How to Hire Tron Developers: a Complete Guide
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Tron has at least 570 decentralized apps built on it, encompassing industries such as gaming, gambling, exchange, finance, social, eCommerce, utilities, and more. This OS isn’t as popular as Ethereum, but this doesn’t mean it’s not growing or doesn’t have potential.

The platform offers superior speed, better safety, and low energy consumption, which is the base needed for a successful dApp. There’s one point missing, though, which is hiring skilled Tron developers that can make your idea come to life, helping you beat the competition and become one of the pioneers of the blockchain-based app world.

To hire Tron dApp developers, you have to know answers to the questions like “Why?”, “How?”, “How much?”, and others. Let ProCoders help you make an informed decision and succeed on the first try!

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Key takeaways:

  • You should hire a Tron programmer for your project due to the speed and affordability of the network.
  • The OS has lots of benefits, including dApp scalability, low transaction fees, availability, and more.
  • ProCoders can help you to create dApps, smart contracts, tokens, and other services within the network.
  • Hiring a dedicated team of Tron devs isn’t easy as you have to test and interview each candidate. Gladly, ProCoders can take all the checks off your shoulders.
  • Blockchain specialists can cost you $120K per year and more, but you can find skilled Trop dApp developers at cheaper costs without result quality loss.
  • By collaborating with ProCoders, you get process transparency, honest communication, outstanding skills of our developers, perfect results for your requirements, and more.

Why Should You Develop a dApp on Tron Network?

The blockchain networks are plenty, so it’s fair that you may wonder why choose Tron. Let’s see, while Ethereum is the leader when it comes to dApps with its vast community and Solidity language that is fairly convenient, Tron is more cost-efficient to use. Besides, its community is also increasing with the popularity of blockchain applications. ERC 20 and TRC 20 are some of the most popular token standards.

Also, compared to Ethereum, it doesn’t suffer from system overloads due to a large number of transactions taking place at once. But TVM is compatible with the Ethereum one, which allows for smart contract cross-use. Best of both worlds! And not to mention the comparison transactions per second: 25 vs 2,000!

tron blockchain developers make fast apps

As to Solana comparison, Tron is very similar to it in innovative approaches, although the former gets more attention nowadays. So, the latter is easier to promote your apps as there are fewer competitors. It’s also a highly available network with a higher level of decentralization and a better mechanism of reward distribution.

So, if you have an idea for a decentralized application in the entertainment or exchange industry and need a fast and affordable solution, Tron has to be on your list of blockchain-based operating system choices.

Benefits of Hiring Tron dApp Developers for Your Blockchain Project

Let’s open the chest of benefits hiring Tron dApp developers can bring to your project:

Single-point failure prevention.

Your data is decentralized, which means it’s impossible to tamper with it, also avoiding single-point failure.

Process automation.

Integrating a smart contract into your decentralized application means automating it, making it faster and more beneficial for every participant.

Secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Decentralized P2P payments ensure there are no mediums in your transactions, which also means no additional fees.


As Tron is a blockchain-based OS, it uses consensus protocol, maintaining decentralization and full transparency of processes.

Privacy maintenance.

No central authority can interfere with your private information; it’s protected and secure within the network.

Scalability of dApps.

When you develop a dApp, you ensure it can be easily scaled up to accommodate more users and other requirements of your business.

Multi-language support.

Tron adheres to Google Protobuf, which means it supports several programming languages, including Python, C and C++, and Java.

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So, the advantages are plenty, so it becomes clear why you should hire a Tron dApp developer for your next blockchain project. But what services will you get upon recruiting?

dApp Development Services You Get When You Hire Tron Developers

Here’s what you get when you hire cryptocurrency developers through ProCoders:

Tron dApp development.

Hire pro dedicated Tron developers for dApp development in any industry. From start to finish, our devs will maintain the quality and security of your future application.

Smart contract development.

Hire qualified dedicated developers for Tron projects using smart contracts. They will bring automation and speed to your apps.

eWallet and decentralized exchange development.

Find Tron developers for your dApp through ProCoders if you need secure wallet development with cryptocurrency exchange and trading features. We can also create a separate decentralized exchange platform based on the network.

API integration.

Hire a dedicated Tron development team to help your business launch a decentralized app with APIs, which there are a lot of.

Token development.

Hiring our Tron programmers for TRC 20 and TRC10 token development ensures reliability and security, as well as the functionality of the tokens in smart contracts.

Node setup.

Hire skilled blockchain developers in Tron for node setup to install and run nodes without mistakes.

There are more! You can contact us to find out if we have the service your business needs. We work with all business scales, from startups to enterprises!

Hire a dedicated Tron developer with ProCoders, and you won’t need to worry if this list has the services you will need for your project. We have a Discovery Phase where we make a deep dive into your business goals and dApp needs. As a result, you get all the estimates as to the budget, duration, and staff needed for the job.

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And we can guarantee you we will find those programmers for you in a pool of skilled specialists with adequate salary expectations.

Done with the services, let’s peek into the tools and tech our devs use for dApps. No complicated words, we promise!

Tron Tools and Technologies Used by Our Developers

The tech used by programmers is almost as important as their skills, so we can’t skip this topic. Here’s what we at ProCoders use:

Tron Station

An app that allows you to assess the energy consumption of the network for further dApp optimization.

Tron Web

A large JS library that helps implement smart contracts; has API features.

Tron Studio

An integrated development environment allowing developers to create Solidity smart contracts on TVM, eliminating bugs, compiling the programs, and deploying them.

Tron Box

Gathers and unites all smart contracts you use and makes finishing touches on your dApp.

Tron Grid

An API allowing programmers to get access to the network without the hassle of running the code.

Enough technicalities, though. Let’s discuss how to hire a dedicated team of Tron developers that will meet your expectations.

How to Hire Tron dApp Developers?

So, where to look for blockchain talent? How to make sure the candidate is suitable for the job and has practical experience?

And finally, why do we think that the outstaffing hiring model is the best? Here, we answer all these questions, helping you hire top-notch Trop dApp developers!

Where to find a vast pool of Tron developers?

We at ProCoders have found the holy grail in Central Europe. Countries such as Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, and others have outstanding talent pools. They’re not only fluent in blockchain app development, but also in English, which automatically removes communication issues.

Not to mention that these countries have lower prices, therefore the salary expectations aren’t as high as those of programmers from, say, the USA or the UK.

tron dapp developer salary

Workflow optimization is easy due to Zoom, Trello, and similar software, so you don’t even need to fly all the way to Croatia to meet your future developers. It’s a win-win situation.

How to test and interview Tron blockchain developers in order to choose the most skilled one(s)?

Here’s what we do when hiring blockchain Tron developers:

  • Search and filtering – we search for developers according to the stack needed, filtering out people not inclined towards long-term productive work.
  • Interview #1 – an introduction of the company to the candidate, discussion of their mindset, professional expectations, communication testing, etc.
  • Interview #2 – Interview with our technical team leads, assessment of candidates’ experience, salary estimates according to the expertise of the applicant, final impression. A practical test assignment is also an option to see if the words match the actual skills.
  • Interview #3 (optional) – if you choose, we can arrange an interview with the candidate where you or your tech team lead can ask questions.

What does this mean for you when you’re hiring developers with us?
It means that all the developers you will have an interview with have already passed 4 selection steps and match the requirements for 99.99%. The result – you save time and mental resources and choose the best from the best.

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What additional expertise Tron developers might have to bring real value to your project?

It’s never redundant to check if the person has experience with:

  • Web app development
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Framework knowledge, etc.

Also, you should never underestimate skills such as problem-solving, deadline-meeting, teamwork experience, and such.

How to hire Tron blockchain developers with an outstaffing engagement model?

Outstaffing is a universal hiring model that combines all the advantages of other ways to hire qualified Tron developers and minimizes risks.

To hire a dedicated team of top Tron devs (or, actually, any other, like hire Rust developers) through staff augmentation, you should first apply to our Discovery Phase. Our business analysts will work on your case and understand:

  • The goals of your business
  • The scale of the dApp needed
  • The budget you’ll have to invest without overpaying
  • The number of people you will need

With this data, we can work further on selecting the right staff for you, onboarding, NDA signing, and so on. Every step is aimed at establishing and maintaining the security and efficiency of our cooperation.

If you choose to, you can interview several people from the team of the sole developer (depending on the scale of your project), and start working in a short time.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Tron Programmers?

If you want to hire dedicated Tron developers locally in the United States or the UK, the hourly rates may reach $80-100 on average or up to $12K a month, depending on the level of qualification you need.

Central European countries can decrease the number by at least 20%, based on the monthly salary estimates provided below.

Dev level / CountryUSA (monthly)UK (monthly)Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, etc. (monthly)
Great English
Local if you’re from the UK
Great English
Perfect for remote
High level of business culture
Great soft skills
Adequate pricing
High qualification
Lengthy candidate search
Lengthy candidate search
Online communications mostly.
Possible miscommunications

By hiring Tron blockchain devs via ProCoders, you choose cost-efficiency, time-saving, and no losses in results quality. We select programmers carefully, interviewing and testing them to make sure they can deliver a high-quality dApp and properly communicate with our clients whenever needed.

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Besides, you have an option to interview our engineers yourself to ensure this is the right pick for you. Our main value is long-term collaboration, therefore customer satisfaction with the process and results is of the utmost priority.

What Do You Get When Hiring Tron Developers at ProCoders?

You get high-quality custom blockchain software that will help you stand out!

Finding expert Tron dApp developers through ProCoders is a good idea because we are different. We use the staff augmentation hiring model, which makes us better than freelance and job boards, HR agencies, and outsourcing companies.

Why? Because:

  • We handle all HR and administrative processes for you.
  • We select coders meticulously for each project, getting into details to ensure you get the best match.
  • We’re always involved in project development, from start to launch, and ready to provide additional resources whenever needed.
  • All our processes are as transparent as blockchain itself. We’re always honest and eager to provide our expertise so that you make informed choices.
  • We can provide one developer or a team of 25 professionals.
  • All coders sign NDAs, so none of your secrets will become public.

If this is something you’re looking for, we’re ready to discuss the terms of our fruitful cooperation.

F. A. Q. Here are the additional answers to the most popular questions at the moment.
What is the main reason for Tron’s massive smart contracts growth?

Why Tron? Because it’s cheaper, easily accessible, and highly decentralized. Why smart contracts? Because they are autonomous, secure, and very applicable for dApps of all industries, from gaming to healthcare.

Is Tron a good investment in 2022?

According to Binance, Tron is slowly growing. If slow and relatively steady is your cup of tea, then yes, it is definitely a good investment up until 2025.

What makes Tron different from Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Tron is faster and cheaper. These are the two main advantages of this network, and that’s why many businesses choose it for dApp release.

Is Tron better than Solana?

Both offer inexpensive transactions, speed, and security. Solana gets more attention and is more often chosen among investors nowadays. However, Tron is growing in popularity in its own segment, which is entertainment.

So, the choice depends on your needs.


Hiring professional Tron dApp developers is highly beneficial nowadays with the popularity of blockchain rising, which states a serious competitive challenge. The network offers affordable transaction fees, adequate security, high speed, and decentralization.

If you want to automate your processes or create a fast and protected product, this platform might be perfect for you. That being said, you need experts to work on your dApp if you want to succeed.

ProCoders’ developers have knowledge of the whole tech stack, as well as great soft skills, which makes them universal, suitable for almost any project. We’re choosing each coder carefully, paying attention to their experience, testing it in practice and during interviews, and matching you with people who share your business philosophy and have sufficient programming skills.

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