How to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer?
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The key gain Ruby offers to app development is saving time. On average, you can save about 30-40% with Ruby on Rails and build an app faster than other technologies. This makes Ruby on Rails a good choice for startups. Below, we share some tips and tricks on how to hire Ruby on Rails developers successfully and at reasonable rates.

RoR Programmers Roles and Responsibilities: What to Expect From RoR Coders?

An RoR developer is an expert programmer and software designer who primarily works with the Ruby programming language. Currently, there is a broad range of companies trying to hire RoR developers as a result of the platform’s flexibility and ability to help businesses meet their digital demands. Therefore, it’s best to learn more about this role and what you should expect from an experienced RoR developer.

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RoR Developers Roles

Ruby on Rail developers, like other programmers, can wear many hats. They will normally have good knowledge of both frontend and backend technologies, as well as database structure, design, and programming languages used by RoR frameworks. They also need to be able to work with a team of other coders in any given project. To know how to find Ruby on Rails developers, check out the various roles they may occupy in a team.


Testing is a critical component in any software development project. Ruby on Rails programmers should be familiar with automated testing tools and frameworks such as RSpec or Cucumber, as well as popular unit test frameworks such as Test:Unit or MiniTest.


RoR developers are involved in the entire application development cycle. They solve programming problems by writing code and creating programs using Ruby.

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RoR developers are full-stack programmers, so they may also participate in making design decisions pertaining to the web app frontend, including color scheme and layout. They may provide mockups to wireframe designs created by the UI/UX team. The design process requires close collaboration between both parties.

System Administrators

RoR developers should know how to install and configure software components that enable applications to run properly on an operating system.

RoR Developers Responsibilities

Despite RoR’s popularity as a programming framework, there are a lot of questions surrounding the responsibilities of a programmer working in that framework. If you are looking to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, you should find out their duties and tasks.

  • When you hire app developers to build web applications and services in the Rails framework, this involves writing code for the server-side and the client-side, as well as managing the database.
  • Applying their knowledge in object-oriented programming techniques, data structures, and algorithms
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  • Handling security issues and ensuring compliance with government regulations regarding user data privacy
  • Working with other members of the development team to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Running tests and ensuring that any bugs or erRoRs are corrected promptly.
  • Writing technical specification documents in order to describe how certain parts of the application should work and what will be required of them

RoR Developers Top Soft and Hard Skills

The demand for RoR developers is exceptionally high. Who are these developers, what skills do they have and what sort of companies are looking to hire Ruby on Rails developer?

  • In addition to HTML, they must have a good knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and XML for creating user interfaces for the web app.
  • A Rails developer should have good knowledge of all major databases available today for storing data for web applications.
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  • Strong knowledge of MVC architecture. This enables the developer to create efficient applications by using a robust backend. The developer needs to understand the various layers of MVC and how each layer interacts with one another.
  • An RoR developer should also have a working knowledge of general computer science topics such as data structures and algorithms, network protocols, and design patterns.
  • Good communication skills are required to communicate problems and document solutions to these problems effectively
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  • The job of an RoR developer requires them to work with little or no supervision, which means that they must have self-motivation.
  • A successful RoR developer, especially a senior, needs strong leadership abilities so that he or she can work well with a team of people toward a common goal.
  • Software developers need to be able to analyze problems, determine what information is needed to solve the problem, and then have the ability to solve it.

Reasons to Hire RoR Experts: What Made RoR Up to Date

Ruby on Rails experts have proven expertise in solving complex business problems using the framework. They know how to leverage its features to build robust web applications having all required functionalities with enhanced user experience and easy maintenance characteristics.

  • For startups, RoR can help you build prototypes and MVPs quickly. Hiring Ruby on Rails developers who are skilled allows you to build and launch your product much faster than it would take you if you were using other technologies. This is because RoR was specifically built for speed and flexibility.
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  • RoR seems to be tailor-made for e-commerce. Ruby on Rails for hire developers are great for developing e-commerce solutions that meet the needs of multi-channel and retail businesses effectively. There are numerous gems available that help to simplify processes like queuing jobs or sending emails, as well as some that make it easier for you to accept payments online.
  • RoR is one of the most cost-effective frameworks in the industry. Not only does it allow you to build your product quickly, but it also helps save money by reducing your IT costs over time. This is partly because it allows you to leverage cloud services, which can reduce server maintenance costs significantly.
  • RoR offers a wide variety of features that make it easy for developers to work with them. These features include, among others, modularity, flexibility, consistency, and portability. With the help of these features, the developer gets a chance to take advantage of some ready made solutions that are readily available and easily usable. This ultimately benefits your project.
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  • RoR is an agile programming language that makes it easy to build applications that scale well with the changes in your business. The programming language is particularly suited for startups who are looking for a scalable platform for their idea or product. It is created keeping in mind the needs of startups and thus provides the flexibility to modify code as you go along!

When RoR is a Good Choice: Top 5 Use Cases

RoR is a common choice for developing web applications because you can launch your application or a website quickly and with minimal code. So you can test your app, while your competitors are still in the process of developing it. In addition, the framework has out-of-the-box support for things like caching and authentication. This section provides five examples of when RoR is a good solution to a problem you might be trying to solve.

eCommerce Projects

RoR is a very stable framework, and it has been used by many high-traffic websites. It comes with all the required features that are necessary for e-commerce development, such as search engine optimization, integration of social media, caching, data security options, and more. Shopify is an example of a popular e-commerce platform that uses RoR.

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Social Networking Apps

If you are interested in building a social networking site then Rails can be a good choice. With it, you don’t need to worry about the infrastructure, as Rails already includes all the required features for developing and running a scalable web application. Designers at Dribbble, a social networking site built for designers use RoR in developing the app.

Project Management

As stated on the popular project management platform’s website, “Ruby on Rails is the heart and soul of Basecamp.” RoR has proven to be a great framework to build web-based project collaboration software that runs without fail in a startup such as Basecamp.


The flexibility of RoR allows developers to build custom-tailored solutions that can be adapted easily as the needs of their clients change over time. So it’s not hard to see why MyFitnessPal’s website and app are both built on RoR. RoR is also a perfect technology choice for any web-based application that has to work in a real-time and dynamic environment.


RoR is a powerful framework that can be used for many things, including entertainment sites such as Hulu. The code is easy to read and modify, therefore, the developers can continuously improve their apps and add new features to them in a timely fashion.

Where to Find RoR Programmers?

If you are looking for a RoR programmer, you have three options: local, offshore, or a hybrid model. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the right option for you depends on the specifics of your project.


To hire Ruby programmer with the local option is the most expensive, but it offers you access to programmers who can be in the same room as your team. The drawback is that wages are higher and there is no guarantee that you will find Rails developers who can start immediately. It might take some time to find, to motivate, and to compete for them with enterprise and global companies.


The offshore option to hire Ruby on Rails programmer is less expensive and it allows programmers to work remotely. This is not an exception – mobile app developer hourly rates, for example, will also be very different in Central Europe and in the US or in West Europe. However, hidden costs and time for the management process can destroy a positive effect from offshoring developers. You also need to consider the time difference if you want to work in real-time mode with remote developers from other time zones. Though, due to our experience, the time difference of about +7 hours or less is convenient to build an effective work process.

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In ProCoders, we pay a lot of attention to fast workflow, developers’ hard skills to guarantee a gain from our staff augmentation services. The Time zone in Central Europe is GMT+1, and we can accord a convenient worktime for you.


The hybrid model is the best of both worlds when it comes to finding Ruby on Rails developers for hire; it combines the best of both global and local models into one solution. You can hire remote developers who can also work with your team when needed.

This option is cost-effective and ensures excellent communication between team members and your programmer. It often comes in the form of staff augmentation, another service offered by ProCoders to help development teams quickly fill gaps in their team.

How to Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer With a Top Interview to Offer Ratio?

Many businesses require a professional Ruby on Rails developer to fulfill their business needs. For those companies, we have developed the following steps to hire devoted Ruby on Rails developers. With the right hiring process, you can bring in some rock stars and have them work like pros to help you build an awesome software product! Here are the steps you can use for your hiring process:

Determine Your Business Needs

The first step to success is defining your needs, goals and requirements before going out and looking for your dream team. You need to understand what kind of developers you need — whether they should be experienced or junior professionals. This will enable you to set a clear scope for your project and determine how to assemble your team of developers.

Define Key Expertise Required For Your Project

To hire Ruby developers and build a team, you need to know how to evaluate the candidates’ competencies and match them with your business needs. Apart from technical skills, there are some other factors that you should look for in a developer. This also includes his ability to communicate with clients and colleagues as well as his problem-solving and time management skills.

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Test Task Should be Relevant to the Current Project

As a rule, it is best to hire a Ruby on Rails developer who has already worked with projects similar to yours. Ruby on Rails developers usually have different levels of expertise, so prepare several assignment levels and choose one based on the candidates’ resumes and how it relates to the project at hand. Evaluate code architecture, coding style, code quality, coding conventions, coding guidelines, maintainability and scalability of every candidate.

Get Ready With Interview Questions

When you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers, it is important to be able to distinguish from solid developers and those who are not. Well, you can make it easier by following certain guidelines for the interviewing process. The key is to find developers for startups who are the right fit for your company culture and the project. Some developers are good at one thing and terrible at others — in general, you want a developer who’s competent across the board.

12 Revealing Ruby on Rails Interview Questions to Ask During the RoR Developer Hire Process

There are three important skills to test for during the interview process to ensure that you are hiring the best developers who will contribute to your project and add meaningful value. These include communication skills, architectural design skills, and problem solving skills. So, if you are looking to hire a developer, tailor interview questions according to these top three skill categories.

Communication skills

  • How have you handled criticism in the past?
  • What do you aim to gain from a brainstorming session?
  • How do you document your work?
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Architectural design skills

  • How does ORM (Object-Relationship-Model) work in Rails?
  • What is the difference between Observers and Callbacks in Rails?
  • What are the differences between dynamic scaffolding and static scaffolding?

Problem solving skills

  • What are five things you can conveniently achieve with Rails Controller?
  • What are the top three limitations of Ruby on Rails?
  • How do you get around the limitations of Ruby on Rails?
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Note: hire contributors, not coders

Besides skills related to coding, you must ensure that you hire has the right mindset to succeed in your project. The following questions will help you to determine that.

  • Your most powerful achievement in professional life you’re proud of?
  • What motivates you to get up in the morning?
  • Do your dreams usually come true?

All ProCoders’ developers are required to pass a similar assessment before they are hired or added to a client’s project. Therefore, when hiring developers or assembling a team through ProCoders, you can rest assured that you are getting top-skilled developers

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a RoR Developer?

With the recent emergence of strong players in the RoR framework, a lot of companies are now considering it as an option over more mainstream programming technologies. If you’re planning to hire Ruby developers via augmentation here is what you need to know about the cost. Basically, rates vary according to the level of experience you require of developers.

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In addition, the rates and salary estimates given below do not amount for the total expenses for a RoR project, which may include cost considerations for equipment, additional staff, office space, etc., especially if you rely on an in-house team. However, outstaffing to a service such as ProCoders helps bring down the cost considerably.

Ruby on Rails Developer Hourly rates 2022

CountryOverall Average Rates
Central Europe $38
United States $75
United Kingdom $70

Total RoR Developer Costs Per Year

Central Europe $45.000$78.800$100.800
United States $70,853$110,379$125,928
United Kingdom $66,149$104,627$120,686

Find and Hire Top RoR Developers with ProCoders

We understand that your goal as a business owner is to hire Rails developers who are top talents. If you want to find and hire Rails developer, you need to come to ProCoders! We have a pool of ready-to-start RoR developers with experience on remote projects and deep expertise. With ProCoders, you can hire talents, not staff and they will join your project in 2-6 weeks or faster.

Offshore Development Models: Choose The Best to Suit Your Project?

The two main development offshoring models are outsourcing and outstaffing. When you outsource app development, you hand over your entire project to a development company. This does not allow enough flexibility, and there might be communication issues due to the silos created via the model.

On the other hand, outstaffing is more flexible and scalable, allowing you to augment your current staff with professionals and experts from another company. Some companies use freelancers, while others use outstaffing agencies, which are more recommended due to the stability they offer.

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Find the helping hand at ProCoders!

At ProCoders, the predominant model is the outstaffing approach, by which we provide staff augmentation services to startups. This may include individual developers or assembling a dedicated team.

How Long Does it Take to Hire RoR Developers?

This time can vary, depending on the requirements and quantity of the developers, though it’s much less, that 6-12 months. However, at ProCoders we can close your task in 2 to 6 weeks because of the expert team at our disposal.

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Companies can waste time finding the right fit of developers for their projects. This is especially a problem of startups since they have to be focused on rapid development pace and a fast time-to-market. This is why many startups turn to software development houses. How long does it take to hire ruby on rails developers?

F. A. Q.
Is Ruby on Rails still relevant in 2022?

Yes, it’s still relevant and demanded. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that’s been around since 2004 and is still going strong. It’s easy to use, fast, scalable, and comes with a ton of functionality right out of the box. Touted as conceptual simplicity, a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools, and a high level of professionalism among its users, it has become one of the most popular languages for startups and e-commerce projects.

How is offshore RoR development the best way?

Offshore Ruby on Rails development is an attractive alternative to startups as well as small and medium scale businesses (SMBs). Particularly, compared to other software development options like building a custom solution from scratch, offshoring this kind of project can result in big cost savings for your business. However, offshoring is not just about lower costs. It’s also the best way to deliver high-quality Ruby on Rails development.

How fast can I augment my team with 5-10 RoR developers?

Hiring is always a time-consuming and expensive process. Getting the right person can take weeks, even months. ProCoders offers freelance Ruby on Rails developers to augment your team with 5-10 new members in 2-8 weeks or less. The Ruby on Rails developers we provide are experienced and will not require any ramp-up time. They will hit the ground running. Our developers have experience working in teams and are ready to become productive members of your team immediately.


Ruby on Rails is a perfect framework for startups. It helps to save both time and money on the development process, as compared to other potential options. It also offers a really easy programming paradigm and gives a great deal of flexibility to developers.

To be faster than your competitors, you can use oustaffing and

to hire RoR developers. Central Europe is rich in talent and open to cooperation worldwide. To hire Ruby developers for your next RoR projects, ProCoders is your go-to offshore company to handle all the dealings for you.

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