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Welcome to ProCoders, where we specialize in creating dynamic logistics software tailored to the modern needs of transportation and supply chain management. Our bespoke software solutions are designed to optimize your logistical operations, providing you with the tools to manage and track with precision and ease.

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    Our Cases in the Logistics Industry


    HANDLE, a medical equipment sales company, pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic from merely reselling equipment to developing a comprehensive Capital Cycle Management (CCM) system for healthcare organizations. 

    This system, designed to manage assets, track movements, and assist in budgeting for equipment replacement, required a significant software development effort. ProCoders was brought in to augment HANDLE’s IT resources, quickly integrating with their team to tackle this complex project. We provided experienced developers who worked under the guidance of HANDLE’s CTO, contributing to the full stack development from backend to QA. 

    Our collaboration led to the successful expansion of HANDLE’s offerings, including upgrading their marketplaces and implementing new CCM subscription tools, transforming their business approach, and enhancing their service capabilities.


    SameDay Courier Network (SDCN), a premier transport trading exchange platform, needed to upgrade its tech infrastructure for better reservations. Tasked with migrating from Laravel 5 to Laravel 7 and adding new member features, SDCN chose ProCoders for their cost-effective, high-quality services. 

    Our team expertly handled the backend migration and added functionalities like real-time hauler availability, streamlined online payment processing, and comprehensive load reservation features, including specialized options such as refrigerated trucks. This overhaul significantly improved booking efficiency, payment speed, and customer satisfaction, enhancing SDCN’s operational productivity and setting the stage for future growth.

    Why Choose ProCoders for Logistics Software Development

    01. We Grow with You

    Our solutions are built to scale. As your logistics business expands, our software adapts, ensuring you always have the most efficient tech at your fingertips.

    Why Choose ProCoders for Logistics Software Development

    02. Honest Communication

    We believe in clear, upfront communication. You’ll always be in the loop, with regular updates and no surprises, ensuring a partnership based on trust and clarity.

    Why Choose ProCoders for Logistics Software Development

    03. Full Tech Support

    Beyond development, our team offers ongoing technical support to ensure your logistics software operates smoothly, constantly fine-tuning performance to meet your operational needs.

    What People Say

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    Oleg Smirnov
    Co-Founder, Inventory Planner

    “Based on our experience, we would highly recommend others to consider using ProCoders.”

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    Head of Demand Generation
    IT Company

    “They are good problem solvers who are able to figure out clever solutions for difficult issues.”

    Jens Larsson Co-Founder & CPO
    Jens Larsson
    CTO, Co-Founder & CPO, Avanto Care

    “We’re impressed with their ability to understand our needs and match us with the right developer.”

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    Can ProCoders integrate advanced technologies like AI and IoT into my logistics software?

    Yes, we are proficient in incorporating AI and IoT technologies to provide smart, predictive insights, and automation, enhancing the efficiency and intelligence of your operations.

    How does ProCoders ensure the security of logistics software?

    Our solutions are built with strong security protocols to protect against threats and ensure compliance with industry standards.

    How does ProCoders handle the complexity of logistics operations in their software development?

    Our team is adept at simplifying complex logistical processes through intuitive interfaces, ensuring that our solutions not only manage the complexity but also make it easier for you to control and oversee your entire operation.

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