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As one of the most popular business models, outsourcing is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the changing requirements of businesses around the world. As a result of such changes, today it is customary to distinguish subspecies of outsourcing development, such as nearshoring and offshoring.

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    What is a nearshore development center?

    Nearshoring retains a process similar to outsourcing, delegating software development to a specialized firm, the only difference is location. Unlike offshoring, nearshoring is the assignment of a project to a nearshore software development firm that is geographically closer to the customer.


    Companies that choose a nearshore software development model like we offer here at ProCoders find it easier to connect with programmers who have similar business ethics and are ready to work alongside their in-house personnel.

    Nearshoring services allow you to optimize software development, because employees are not scattered across different time zones. More joint hours of work means more efficiency and productivity of all team members.


    A nearshore development center is a service provider that has a close to your own time zone, a nearby operational center, and combines the best of both worlds for your ultimate customer experience. In some cases, using the services of a company when looking for nearshore software development turns out to be more beneficial due to the savings in time and human resources.

    What are the benefits of hiring a nearshore development team?

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    Geographical proximity

    Using nearshore software development services allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of geographic proximity. You and your subcontractors are one short flight away! No time-lag issues with your extended team makes it much easier to monitor the development stages and allows you to make changes without delays.

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    Better communication

    Nearshoring gives an opportunity to work with coders from similar cultures who share your business values. By hiring a close-minded programmer from a nearshore software development company, you get a specialist who is most likely to seamlessly integrate with your in-house employees.

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    Economic efficiency

    Nearshore product development is sometimes used by companies to reduce the costs associated with hiring from onshore companies. You can use the difference in taxation and developer salaries to save money and put it in a more productive direction.

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    Extended talent pool

    By going beyond the borders of your country, you get access to a wide pool of talented developers. This is especially true for developed countries, where the demand for coders is so high it can be very difficult to find a seasoned developer. In neighbouring countries, the situation on the labour market may be completely different and you will be able to hire the necessary specialist through a software development agency without any problems!

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    Diversity in business culture

    In some cases, nearshoring can be inferior to offshoring, especially when it comes to different business cultures and systems of work. For example, the US companies may face a difference in mentality and language barrier nearshoring to Argentina. Overcoming those issues might not be cost-effective and can slow down the development process. Thus, the countries of North America are more likely to benefit from offshoring to European countries that are closer in terms of business culture than to other destinations.

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    Staff Augmentation

    The staff augmentation model is great for teams that are missing a puzzle piece to consolidate their staffing resources. Our main goal is to help you find the missing link quickly and efficiently. Within a few days from the interview, we match you with an experienced and talented developer who fits the bill perfectly.

    Don’t waste time and money on searching, recruiting, training, and onboarding a freelancer or a new staff member – by working with ProCoders you will get the maximum result with the minimum drain on resources.

    Expand your in-house personnel with the right specialist and you will feel the difference we made to your business!

    Our rock-stars are hands-on with 50 more Ruby, PHP and JavaScript – based tools and libraries. What stack do you use?

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    Self-Managed Dedicated Team (SMDT)

    An SMDT works as a self-sufficient unit of several programmers who work under your control with all operational tasks managed by teams’ own Project Manager. With ProCoders, you will get flexible software engineers with skills tailored to your specific needs that will work with you from the start to the very end of the project and deliver tangible results. From front-end to back-end, UI/UX or QA, any tech stack you need – we got it!

    The SMDT model works best after the Discovery Phase that we offer our clients to do. After a thorough analysis we can assemble the perfect team based on your specific requirements.

    Create your own dream team in almost no time and dominate the industry!

    How ProCoders differ?

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    Direct communication

    Manage your nearshore software developers directly to get maximum transparency. After signing the contract our developers become your developers, that way you can control their performance and streamline the development process. You can easily get in touch with our programmers and learn about their progress on a particular task. We even included the condition of a response within half an hour in the contract so that you can be sure of our developers.

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    Service is our superpower

    Here at ProCoders we pride ourselves on matching our clients with the most capable coders. All our coders undergo rigorous skill testing (both hard and soft skills) so we are 100% sure they are up to a challenge. All our developers are a full-fledged part of the team, have participated in more than one project and have proven themselves well. We guarantee that we can find you a proper seasoned specialist to help achieve your business goals.

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    Complex project support

    Your success is our success. That’s why we dive deep into each project and instead of blindly selling the most expensive services, try to find out who and what the project really needs. We want to help our clients succeed, which is why we build trust and share our technical expertise from the start. Our developers are not only well versed in languages and technologies but also work in Agile, maximizing the efficiency of their workflow.

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    Business ethics

    Thanks to long-term work with companies from different countries, industries, and backgrounds, our software engineers have a unique experience of integrating into almost any team and bringing their expertise to the table. We hire people who are sociable, hardworking, able to work with other employees and at the same time have enough initiative to offer unique solutions for your projects.

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    Where can you find us?

    Thanks to a wide network of offices and spaces, we’re able to cover almost all of Europe. From Portugal to Croatia and Albania, ProCoders programmers are ready to start delivering results for clients all over the world!

    What our clients say about us

    Over the years, we have been a software development partner to many companies in different industries and helped them realize their business goals. You can see the top-notch quality of our services by reading their reviews!

    Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint

    ProCoders offers project management experience but we chose to handle this in-house. The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand-holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

    Brian Herbert
    CTO, Manufacturer & Distribution Software Provider
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    Nearshore Software Development for Frontegg

    One of the most successful cases of nearshoring that we would like to share is software development for our clients – Israel-based SaaS company Frontegg. Frontegg’s local team was very small and could not quickly and efficiently implement the unique idea that the CEO and CTO had developed, and the recruitment rules in Israel seemed too complicated and expensive due to taxes.

    At ProCoders we were able to assemble a small nearshoring development team of English-speaking coders in mere two weeks.

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