A Saving-Costs Guide on Hiring Rust Developers
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Trying to understand how to find Rust developers of high quality for a reasonable price? Well, there are different approaches you can take in hiring these developers who will work on your project and possess all the skills and qualities you seek. However, you should take them RIGHT. And ProCoders will help you with it! Read this article further to discover how to choose the best Rust engineers for your project. 

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Benefits of Using Rust

Rust is a safe programming language, meaning that programs written in it are less likely to contain bugs. It also has several other benefits:

Fast. Rust is designed for speed and concurrency, using multiple threads to run your programs. Its compiler can optimize code up to 25% faster than other languages – and it’s still getting faster! It’s one of the fastest languages today, making it great for apps where performance is critical (like games).

Memory efficient. Rust has an “ownership model” that ensures everything you create belongs to you and nobody else, so your code has no data races or dangling pointers. This ensures that your program will always work correctly, no matter what else is happening on the computer!

Easy to use. Rust has a straightforward syntax and many helpful tools for writing code quickly, including auto-completion features in IDEs like Visual Studio Code!

Secure. Rust has a built-in type system that ensures your program isn’t doing anything dangerous, like accessing memory that it shouldn’t be accessing or reading files that haven’t been opened yet. This means fewer crashes and less frustration when working with Rust!

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Companies That Use Rust and Succeed

To help you navigate the world of Rust, we’ve assembled a list of companies that use it and succeed. These big companies have found ways to incorporate Rust into their daily operations and have seen great results (and everyone can experience it daily):


Facebook uses Rust in all aspects of development, including for source control and compilers, says Joel Marcey, Open Source ecosystem lead at Facebook, and now board director of the Rust Foundation.


Google has begun using Rust in Android systems, where memory safety and performance are key. The Rust Core Team recently completed work to build a new home for Rust: The Rust Foundation.


At Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rust is one of the most loved programming languages because it helps AWS write highly performant, safe infrastructure-level networking and other systems software.

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Reasons to Hire a Rust Developer in 2023

If you’re looking for a new developer to join your team, check out the reasons to hire Rust programmer in 2023:

Finding and hiring them is not difficult

Because it’s so easy to find Rust engineers, you can save time and money when looking for help with your project. 

Rust developers can add more features to the existing projects

Rust developers can easily add new features to existing product due to the language’s ability to provide memory safety and performance. Its strong type system and built-in concurrency make it an excellent choice for developing scalable systems. The language’s syntax and tooling also promote code readability and maintainability, reducing development time and cost.

They build software that is secure and efficient

Rust’s memory management system ensures that software is free from memory-related vulnerabilities, while its built-in concurrency and low-level control over hardware resources enhance performance. Rust is an excellent choice for developing software that can handle high-traffic and complex workloads. 

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Cost-Saving Rust Programmers Hiring Guide from ProCoders

If you’re searching for how to hire Rust developers, there are some things you need to know before you start. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save money on your next hire.

Step 1: Choose the option of hiring a Rust developer for your company

There are a few options for hiring Rust coders:

Hiring your in-house team

You can hire Rust developers directly by searching through LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor job listings. This is an excellent way to find someone highly qualified and experienced in the language, but it takes a long time and is always more expensive than, for example, offshore.


  • your developer would be deeply involved in your project and understand the product value
  • if you have an office, you will always be able to get in touch with your developer, as your working hours will be the same


  • facing hidden costs, like costs for sick leaves, insurance, vacations, etc.
  • it may take a lot of time to find a developer on your own 
  • either you or your new employee may pay high taxes (depending on the location you’re in)


Outstaffing allows you to get the best talent without going through all the hiring processes involved in hiring someone full-time. All you need to do is contact the outstaffing company describes your request. 


  • Rich expertise and wide experience of the vendor.
  • Hiring is fast enough—you can start within a week. 
  • The company will always be interested in hiring good employees because, after the end of your project, this Rust developer will remain an employee of the company, so the employee quality is thoroughly taken care of.
  • The outstaffing model lets the client manage the team. 


  • Outstaffing companies may not research enough before hiring, leading to low-quality developers. ProCoders, on the other hand, conducts extensive research on the market to find affordable and highly-skilled coders. We thoroughly evaluate candidates, including pre-screening, assessments, and interviews. Only those who pass all these stages become a part of our team.
  • When using staff augmentation, the client is responsible for managing the augmented staff daily, which includes providing direction, assigning tasks, and overseeing their work. Remote management is considered to be a challenge that takes a lot of time and resources and sometimes “eats” the profits from the low costs of outsourcing developers. Because of that, proper management is crucial for the project’s success, and the client may need to appoint a dedicated team lead or manager to ensure that the work stays on track. 
  • Working with offshoring developers in different time zones can challenge effective communication and collaboration. However, ProCoders offers flexible working hours for employees to better align with the client’s schedule, allowing for increased collaboration. The client can also opt for round-the-clock development to improve efficiency and production speed.
  • Outstaffing companies may not provide the same level of security as an in-house team. They may not have the same control over data protection, and there may be a risk of data breaches or intellectual property theft. However, in the case of ProCoders, we have already understood that our protection system is good enough to store the data of more than 100 clients. Besides, our developers always take care of its security. 
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If you don’t need much work done for your project but some small tasks, you can consider finding Rust programmers freelance. Freelance Rust developers have less overhead than full-time employees and can do most of their work remotely to be more flexible with their schedules.


  • you can hire a freelancer from any part of the world
  • freelancers can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time team
  • they are good for small tasks that require a couple of days to complete
  • you can pay only for the work done (refer to a Time&Materials contract) 


  • they may not be able to accommodate your specific requirements when they start to work 
  • you won’t get a dedicated team of specialists working on your project but a single or a couple of freelancers that may provide you with a low-quality code if they stuck with a problem and have nobody to help them 
  • they could disappear suddenly, leaving you in a lurch with no one to turn to for help
  • you never know the full tech background and code quality you will have. Most freelancers are self-taught, without any system or standards

Step 2: Define your requirements

Before starting your search, it’s important to define your project requirements clearly. Decide on the specific skills and experience your ideal Rust developer should possess. Ensure you understand the project’s scope, what you want to achieve, and what you expect from the developer.

Step 3: Check their portfolio

When interviewing potential Rust developers, ask them to see their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their experience and the projects they’ve worked on. You can also ask for references to check the quality of their work.

Step 4: Make sure they have good communication skills

Ensure the candidate has good communication skills and a positive attitude about working with others. Finding a developer who can work well with the rest of your team and can communicate effectively is essential. The Rust developer should be able to explain their code and think of ways to improve it if asked.

Step 5: Test their skills

It’s important to test the Rust developers’ skills before hiring them. This can be done by asking them to solve a problem or complete a small project. This will give you a good idea of their ability to work with Rust.

Finding the right Rust developer is challenging, but ProCoders is always here to make it easier. We have an extensive network of Rust developers who can work with you on anything from small projects to large-scale software development. We also have an excellent track record of helping our clients get the job done, so we’ll be there every step of the way. Need not only a Rust developer for your project but also want to find Solidity developer for hire (or Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.)? Well, we have all of them! Contact us today!

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Rust Developer Eye-Catching Job Offer

Creating an eye-catching job offer for Rust developers is key to attracting top talent to your team. To make your job offer stand out, consider the following tips:

  1. Highlight your company’s benefits.
  2. Offer competitive salaries.
  3. Provide flexible working arrangements.
  4. Showcase your project.
  5. Provide opportunities for training and development.
Where can I hire Rust developers?

The best place to start looking is at job boards specializing in Rust development hire. Also, you can hire Rust developers on freelance marketplaces and job sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Indeed. You can also consider outstaffing companies that can provide you with high-quality Rust developers, like ProCodes.

Are Rust freelancers good for boosting the project?

Yes, Rust’s memory safety, performance, reliability, and community can help boost a product by reducing bugs, improving security, accelerating development, and providing access to best practices and tools. Outstaffing Rust developers can boost a project by providing access to a team of experienced developers with diverse skill sets, experiences, and backgrounds.

Why is Rust in high demand?

Rust is high order because it allows developers to write portable, reliable, and secure code. It helps build fast, scalable, noiseless applications and websites. It runs on low-level systems and CPUs, which are increasingly popular as the foundation for new applications and frameworks.

What with can I replace Rust to deliver the product faster?

You can replace Rust with C++. C++ is one of the oldest programming languages and is still widely used today. It is similar to C but with some additional features like classes and templates. It is also a compiled language that produces executable files instead of source code files. The downside of C++ is that it requires more effort to run a program on different platforms since several compilers are available for different operating systems.


Rust is a programming language that helps developers create software with fewer bugs and other issues. It is fast, memory efficient, easy to use, and secure.

To get all the benefits from Rust, you only need to look for professional Rust developers for hire. Save these tips from ProCoders:

1. Know what you’re looking for

2. Choose the best option for hiring a Rust developer for your company:

  • Hire directly to your in-house team
  • Offshoring
  • Finding freelancers

3. Check whether a candidate has enough expertise with Rust depending on your needs

4. Make sure Rust developers you consider for hiring have good communication skills

Have no time to do it all on your own? Well, you can contact ProCoders to find the best Rust developers.

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