Blockchain Developers for Hire

Become a part of the modern business world by using blockchain technology.

Hire blockchain developers with ProCoders to create and launch a successful solution that will bring clients, revenue, and brand awareness.

How can we help you upgrade your business with blockchain?

    Blockchain Services ProCoders Development Experts Provide

    Our blockchain programmers for hire will take up your project at any stage, providing the services mentioned below. In case you don’t see what you need on the list, make sure to contact us and we’ll find a suitable solution for you.


    Custom Blockchain Software

    Blockchain programmers can be useful for your business and customers by providing secure storage, process automation, etc. Relay your needs and ProCoders will create a top-tier app for you.


    Decentralized Solutions

    Let us find you a blockchain developer who can create a decentralized application for your business needs. Our blockchain developers for hire work with multiple industries, from eLearning to healthcare.


    Blockchain-Based Wallets

    Let us create a wallet for crypto payments based on blockchain for business use or a payment helper for customers.

    Ethereum Applications

    By hiring our blockchain engineers, you’ll create Ethereum apps with smart contracts at their base to optimize and automate your business processes.

    Technologies ProCoders’ Developers Work With

    What Technology Stack Do You Need for the Project? Our Developers Are Fluent in the Most Suitable Languages for Your Unique Blockchain Project!

    ProCoders’ Working Models

    As a client-centered company, we make sure every business that needs help with blockchain development can find it here. Therefore, we have 3 working models, with at least one fitting the needs of every case we’ve got. All of them include thorough research of your project, as well as business-related and technical requirements.

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    Discovery Phase

    When looking to hire a blockchain programmer, if you don’t have a full understanding of the project’s technical needs and no IT team to assemble a tech stack, our Discovery Phase will save the situation. We’ll analyze your idea, needs, tech requirements, budget, and more. ProCoders provides professional consulting and extensive results with estimates and a ready plan.

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    Dedicated Team

    If you have a clear understanding of the project and a ready roadmap but no team to create the app, we have the right resources. Our senior specialists can quickly assemble the needed group of people who will be perfect for your project. Every blockchain developer for hire is ready to take up the solution creation at any stage.

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    Staff Augmentation

    In case you already have a team but need additional staff to launch the solution on time, get a fresh perspective, and amp up the development, you can hire engineers, designers, QA specialists and project managers, through ProCoders. We hand-pick them after 4 stages of tests and interviews, which we’ve been improving for over 8 years.

    Let Us Help You Figure Out the Best Working Model for Your Project!


    How Do You Hire Blockchain Engineers and Start Working with ProCoders?

    Here’s a step-by-step of what’s waiting for you if you hire blockchain engineers through ProCoders:

    1. The first contact – we get to know each other and hear out your needs.
    2. Contract and NDA signing – to ensure the safety of your data and clarify our services.
    3. Picking the right team – we assign a senior professional to study your project and select already hired blockchain engineers for the job.
    4. Smart work and daily communication – our devs become a part of your team and report to you during working hours just like any other employees.
    5. Monthly billing – convenient subscription options allow you to pay for Team as a Service in monthly installments.

    More Niches You Can Get Programmers for Hire from ProCoders

    We want to be useful for our clients on many paths, that’s why we hire diverse engineers with experience in various industries. Blockchain is known to be used everywhere from healthcare to education, and ProCoders has a lot to offer in terms of bringing technological advances to your solution as well.

    Advantages of Choosing ProCoders as Your IT Partner

    x2 shorter team assembly time
    99% decrease in HR costs
    40% total costs decrease
    20%+ sooner time-to-market
    Clients say we deliver on Clutch
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    “They quickly understood our requirements and could explain the technical and project management approach.”
    Chief Revenue Officer, Highline Technologies Inc.
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    “If something needed to be changed, they would quickly grasp that and execute it, rather than resist changes.”
    Founder, Beyond Sky
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    “We feel and witness having a partner that genuinely cares for our projects’ quality.”
    CEO, Online Payment Processor
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    “I truly respect and enjoy the responsiveness and positive engagement from the ProCoders team.”
    CEO & Founder, Networking Startup Platform
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    “It was very easy to work with them.”
    CEO, Agile SEO
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    “The design style was amazing and they really nailed our brief.”
    Head of Digital, Vetz Petz
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    Ask Our Clients About Their Development Experience

    We can provide customer contacts so that you can ask them directly about their paths with ProCoders.

    Oleg Kopachovets
    More Information on Blockchain Development from ProCoders Professionals


    How to hire blockchain application developers?

    You can hire a blockchain developer through ProCoders, allowing us to pick the best staff to complete your team. You can also look for devs yourself to hire them in-house, which is more costly and will take more time. Hiring agencies can help, but they don’t guarantee the expertise level of the engineers. Same story with freelancers; even though there’s a lot of talent out there, you have no guarantee of result or its quality.

    What is the cost of hiring blockchain developers?

    The middle specialists’ rates start with $40 per hour. When you find a blockchain developer, it’s crucial to find out what level of expertise they have. For quick and high-quality results, we usually hire middle and senior experts. It’s also important to understand that the final price of your project depends on that level, the number of months we’re going to cooperate, and other factors. One of the perks of working with ProCoders is that the more months we work together, the lower the hourly rate becomes.

    What technologies do you use for blockchain development?

    We choose the most suitable tech stack depending on the needs of your project. Usually, for blockchain apps we use Solidity, Python, C++, and other programming languages.

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