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    Your PHP project, on point

    With nearly 30 years of growing use by the development community, it’s no wonder why PHP is one of the world’s most popular web development languages, used in every region of the world. It’s free, it’s open source, and has a huge user community.

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    But just because it’s is common, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s easy to hire PHP coders.

    Because PHP is so broadly used in websites, hiring the wrong expert PHP developer can cost you dearly. Besides, hiring locally adds HR hassles and additional expenses, not to mention the time needed to find proper PHP developers for hire. That’s where ProCoders comes in.

    As a top IT outsourcing firm, we can help you find, vet, and onboard world-class experts from Central Europe, where competitive costs and top-quality skills unite. Let us show you how.

    Client success starts with the best PHP developers for hire

    From major multinational companies to small startups, ProCoders’ partners of all scales have benefitted from the speed and accuracy this language can bring to their web application development.

    Logistics Transport Courier Software
    When SDCN needed to update its existing platform, our dedicated team rapidly updated the code-base and continued expanding the functionality for the web & mobile applications. We were able to seamlessly integrate with SDCN’s existing IT staff to make sure the company’s digital assets were updated, bug-free, and offering the enhancements they need to meet their evolving business needs.
    SaaS Online Education
    Online language school LIngoda came to ProCoders to develop its student interface in Symfony. We created a clean, easy to navigate site that allows students to customize the classes they take, specify the times they’re available, and stream their interactive group classes as easily as a home movie service. The site keeps track of their progress, and connects them to their teachers for a highly personalized experience.
    Travel CMS
    Using HTML, Vue.js and Laravel ProCoders helped this British tour company create an app allowing customers to browse and book tours. On the backend, their staff could easily add new posts and make changes without having to code.
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    Hire Full Stack PHP Developers with Excellent Program Expertise

    ProCoders can do more than simply help you find PHP developers. We go much further than that and are ready to provide the whole crew when you’re looking to hire PHP developers team. Here, we have people with far-ranging skills, covering over 50 languages, libraries, and frameworks that run well with or alongside the language. We’ll make sure your project code integrates well with all your other technologies for seamless, fast-running results.

    Our rock stars are hands-on with 50 more tools and libraries. What stack do you use?

    Check Availability and Hire TOP PHP Developers

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    Our work models

    We can easily customize our work model to your specific needs and wishes. Whether you are looking to hire remote PHP developers to extend your staff or an entire team with several coders, designers, a PM, QA engineers, etc., ProCoders always have your back.

    Our teams are easily scalable, so we’ll adjust to the changing needs of your projects quickly by adding new PHP engineers in just several days and removing them in a month after you give us the note. 

    ProCoders has dozens of developers that are part of our permanent staff and available to hire. So, you won’t need to wait until we find someone – we already have the PHP website developers and other staff you need.

    Besides, every coder we work with is fluent in English and has high-quality communication skills so that it’s comfortable working directly with our partners without adding several layers to the conversation.

    We work hard to match your project with the right PHP developers to hire

    We care about your success and provide the most expertise for your budget. And with all that, we make sure you hire affordable PHP developers by saving on:
    Precious time to find the right people
    Countless interview questions, job descriptions, resumes, and other HR hassles
    Money for taxes, vacations, sick leaves, bonuses, etc.
    Office space and equipment

    Hire the Best PHP Developers for Your Project and Use ProCoders’ Expertise to Achieve Your Goals!

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    Hiring Programmers via Staff Augmentation

    Why bear the expense and administrative burden of hiring PHP developers when you can scale your crew up or down as needed within days? All thanks to staff augmentation through ProCoders. 

    Our outstaffing model allows you to find experts on a part time or full time basis. We handle the onboarding, the benefits, and the paperwork, while you simply pay one monthly fee using a secure and convenient payment method.

    Either way, we’ll help you hire PHP developers who can round out your capabilities — just like they are part of your internal team. 

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    Hire Offshore PHP Developers as a Dedicated Outstaffed Team

    • Have a 1.5-hour free workshop with us where we ask questions about the PHP developer skills you need, the hiring model you prefer, and more
    • Get to know the tech stack and qualifications for your project with the help of the Discovery Phase
    • Hire PHP developers team with as many seasoned experts as you need
    • Manage your remote team without intermediaries
    • Tackle more difficult and urgent development tasks by scaling up your auxiliary team
    • We can hook you up with a team within a record time so that you can start working in a mere two weeks
    • Developers sign NDAs for every project to protect your confidentiality
    • Transparent billing process

    Hi there!
    I have a project to build but I don’t have experienced developers to handle it locally.

    Can you guys give me a ballpark estimate how much would it cost?

    George George

    Hello! We can do something even better: Research your project, create prototypes and assemble a team for you.

    You can use our online calculator or let’s schedule a call to have more details!

    Thinking about hiring PHP developers on a monthly basis?

    How long does it take to complete the project once you hire PHP web app developers? We recommend these hourly breakdowns per staffer hired.

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    We understand your business

    Here at ProCoders, we take pride in matching our clients’ teams with the best PHP programmers to not only bring effective short-term results but also benefit the business long-term and meet all of its goals.

    With rich experience in multiple major industries and fields and a vast background of working both in small startups and big multinationals, our coders are ready to bring their A-game to your team. We know how to take your web applications where they need to go

    Hire PHP web developers who truly understand your industry landscape, and you’ve just struck gold.

    They’ll instinctively see what makes a world-class user experience, what your customers expect, and how to be innovative in your vertical.

    Our work process

    We strive to make hiring a seamless process at ProCoders. Our goal is to make our team feel like your team — with direct client management, total reporting transparency, and integration into your internal project management systems.
    When you hire PHP app developers we recommend, rest assured you get a great deal for the money.

    Needs Assessment

    We collect all possible data about your project, creating a unique roadmap for its implementation and selecting developers whose profiles suit your team.

    Interviews and work team assignment

    Based on your requirements, we select dedicated programmers fit for your project, who then go through the screening and become a part of your team.

    Daily interaction

    The moment our coders become a part of the team, they automatically become your staff. We found that avoiding the middleman and managing staff directly greatly enhances the quality of interaction.

    Convenient Monthly Billing

    You pay monthly as if it were a subscription, which has proven convenient for our partners, so we’ve fully adopted this universal method.

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    Seamless integration. Stellar service

    ProCoders offers curated services that help you find the right developers without having to sort through heaps of resumes on tech-matching sites. When you work with us, you hire our permanent ProCoders developers.

    Best of all, those programmers work with you directly. You never have to deal with layers of project managers and account executives getting between you and your team. Your new staff takes responsibility for regular reporting. 

    We pride ourselves on direct communication and fair pricing. You pay a flat fee with no “gotcha” additions at the end of the month’s bill.

    Listen to Our Clients’ Feedback Directly

    Henry Lynch
    Co-Founder & CTO @ Vsimple
    “It’s not been the traditional contractor-company relationship, I feel like everybody in our team genuinely cares about our product and our customers.“
    Jens Larsson
    Co-founder and CPO @ Avanto Care
    “We’re impressed with their ability to understand our needs and match us with the right developer. The developer is skilled and fits our culture and way of working.”
    Shai Alani
    VP Marketing @ Aporia
    “The company’s ability to consistently deliver cutting-edge technological solutions and their dedication to innovation set them apart in the industry.”
    Roni Berri
    Co-founder and CRO @ PayEat
    “After presenting our application in an exhibition in Sweden we received only positive feedback on the smoothness & quality of the application and landed multiple clients that day.”


    How much does PHP development cost?

    On average, PHP developers charge hourly rates ranging from $25 to $150. Total project pricing depends on the developer’s rate and the duration of the project. The cost of PHP development can vary widely based on the complexity of the project, the developer’s expertise, and other factors.

    How do I find a PHP developer?

    You can find PHP developers through online job platforms like Upwork, professional social networks like LinkedIn, or by reaching out to development agencies and outstaffing companies such as ProCoders.

    How to hire the best PHP developers?

    To hire the best PHP developers, focus on factors like experience, skills, and communication. Look for developers with a strong PHP background, expertise in relevant frameworks and technologies, and good problem-solving abilities. Assess their past work and consider conducting technical interviews or tests to ensure they meet your project’s requirements.

    What is the hourly rate for a PHP developer?

    On average, you can expect rates ranging from $25 to $150 per hour. Highly skilled or senior PHP developers tend to charge higher rates. PHP developers’ hourly pay can vary widely based on their experience, location, and the complexity of the project.

    Is PHP still in demand?

    Yes, PHP remains in demand for web development. Many websites and web applications still use PHP, and it continues to be a valuable skill for developers. While other languages and frameworks have gained popularity, PHP remains a relevant and widely used technology.

    Is there a shortage of PHP developers?

    The demand for PHP developers varies by location and industry, but there is no significant shortage of experts globally. Skilled PHP coders are available in the job market, and many are proficient in this language. However, it’s essential to find the right fit for your specific project requirements.

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