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    Client in Production and Sale

    A company that takes stretch ceiling manufacture to any scale and form turned to us to boost automation for their business so that they could cut costs while increasing sales.

    They wanted to make an app for work optimization, with automatic features including measurements, budgeting, order managing, etc. including in-app analytics.

    Our job was to do case research, have a flexible development approach to cater to various customer needs while providing top ASP.NET, Angular, and MS SQL devs, and make automated QA.

    Result? 95% automation of the app, 20-minute cost calculation, 60-second response time, x3 faster warehouse work.

    Testimonials from Our Loyal Customers

    We build relationships with our partners, which allows us to receive amazing testimonials from the people who hire dot NET developers and other specialists with ProCoders.

    Peter Ericsson
    Peter Ericsson
    CTO, Raqt

    They have gone the extra mile to fulfill our ideas to create a very professional, fast, and robust app

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    CEO, Online Payment Processor

    We feel and witness having a partner that genuinely cares for our projects’ quality.

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    UX & Web Manager, Multi-National E-Learning Organization

    Their service was excellent, and the price was better than the competitors we looked at.

    Let Your Project Become the Next Leader of the Industry with ProCoders!

    Architecture Sample

    We take the protection of partners’ data very seriously and understand the uniqueness of every solution, so we won’t disclose any data covered by NDA.
    You can leave your email and we’ll contact you to find out what kind of sample you need. In some cases, we can discuss the topic with our clients and, if they agree, share a secure link to temporary files with samples.


    How to hire a .NET developer from ProCoders?

    First of all, contact us, and let’s schedule a call. We’ll discuss your technical needs, decide whether you need a Discovery Phase to create a clear roadmap for the app, and more. Then, we study your project closely and hand-pick the best .NET engineer team to start working ASAP.

    How are ProCoders .NET developers different?

    When we find NET developers, we hire them to be official employees of our company. So, we take extra steps to ensure that the skills of the applicants meet our tough requirements. Everyone who works with us (some do for over 5 years) constantly improve their skills, engages in challenging projects, and provides excellent results

    How much does it cost to hire a .NET developer via ProCoders?

    When you hire .NET developer, expect monthly rates of $6,000-$6,500 for a middle specialist and around $7,500 for a senior one. You have to understand that the final price depends on what kind of technical support you need, how many NET programmers you want to hire, what level of expertise you need for the project, and how many months we’re cooperating.

    How experienced are the .NET developers at ProCoders?

    We only hire middle and senior developers with extensive experience in various industries.

    Is there a trial period for your .NET developers?

    In certain cases, you can hire .NET expert for a trial to see if the skills and energy are right. Such details are communicated during project discussions with us.

    Are .NET developers in demand?

    Yes, both small startups and large enterprises seek .NET proficiency since this technology, along with C# and others, is often used in applications in all industries.

    How will you secure the project’s confidentiality?

    First things first, we start discussing the details after signing an NDA. Every person interacting with your project and additional business information signs a non-disclosure agreement. Even after it’s finished, if you don’t want the name of your company to be featured in our cases or testimonials, we’ll comply.

    Can I work with your .NET core developers in my time zone?

    Our employees become your team players during the cooperation, so you can contact them during working hours and expect an answer within 30 minutes. Communication is one of our priorities.

    What if I am not satisfied with the result?

    We choose developers meticulously and give you the option of interviewing them yourself. You’re also updated on the flow of the project frequently and can communicate any changes to make sure the result meets your expectations. We also understand that sometimes even the best systems fail. Therefore, if the developer we’ve provided doesn’t meet the specified quality, we can replace them free of charge.

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