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Does your team have skill gaps in application development and maintenance? Fill talent gaps ASAP to make sure you release your product on time! In the last 10 years, ProCoders has provided more than 150 dedicated engineering teams to partners all over the world. Our staff augmentation process enables you to find the right people for your tech stack needs; not just coders, but high-quality IT talent in the field.

What IT talent are you looking for?

    Why IT Outstaffing Services?

    The outstaffing model is the best approach if you’re looking to complement your team in any industry with missing specialists quickly and hassle-free. Don’t waste time interviewing, hiring, and training a software engineer or teaching junior employees how to code. Instead, use ProCoders’ affordable IT staff augmentation services.

    Here, you can hire specialists from our team either on a short-term or long-term basis. Plus, cut recruiting fees by up to 99%. As a technical outstaffing provider, we value:

    Access to Specialized Skills

    Augmentation provides direct access to highly specialized skills and expertise, allowing companies to tackle complex projects with precision and advanced knowledge not readily available in-house.

    Cost Efficiency

    By supplementing your team with external experts only when needed, you can significantly reduce overhead costs associated with full-time employment, such as benefits and long-term payroll expenses.


    Staff augmentation enables rapid scaling of team capabilities, speeding up project timelines by adding skilled resources that can hit the ground running without the delays of traditional hiring processes.

    Fresh Perspective

    Bringing in external professionals can introduce new ideas and innovative approaches to problem-solving, injecting fresh perspectives that can enhance project outcomes and drive innovation.


    IT staff augmentation offers the flexibility to quickly scale your workforce up or down based on project demands, ensuring that you always have the right number of hands on deck without overcommitting resources.

    Reduced Risk

    Augmenting your staff with temporary external experts minimizes employment risks associated with permanent hires, such as long-term financial commitments and the complexities of downsizing if needs change.

    Find out how our Staff Augmentation Consulting Services IT suit your business:


    When you work with us, you get Pros. Not just Coders.

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    Oleg Kopachovets

    Service is our superpower!

    In this IT staff augmentation company, all professionals have:

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    Diverse tech expertise and extensive IT knowledge

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    An educational degree in computer science

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    Independent problem-solving and decision-making skills

    Our Services Reviews

    Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint
    Brian Herbert
    CTO at Quartz Network

    The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

    photo of Nathaniel Jewell
    Nathaniel Jewell
    CEO at Dryft

    ProCoders has been the best development firm I’ve worked with. Their team’s overall responsiveness has been fantastic including at night and on weekends. Despite there being a time zone difference, they’re able to deal with urgent issues. If we notice there’s a bug, someone on their team is always available to provide a solution. They’re excellent.

    Marco Capuano
    Marco Capuano
    CEO at Expandigo

    The team at Procoders always checks progress with us and is very responsive. The time difference is not an issue at all but an advantage. Deadlines are always met. They bring a lot of expertise and diverse skills. They are very proactive and we really appreciate their constant suggestions and feedback.

    Todd Pritts
    Todd Pritts
    CPO at Roth River, Inc.

    Their speed, ability to get the concepts and translate into working code was super impressive. They are always open to talk through your ideas, even if they are very early in development.

    Eldad Giladi
    Eldad Giladi
    Full Stack Team leader at Frontegg

    They exposed us to new technologies, done their work professionally and quickly. We never got a no from them, they said they can do anything and they really do.

    We sign IT staff augmentation services contract and non-disclosure agreements with each partner.

    ProCoders is also ISO 27001 certified, which strengthens the point that your sensitive data is safe with our company.


    Partnership Approach

    At ProCoders, we treat our customers as partners, understanding that our growth is directly tied to theirs. We are committed to fostering a symbiotic relationship where mutual advancements ensure that both parties thrive together.
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    Entegrity is at the core of everything we do. We maintain absolute transparency with our customers, never compromising on honesty. This approach builds trust and lays a strong foundation for long-term partnerships.

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    Stages of Cooperation with ProCoders Software Development Staff Augmentation

    First contact

    The conversation that starts it all, where we get to know the general information about your project and needs.

    Deeper research

    What IT talents are you looking for? We study the details to ensure we make knowledge-based decisions and have the right people available for IT team augmentation services for your project. We complete different teams, so an individual approach is the only way.


    We match you with candidates within 3-14 days, depending on the availability of experts at the given moment.


    We set up interviews with the candidates you like most so you’re reassured that these developers are right for your team.

    Final assignment

    We assign the chosen ones to the team, finishing all the needed HR processes.

    Get to work

    We get into IT staff augmentation & contract services and onboard your new team members. Now, you can assign them their first tasks.

    Day-to-day reporting

    You establish a communication day for regular reporting, with a 30-minute response time during working hours!

    TOP IT Staff Augmentation Services on Demand!

    We cover different types of technology stacks that constantly scale, from simple one-page-app tech to AI integration through OmniMind and other services. ProCoders’ experts are ready to take up even the most complex projects. We want to be able to provide our partners with any IT augmented staff so that they never have to spend months looking for the right people to contribute to their projects.

    Ruby on Rails
    React Native
    george helgessen
    What IT talent are you looking for?

    Get software engineers that hit the ground coding. Book a call with ProCoders Head of Partnerships, George K. Helgesen

    How can IT staff augmentation specifically benefit my project and organizational workflow?

    IT staff augmentation can significantly enhance your project’s success and efficiency by providing specialized skills precisely when and where they are needed. This strategy not only fills critical skill gaps in your existing team but also introduces fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your projects. Augmentation adapts to your project’s lifecycle and demands, offering a scalable solution that aligns with your operational workflows and deadlines, thereby optimizing your overall project management and output.

    How does IT staff augmentation differ from traditional hiring?

    Unlike traditional hiring, staff augmentation allows you to temporarily extend your team with external talent. This method is faster, reduces the recruitment burden, and is cost-effective, offering flexibility to scale up or down as project requirements change.

    What types of skills can I augment through this service?

    You can augment your team with IT skills from software development, project management, and cybersecurity to specialized areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing, depending on your project needs.

    How do you ensure the quality of professionals added to our team?

    We follow a rigorous screening 4-stage process to ensure that only highly qualified and vetted professionals are added to your team. This includes technical assessments, interviews, and reference checks to match your specific project requirements and company culture.

    What is the typical duration for an IT staff augmentation engagement?

    The duration of an augmentation engagement can vary based on your project’s scope and needs. It can be as short as a few months for a specific project, or it can extend to several years if ongoing support is necessary. Our flexible contracts are designed to accommodate your project timelines and business objectives.

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