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At ProCoders, we go beyond generic software development; we craft tools that catalyze growth, enhance efficiency, and streamline processes in every industry. We help our partners evolve, growing alongside every step of the way.

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    The automotive industry demands advanced web and app development for enhanced manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer experience. ProCoders delivers specialized solutions that cover the unique needs of the automotive sector.

    Automotive Development Services ProCoders Offer


    Digital solutions like eLearning platforms and management software play a pivotal role in enriching learning experiences and streamlining administrative tasks. ProCoders specializes in creating intuitive and impactful educational software to modernize educational institutions.

    Education Development Services ProCoders Offer


    Industry Case: Quartz Network

    Quartz Network’s ambitious vision for a multifaceted B2B platform was brought to life by ProCoders. This innovative web application combined professional networking, an extensive educational library, and virtual conference capabilities alongside a sophisticated matching system. 

    ProCoders met the challenge with a rapid, efficient response, assembling a skilled team to develop a complex full-stack solution. Key features included an administrative panel, educational course database, professional matching systems, integrated payment options, and optimized user interaction. The success of Quartz Network, especially in hosting numerous courses and online conferences, highlights ProCoders’ expertise in transforming visionary ideas into market-leading solutions.


    The financial services industry requires sophisticated and secure software to manage transactions, data, and customer needs. ProCoders delivers fintech solutions that are not only secure and compliant but also user-friendly and innovative, catering to the evolving demands of the sector.

    Finance Development Services ProCoders Offer


    The healthcare industry requires robust and secure digital solutions to enhance patient care and manage healthcare data efficiently. ProCoders excels in developing software that improves patient management, streamlines electronic records, and uses data analytics for better health outcomes.

    Healthcare Development Services ProCoders Offer

    case study avanto care

    Industry Case: Avanto Care

    Avanto Care, an eHealth technology startup, partnered with ProCoders to revolutionize elderly care in Sweden. Facing the challenge of enhancing their platform with IoT capabilities, health tracker integration, and data visualization for risk management, Avanto Care required a partner skilled in both design and technical innovation.

    ProCoders stepped in to scale up the product development process efficiently. Our full-stack developers and UX/UI designers collaborated closely with Avanto Care’s team to transform their vision into a multi-functional SaaS platform.

    This collaboration resulted in a comprehensive eHealth solution that includes advanced features like GDPR and HSLF-FS-compliant cloud infrastructure, user-friendly interfaces, and a scalable codebase, all tailored to the needs of municipalities caring for the elderly. The success of this project not only saved Avanto Care valuable hiring time but also positioned them to attract new clients and make a significant impact at major eHealth trade shows in Sweden.

    Law and Legal

    In the law and legal industry, efficient case management and adherence to compliance are key. ProCoders offers tailored software solutions that streamline legal processes, enhance document management, and ensure regulatory compliance, thus supporting law firms and legal departments in their digital transformation.

    Law and Legal Development Services ProCoders Offer


    In the logistics sector, efficient operations are critical. ProCoders develops advanced software solutions that optimize supply chain management, enhance fleet operations, and improve route planning. Our tools are designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of logistics services.

    Logistics Development Services ProCoders Offer

    sdcn on mac

    Industry Case: SDCN

    SameDay Courier Network (SDCN), a leading transport trading exchange platform, faced the challenge of modernizing its tech infrastructure to enhance mobile reservation capabilities. With the need to migrate from Laravel 5 to Laravel 7 and incorporate a suite of new functionalities for members, SDCN turned to ProCoders for a solution. Facing high consulting costs in the UK, SDCN found ProCoders’ services an ideal fit. 

    Our team not only seamlessly migrated their backend but also implemented new features like live availability for haulers, online invoicing and payment processing, and detailed load reservation options, including special requirements like refrigerated trucks. This collaboration resulted in a more efficient booking process, faster payments, and an overall increase in customer satisfaction. The flexibility of ProCoders’ approach, allowing for prioritization and budget-friendly development, has transformed SDCN’s administrative processes, making them more productive and poised for further business expansion.


    The manufacturing industry demands precision, efficiency, and continuous innovation. ProCoders caters to these needs with specialized software solutions for manufacturing execution, inventory management, and supply chain integration, helping manufacturers maintain quality and efficiency in their processes.

    Manufacturing Development Services ProCoders Offer

    Real Estate

    The real estate industry benefits significantly from tailored software solutions that streamline property management and enhance marketing efforts. ProCoders specializes in developing innovative real estate software, from MLS integration to immersive virtual tours.

    Real Estate Development Services ProCoders Offer

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    Industry Case: Nordic Real Estate Product

    When a Nordic real estate company faced delivery challenges with their slow-performing team, ProCoders stepped in to revitalize their project. Our solution involved providing a dedicated Team as a Service, comprising top-tier developers who efficiently managed the development of a tech-driven property management platform. 

    Key features of this collaboration included automated contract generation compliant with Nordic laws, enhanced property management tools, and user-friendly interfaces for landlords and tenants. This partnership resulted in a significantly improved platform, now effectively used by thousands of landlords, streamlining real estate management and contract processes in the Nordic countries.


    In the fast-paced retail sector, digital innovation drives success. ProCoders delivers comprehensive retail software solutions, from e-commerce platforms to advanced analytics tools, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining operations.

    Retail Development Services ProCoders Offer

    Why Choose ProCoders?

    Our team crafts software that’s finely tuned to your industry’s challenges, backed by comprehensive support and transparent collaboration.

    01. Industry-Specific Expertise

    Our solutions offer strategic alignment with your industry’s trends and challenges. We ensure that our software not only meets technical standards but also drives your business forward.

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    02. Full Tech Support

    From inception to beyond deployment, we offer ongoing support and maintenance. This commitment guarantees software that performs seamlessly and adapts to your changing business needs.

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    03. Transparent Processes

    Rooted in trust and clear communication, our process is transparent at every stage. We keep you involved and informed, ensuring the final product aligns with your expectations and requirements.

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    What Our Partners Say

    Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint
    Brian Herbert
    CTO at Quartz Network

    “ProCoders offers project management experience but we chose to handle this in house. The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand holding and are very proactive in solving problems.”

    Andrew McCloy - CTO at HANDLE
    Andrew McCloy
    CTO & Co-founder of HANDLE Global

    “Not only have the developers helped up bring the product to market, but also to improve performance and introduce new technologies that fit our desired goals. Their team is completely integrated with our team. I find the willingness to discuss issues and bring new technologies to the table the most impressive aspect of the team we work with.”

    avatar icon
    Inventory Software Dev
    Roth River

    “Their speed, ability to get the concepts and translate into working code was super impressive. They are always open to talk through your ideas, even if they are very early in development.”

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