How to Find and Hire Svelte JS Developers Successfully
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Any web developer trying to keep up to date with the current situation on the market has probably heard of Svelte. This is a relatively new representative of JS frameworks, which is starting to gain popularity due to its unique characteristics.

However, for executives, its appearance on the horizon is no less, if not more important, than for developers, since coding on Svelte can open up additional interface possibilities. The question is, how to find Svelte experts and hire them without any major concerns. This article is designed precisely to make the process of searching and hiring as painless as possible, so if you are interested, keep reading!

keep reading to know svelte developer hiring process

Who Are SvelteJS Developers?

SvelteJS emerged in 2018, which makes it one of the latest achievements in the software development industry, some may remember it being the most popular front-end framework in 2018, according to the State of JavaScript. Two years later, Svelte is the most satisfactory framework that to this day attracts web developers, if we compare Svelte vs. Vue vs. React vs. Angular.


However despite being the most interesting tool out there, Svelte gives in in terms of overall usage, which poses a serious question for anyone who wants to hire developers well-versed in Svelte: where to find Svelte developers, who are they? And since this skill is rather rare, how much does a Svelte developer cost to hire?

Let’s start ab ovo. SvelteJS developers are developers who are familiar and have previous experience with Svelte as the main front-end framework. But then again, since Svelte is still considered to be a new thing (two years, give or take) usually developers have background experience with other front-end frameworks, which broadens their area of expertise significantly.

The good news is, Svelte is incredibly easy to learn even for beginners, so the market is expecting an influx of specialists before long.

Skills, Roles and Responsibilities to Pay Attention for When Hiring Svelte Coders

When you hire SvelteJS developers, you expect them to have a satisfactory skillset to meet your requirements. What skills are they exactly?

Svelte is an unusual component-based framework (which the creator himself even refuses to call a framework) that acts more like a compiler. These components, however, are built on top of HTML, so naturally, a good Svelte coder has to know HTML.

And although Svelte makes it substantially easier, the way developers can manage styles (no more style collisions!), basic knowledge of CSS is imperative.

html vs css

All in all, you are looking for a programmer who:

  • knows HTML (gives structure to the page) and CSS (styles, colors, fonts, etc.)
  • knows how to make responsive and interactive elements using JavaScript
  • on top of that, has previous experience in Svelte
  • knows version control systems, how to track changes in the code and backup
  • can do cross-browser testing
  • is familiar with WPO (web performance optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization).

Piece of cake, right? The responsibilities of a Svelte programmer generally align with the responsibilities of a regular front-end developer. They:

  • optimize user experience
  • create a user-friendly interface (translate UI/UX design to code)
  • maintain and improve the website
  • fix possible bugs

What Do You Get When You Hire a Svelte Programmer?

Adding to your team a programmer who can code in Svelte is not just adding another good rank-and-file employee. Svelte makes it possible to code as flexibly and quickly as possible, which dramatically increases the speed of writing code and facilitates its integration with other services.

svelte experts works mem

Should you decide to hire Svelte engineers, you’ll get a well-designed responsive website and reduced time to market. The smaller bundle size of the framework makes any complex elements run in an elegant manner, making the website truly reactive. It will allow you not only to launch the project faster but also ensure its user-friendliness and guarantee a pleasant experience for your customers.

Tips on How to Successfully Hire Svelte Engineers

  • Not knowing things is okay. When you hire Svelte developer hiring process might seem dreadful, especially for non-technical CEOs. An abundance of technical jargon, the need to constantly think about selection criteria that you may not even really understand – all this leaves its mark and makes the process of finding a developer unpleasant to say the least.

    Do not hesitate and ask for help. Use the help of a friend who works as a developer or bring in coders from your company to assist in your search. If this does not work, it is better to hire a technical consultant who will help you create an adequate ad, a trial code, and help with interviews.
  • Squeeze the deadlines. Very often the hiring process stretches over time for completely incomprehensible reasons. The time between interviews can be up to a week, and if you take into account the number of candidates, the amount of lost time increases significantly.

    Generally, the problem lies in the lack of clearly defined responsibilities and streamline communication between the participants of the hiring process. We suggest delegating various steps to various employees to save time by handling separate tasks.
  • Take your time on code assessment. When you hire Svelte coders, you want them to be able to put your idea to life. That’s why we recommend giving them a code assessment that actually aligns with real problems they might experience while working on your project, and gives them a clear view of the scope of their responsibilities.

    Many non-technical CEOs give random code assessments when hiring, which destroys the very essence of the test task.
bad interview mem
  • Use your team. If you already have technical experts on your team, it’s a great idea to let them work with the candidate on the test code to assess how they fit into the team and whether their skills can complement those of your employees. This will allow you to see the big picture, to imagine a potential employee “in his natural habitat”, to understand how he works with your men.

How to Prepare for Interview during Svelte Developer Hiring Process

Hiring a frontend Svelte developer requires a multifaceted approach. You need to assess not only the candidate’s hard skills but also their soft skills: how they work in a team, whether they work under pressure, whether they can handle different levels of responsibility. Seeing the big picture may require more than one round of interviews.

Word the requirements for the position in advance so that you can clearly communicate them to the potential employee. We also advise preparing a list of questions in advance, even if you will not adhere to it 100% during the interview.

Creating a relaxed environment during the interview is key. When you hire a Svelte programmer it’s important to find a way to fit them into the team seamlessly, which is hard to do when they are stressed.

The rest of the process is no different from hiring any other front-end developer, so you could even use more common frontend developer interview questions to know, whether your candidate is professional or not.

Where Can You Successfully Find Svelte Developers?

Despite the age, the young community of Svelte developers is very active today, so you can find them on almost any website dedicated to finding software developers, like Upwork.

Alternatively, you can use a purposeful search in Linkedin or search among enthusiasts on thematic resources like GitHub.

To a great extent, the search place is determined by the form of hiring you’re to choose – whether it is a freelancer, an outstaffing company, or hiring through specialized agencies. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these forms below.

Svelte Developers for Hire by an Outstaffing Company


When you hire Svelte developers from outstaffing companies, you are hiring pre-selected specialists, which in a way is a guarantee of a high standard.

You do not need to search for specialists yourself. By bypassing this stage, you save not only time but also resources spent on a rigorous vetting process.

Find out How the Outstaffing Model Fits You

Developers in outstaffing companies tend to have broader work experience as well as higher work culture and ethics since they constantly work with other people and have to blend into different teams.

In a nutshell, an outstaffing company is a reliable and reputable partner that can offer developers and other IT specialists at any stage of the process.


Generally speaking, outstaffing companies tend to cost more than freelancers. That much is true given that they take care of the salaries, taxes, sick days, and other allowances. However, you can work around that and hire an offshore company with lower rates. For example, in Ukraine, offshore software developers rates is two or even three times lower than their American or European colleagues.

Find Svelte.js Developers on a Freelancing Platform


Freelancers are great for those people who are on a tight budget but still want to find Svelte.js developers. They are more affordable, there is a plethora of them on the job market and the process of hiring them is easier since there are no intermediaries.


But hiring freelancers take time – you have to carefully (and completely on your own!) weed out unsuitable candidates, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Even if you managed to find good freelancers, no one can guarantee their 100% reliability, as opposed to outstaffing companies, that act as an added layer of responsibility. In addition, you need to take serious NDA precautions to ensure the safety of your data.

nda mem

And for non-technical CEOs hiring freelancers by themselves might be a nightmare, since they have no clear requirements and don’t know the fine details of software development, therefore can’t assess the skills and quality of the code.

Find Svelte Experts by the Hiring Agencies


Just like outstaffing companies, hiring agencies rescue businesses from a meticulous vetting process. They usually have established contact with some developers in the labor market who may be suitable for your project. And by signing a contract, you can be sure that professionals will be engaged in the selection of personnel for your company.


But hiring agencies employ professional HRs, not professional developers. Therefore, you will not have technical advice, as well as an expert opinion on the feasibility/configuration of your project.

Hiring agencies also have a markup, so their services are higher in price, compared to freelancers.

5 Steps on How to Hire Svelte Developers

Step 1. Clear your vision

Enunciate for yourself what your project should be and what you want from it. Even if you don’t know the technical details, you still need to have a holistic vision of your project in your head, from the target audience to the color scheme of the design. It may change in the process, but for search purposes, you need some milestones and reference points.

At ProCoders we offer a unique opportunity to streamline your vision. We can start a Discovery Phase for your project, where we will assess the feasibleness and profitableness of your business idea. If you don’t know where to start, then Discovery Phase is a great first step that will allow you to take a sober look at the situation.

You may have never thought about such things in your life, and you can by accident miss important details, while we have worked with many companies, we know our business and will definitely focus your attention on the essentials!

Step 2. Decide on the means of hiring

Earlier, we mentioned three methods of searching and selecting the personnel: outstaffing companies, freelancer platforms, and special hiring agencies.

Each of these methods certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages that may be suitable specifically in your case, therefore, before you start looking for an employee, you need to decide how exactly you are going to look for him.

svelte developer cost to hire can differ, but don't prefer the cheapest one

There are plenty of Svelte developers for hire, and the sooner you decide on the form of recruitment, the better.

Step 3. Begin the selection process

…and take it seriously! In order to find the ideal candidate, you may need to conduct several interviews with different developers.

Don’t trust CVs and be sure to give a code assessment to understand if the developer’s skill level is suitable for your tasks. We remind you that the ideal test task should be as close as possible to what the coder will do if hired, reflect the full range of their responsibilities, and possibly involve your team members to understand how well they will work together.

Step 4. Get second opinion

If you do not have the ability to independently assess the level of skill, ask for an assessment from a third party – for example, by hiring a technical consultant. This is a great way out for those who are not very confident in the realm of technical jargon and are not versed in software development.

consultant mem

Also, actively communicate with your team while finding and recruiting a Svelte developer. You can invite them for interview sessions, give joint tasks, ask for their feedback. Thus, it will be easy to hire someone who will have an initial rapport with the team directly involved in the search and selection of an employee.

Step 5. Instructions and onboarding

Once you’ve been able to find Svelte.js developers who can enhance your team, the final step is to establish communication.

Proper onboarding is key, as it will quickly bring your new coder up to speed and will help seamlessly blend into the process. What should you talk to a coder about? Workflow, project management tools, codebase, current stage of your project, details of office and teamwork.

At the first stages, we recommend that you constantly keep in touch with the employee – through video calls or check-ups in messengers, you can even attach a mentor, who would help them adapt to the project and the new environment.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire SvelteJS Developers: Hourly Rate and Salary Comparison

Despite its growing popularity, Svelte isn’t the highest-paying framework yet, with the median salary in America being $62,520.

Of course, the price for developer services depends on many parameters. For example, the average hourly salary of a mid-level developer in the US is $61-80, while with the help of Eastern Europe software development outsourcing you can find a developer of the same level with a rate of $40. That is, you can hire a specialist of the same level either for a lower amount or for a longer period, which will have a positive effect on the development of your project.

Or let’s look at it from the other side: the average senior developer’ rate in North America is about $ 101-120, while in Eastern Europe it is $ 61-80. Now we have the opportunity to hire a senior from Eastern Europe for the same money, for which in America you can only afford a mid-level developer.

So, the location, or rather, the cost of living and doing business in the country, as well as saturation in the labor market, directly affects pricing.

In the American and European markets, there are not enough qualified specialists to adequately respond to demand, therefore, CEOs from the West have long been reaching for talented developers in Eastern Europe or Asia.

How to Hire Svelte Developers with ProCoders?

At ProCoders, we have been dedicated to extending our client teams with talented developers for many years. Due to our extremely advantageous position in one of the fastest-growing IT countries – Ukraine – we have unique access to a wide pool of talent, where we select only the best coders for our customers.

We have worked with websites and mobile applications, our clients represent a wide variety of industries, and therefore we can guarantee you that a seasoned specialist will work on your project, and will also be able to bring innovative ideas that will improve your business.

Let’s Check which Developer Fits You!

If after reading this article you decided to try developing with this framework and want to hire a Svelte programmer, you’ve come to the right place. Within 10-14 days we will be able to find you a specialist or a whole team of Svelt developers, and you can immediately start working.

If you are not sure yet what kind of tech stack is needed to implement your idea, you can schedule a consultation with our top specialists right now, and they will tell you in details everything you need to know.


The world of IT is constantly changing, new technologies, languages, and frameworks appear. And every time this shift occurs, managers need to retrain and adjust to the changing environment.

Svelte is one of the most recent breakthroughs in front-end frameworks, an absolutely unique technology that was immediately in demand. Statistics show that people are interested in Svelte, but moreover, this framework is the leader among the rest in terms of the satisfied/not satisfied ratio, overtaking even React and Angular.

But not everyone is well aware of how you can effectively and successfully hire a Svelte programmer to your team. And for this, you just need to determine the requirements for the project, conduct a thorough vetting process (or simply hire an outstaffing company!) with the involvement of your team, and constantly keep in touch with the newly arrived employee.

All these simple secrets of success will help your business get better, and the use of new advanced technologies is the key to dominating the market today.

If you need a Svelte developer to make your business dreams come true, we can help you. Thanks to our perennial presence on the market and wide expertise, we can find a perfect developer for you in no time, so contact us or schedule a consult!

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