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ProCoders is an IT outstaffing company

with a team of over 100 software engineers working in a collaborative environment with one mission - to deliver the best IT teams to our partners

We build tailor-made teams to help you get ahead of the game!

We hire the best software engineers in Central Europe, everyone speaks English, is highly experienced, and is a pro in their field. Our passion is to build outstanding development teams to solve a specific task or set up R&D for a client’s technical leader. As an outstaffing company, ProCoders offers flexible solutions for you to build a team for your project from scratch, as well as IT staff augmentation.

We work in lockstep with our clients to ensure information accuracy, consistency, and punctuality which brings us both to success.

Find software engineers who suit your challenges:

Top IT outstaffing company by Leading Online Media & B2B Research platforms.

Ranked 22nd globally on Clutch among Staff Augmentation Companies

Awarded for having a 100% job success rate for a minimum of 13 of the last 16 weeks and maintained as long as the job success rate does not fall below 89% over a 4 week period

Top Web Development Companies Awarded based on Clutch’s review of the best web development companies in Ukraine

Clients say we deliver on Clutch
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"They quickly understood our requirements and could explain the technical and project management approach."
Chief Revenue Officer, Highline Technologies Inc.
Verified Review
"If something needed to be changed, they would quickly grasp that and execute it, rather than resist changes."
Founder, Beyond Sky
Verified Review
"We feel and witness having a partner that genuinely cares for our projects' quality."
CEO, Online Payment Processor
Verified Review
"I truly respect and enjoy the responsiveness and positive engagement from the ProCoders team."
CEO & Founder, Networking Startup Platform
Verified Review
"It was very easy to work with them."
CEO, Agile SEO
Verified Review
"The design style was amazing and they really nailed our brief."
Head of Digital, Vetz Petz
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Interview the engineers personally!
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ProCoders’ specialists have worked on more than 150 start-up projects

The ProCoders team has proven experience with start-ups. We’ve seen the successes and failures, so before you start your project we are able to analyze the potential problems that start-ups face and prevent the failures they can cause. Having this experience, we help you overcome the «survivorship bias» when researching and building a dedicated team for your project. ProCoders’ experience and technical expertise help give your start-up the best chance of success.

Be first to market with high-quality software delivered properly and conveniently by an outstaffed team.

Discovery phase to assess architectural risks before we start

Defining the key team players to work alongside with a client's technical manager

We make sure that your dedicated team gets off to the right start

We are the troubleshooters for your tech challenges!

During the Discovery, our team will analyze and point out all the potential obstacles and pain points that your engineering team is likely to meet, and give advice on how to properly correct and prevent all of them. Our dedicated developers would also be happy to help you correct any problems being a part of your team. Achieve market leadership by taking advantage of our staff augmentation services and achieve your business goals, because every tech team must be empowered with top engineering talents!

Heavily long or too expensive hiring process

Juniors with no practical skills or tech education

Top IT talents are already hired by giant companies

Senior developers want to be treated like princesses

Why ProCoders' approach is different?

  • Before we suggest a dedicated team composition, we thoroughly research your project and dive deeply into details
  • We make sure that the right talent is joining the team, concerning their tech qualifications, soft skills, and a kind of character
  • We minimize bureaucratic procedures because we value relationships with people first
  • We personally invest in the clients’ businesses by supporting their additional needs while we have resources available
  • Independent expertise in business development, UI/UX design, mobile & web engineering

ProCoders grows daily. Our partners grow with us!

IT team augmentation with ProCoders:

  • Your brilliant idea
  • Research phase
  • Proof of concept
  • Improving product & processes
  • Roll out to customers
  • Gain profit

Our work process

Share your needs and goals
Interview & Check developers
Onboard your remote team
Deliver an excellent product & support

Hi there!
I have a project to build but I don't have experienced developers to handle it locally.

Can you guys give me a ballpark estimate how much would it cost?

George George

Hello! We can do something even better: Research your project, create prototypes and assemble a team for you.

You can use our online calculator or let's schedule a call to have more details!

Learn more about our developers’ availability

Every language, every platform, every framework. No matter what your website needs, our wide range of expertise makes it easy to find and hire the right developer. When it comes to professional, outsourced programming, we speak your language.

Keypoints with ProCoders

01. Experienced

We have the experience to build your project and we can help if you need advice. With hundreds of projects behind us, over the past 10 years we have built-up an understanding of how different industries work.

Keypoints with ProCoders

02. Trusted

We are a trusted and reliable business partner. Startups and businesses from the US, UK, EU, and a dozen other countries have trusted us to develop and grow their projects.

Keypoints with ProCoders

03. Open

We tell it like it is. Nobody’s perfect, but we will admit when we’re wrong and tell you as soon as there is a problem.

Keypoints with ProCoders

04. Diligence

We are proud of every project we have worked on. We make sure to do the work properly, and we will always stand by everything we do.

Keypoints with ProCoders

05. People First

We carefully choose talented individuals for our team. Using our large database of professionals with great reputations allows you to find the right staff quickly.

Our Partners in different industry verticals:

Software as a Service

Over the last 10 years, ProCoders has been a staff augmentation supplier for more than 20 Software as a Service businesses and tech startups. We responsibly believe that the business that gain traction through their software must have an engineering team consisting of outstanding tech talents. ProCoders supports SaaS businesses at every stage – research, UI/UX prototyping, software development and live app maintenance.

  • Complex API integration
  • Leveraging DBs with large volumes of data

Logistics is so much more than just delivering a box from one door to another, it also has a wide range of use-cases within the company. For example, taking care of your inventories and managing resources. Supporting companies in this industry has become another prolific direction for us, and now we can say with confidence that our developers have become skilled in creating in-demand and relevant applications. 

  • Internal inventory management system
  • Strong security protocols 
Internet of Things

Sensors, Data, Cloud infrastructure, Visualization – ProCoders’ engineering teams have gained solid expertise in data orchestration, processing and transferring to the UI. Our developers have worked on different IoT projects, from small mobile apps for growing plants to robust warehouse systems for barrel management.

  • Mobile applications for IoT built with Ionic or React Native
  • Big data processing for complex analytics
  • Data visualization on custom-built dashboards for different user roles
Social Network/eLearning

Online education is in big demand in this unpredictable and challenging world. Our developers has been a part of the engineering teams to create disruptive web platforms for networking, webinars and online classes. Utilizing the modern technology stack as Node.js, React.js and AWS allows our tech talents to produce great results and properly support live platforms.

  • Clear implementation of business logic for process participants
  • Subscription level systems with Stripe or PayPal
  • Schedule synchronization

Engaging the audience with the help of websites and apps is one of the most prominent and successful strategies for businesses in retail. We believe that a well-built application can help not only establish a new form of interaction, but also earn consumers’ trust, optimize business processes and collect valuable data. Smooth, fast and simple. Our highly qualified seasoned developers have already helped a large number of retail companies, and will take care of you.

  • A user-friendly payment system within the app
  • Social features for users to share their experience and leave reviews
  • Data processing 
Get ahead of the market by crafting disruptive applications with tech experts dedicated by ProCoders.
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