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Want to hire Laravel developers without actually having to hire them in-house? ProCoders has your back! Let us match you with a perfect middle/senior engineer or a team that excels in the framework and has experience in your industry!

What is your challenge?

    Hire Laravel Developers That Match the Level of Your Product

    This open-source PHP framework powers some of the world’s most sophisticated web applications. So, when you’re in the market for PHP Laravel developers for hire, you can’t afford to cut corners on talent and experience.

    When you work with ProCoders, you won’t have to!

    We’re an IT outsourcing firm dedicated to helping you hire world-class experts in less than 2 weeks. Many projects get their PHP Laravel developer in 3 days! ProCoders matches you with English-speaking middle or senior specialists who understand your product, industry vertical, budget, and technologies.

    Projects ProCoders Laravel Programmers for Hire Contributed to

    SaaS E-lerning
    When they needed to hire ReactJS developer talent, WES-English came to ProCoders to help them develop a highly interactive platform for their users, who use the system to take online courses to learn Business English. The intuitive platform helps them keep track of their courses, interact with other students, and much more. Laravel
    Travel CMS
    Using HTML, Vue.js and Laravel ProCoders helped this British tour company create an app allowing customers to browse and book tours. On the backend, their staff could easily add new posts and make changes without having to code.
    Logistics Transport Courier Software
    When SDCN needed to update its existing platform, our dedicated team rapidly updated the code-base and continued expanding the functionality for the web & mobile applications. We were able to seamlessly integrate with SDCN’s existing IT staff to make sure the company’s digital assets were updated, bug-free, and offering the enhancements they need to meet their evolving business needs.

    Let ProCoders Help You Create a Success Story!

    ProCoders Best Laravel Developers Programming Capabilities

    In today’s complex technology landscape, it’s not enough to be proficient in just one or two frontend or backend frameworks. When you hire expert Laravel developer teams through ProCoders, you can be sure they have the know-how to work with all the framework’s capabilities.

    Blade Laravel

    Hire PHP Laravel Developers Who Can Accommodate the Changing Needs of Your Business!

    Get Updated Daily: Our Team Is Your Team

    We believe our clients should have direct control of their teams. That means our team operates like your team. When you hire dedicated Laravel developer teams through ProCoders, you never have to worry about working through layers of project managers to get to your programmers.

    You work directly with your team members, adding them to your internal management systems. And there’s never a worry about your instructions getting lost in translation because we exclusively employ developers who are strong English speakers.

    Working Models You Can Hire Laravel Programmers Through

    ProCoders will find Laravel developers for your project in our vast talent pool or via trusted sources with qualified candidates! Here’s how you can engage with our services:

    01. Staff Augmentation

    This is the perfect approach if you already have a tech team but need additional staff. In most cases, we can have your new outstaffed developers onboarded and ready to work within days to 2 weeks at most. We carefully vet each developer, matching up potential staffers with the project needs you have.

    02. TaaS (Team as a Service or Self-Managed Dedicated Team)

    We can also provide you with a whole team if you don’t have one. In this case, we invite you for a free 1.5-hour workshop to discuss your project and see what we can do to help. Then, we conduct a Discovery Phase, creating a roadmap for your future solution and thinking about your app development needs, timeframes, and budget.

    Then we finally match you with top Laravel developers who start the work on the project. We can also scale the team up and down as you need.

    ProCoders Can Help You Lead Your Industry

    Hiring expert Laravel developers with an understanding of your business is crucial. We work hard to match you with programmers who have demonstrated experience in your industry vertical. This means that our experts:

    • Understand the user experience your customer expects
    • Are able to navigate your systems and technologies
    • Know just what tech investments will keep you ahead of the curve

    Let us know if you don’t see your niche on the list. We’re sure we have a developer for hire to match your criteria!

    Why Work with ProCoders

    01. Only Real Professionals

    One person can affect the progress of a project. One junior mistake can lead to a postponed launch or an unaccounted bug. We only hire middle and senior engineers to complete your case team, to avoid such situations. Each candidate goes through 4 stages of interviews and tests. We recruit each person full-time to build a quality team, so rest assured that you hire top talent through ProCoders.

    Why Work with ProCoders

    02. Communication

    Our communication utilizes an agile process, with daily stand-ups, iterative planning, and transparency through all project stages. You speak directly to the developers working for you, without intermediaries. ProCoders is about honesty and openness.

    Why Work with ProCoders

    03. Corporate Culture

    We hire premier programming talent and immerse them in your corporate culture, regardless of location. We delve into understanding your values, market, and business climate. With this insight, we choose professionals who will assimilate seamlessly into your organization’s unique environment. Though remote, our team integrates flawlessly.

    Why Work with ProCoders

    04. Result Orientation

    Our outlook is rooted in your success. More than stacking up projects, we care deeply about tangible results and lasting partnerships. This means we take the time to comprehend your goals, align on metrics, and collaborate to achieve outcomes that matter. From building websites to fine-tuning AI powered chatbots, we aim to help you accomplish meaningful transformation. When you thrive, we consider that the ultimate measure of results.

    This is why a smart business selects ProCoders when there’s a need to hire professional Laravel developers.

    Let’s See How Our Skills and Corporate Values Can Contribute to Your Solution!

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint

    ProCoders offers project management experience but we chose to handle this in-house. The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand-holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

    Brian Herbert
    CTO, Manufacturer & Distribution Software Provider


    How fast can ProCoders hire remote Laravel developers for me?

    We don’t hire developers for a project; we already have them on our internal team, waiting to be assigned. ProCoders can provide developers in 3-14 days. And if you need more staff or an expert in a narrow niche, we will find them through our verified candidate pool.

    How fast can ProCoders add/remove a team member?

    Scaling your team up and down is easy, with a new member added in up to 14 days (usually less). To “offboard” a team member, though, you’ll need to provide a one-month notice. Thus, we have the time to assign them to another project.

    Are Laravel developers in demand?

    Yes, they are in high demand as the popular PHP application framework’s usage and adoption continue rising across the industry, ranking well on surveys of the most in-demand web framework skills. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey puts it in the TOP-20.

    Where can I hire Laravel developers?

    You can use staff augmentation via ProCoders, visit regular job boards, turn to hiring agencies, opt for Laravel freelancer boards, etc. SA is by far the best option because: We take all HR hassles from you, which job boards can’t offer We’re well-versed in the technical skills a candidate should have, unlike hiring agencies We only hire middle and senior programmers who are ready to collaborate long-term, unlike many freelancers.

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