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Close more deals faster with top-tier real estate software solutions by ProCoders.

We at ProCoders only hire middle/senior developers to design and build custom real estate software for your business. Working with us means open communication, full technical support, and top talent for your project.

How can our specialists be of service? Let’s communicate!

    Lead the Industry with Our Real Estate Software Development Company

    The digital era can help you stand out. To succeed in the industry, you need to offer your clients a unique service that’s different from what the competition has.

    ProCoders can help you with this by providing a dedicated real estate software development team and:

    – Put all the available properties online

    – Arrange virtual tours

    – Allow online booking of property tours

    – Create and sign contracts online

    Sounds like a level up, doesn’t it?

    Trust Your Real Estate Solutions Development to Experienced Tech Giants at ProCoders!

    Increase Revenue Through Our Real Estate Software Development Services

    ProCoders take into account not only your technical requirements but
    the business ones as well.
    Our real estate software developers will help you achieve company goals by using advanced technology, making your life and the lives of your clients easier.

    The services we provide include:

    Top Features Our Real Estate Software Developer Team Recommends

    Hiring ProCoders as your real estate solution development company means opting for the best, most stable yet innovative features, such as:

    These features allow software development companies in the real estate niche to deliver high-end document, bidding & auction, inventory,
    and broker vs. tenant management, as well as analytics, marketing,
    and CRM capabilities.

    So why opt for ProCoders? Because we do it right, putting clients’ requirements and ideas first.

    Make Sure Your Real Estate Project Gets the Most Innovative Features and Be One Step Ahead of Competition at All Times with ProCoders!

    Real Estate Software Solutions Creators: ProCoders Team

    It’s just about time to meet some of the TOP ProCoders software development specialists who’ve been contributing to our real estate projects with their high-end skills.

    Ruslan photo

    As a Vue.js specialist, Ruslan has already spent over 2 years with ProCoders. In that time, he’s grown to the frontend lead on one of our most impressive real estate projects. He’s responsible, intuitive as to clients’ needs, and attentive.

    Roman photo

    Roman is a skilled PHP and Laravel developer and a part of our team for over 6 years! He can contribute to sophisticated backend development for any app and always strives to learn and achieve the best code quality possible.

    Our rock-stars are hands-on with 50 more Ruby, PHP and JavaScript – based tools and libraries. What stack do you use?

    How Software Development Services for Real Estate Work: ProCoders Step-by-Step Experience


    NDA Signing

    We sign NDAs with every client to assure them of our trustworthiness. Words say a lot, but an officially signed agreement says more.


    Assessment of Your Needs and Requirements

    Through our Discovery Phase services, we establish the real estate soft development services you’ll need, the scope of work, the timeframe, and the budget.


    Team Interviewing and Assignment

    We look through internal resources to create a perfect team for your project. If, on a rare occasion, we don’t have the needed staff on the bench, we hand-pick new talent, interview and test the new employees, and hire them full-time. You can also interview any of the members to see if our views match. Then, we assign the team to the project.


    Interaction on the Daily Basis

    Reports, calls, and daily updates keep you updated on every stage of the collaboration. We act transparently, independently of the working model you’re using.


    Monthly Billing

    During our collaboration, you pay monthly. It’s like a subscription. Our former and current customers find this Team as a Service model very convenient.

    ProCoders Working Models: Choose Your Perfect Match

    We’re always growing and improving our working models to cater to every client.
    Planning and clarity are also crucial for us, so we’d like to make sure both parties are on the same page.
    So, you can choose to apply for our Discovery Phase only, combine it with further
    self-managed dedicated team assignment,
    or go for outstaffing directly if your project is in progress and just needs a couple of skilled pairs of hands.

    01. Discovery Phase

    Discovery Phase services are a great choice if you don’t have an IT department yet need the software, you’re stuck with your project or just haven’t started it yet, still thinking about the budget, time, objectives, etc. Our analysts and tech specialists become that department for you, study your case, and come back with a clear roadmap and time & budget estimates, and a “what to do next” plan.

    02. Dedicated Team

    A fully dedicated team with our project manager will take up your real estate project from Day 1. And if you were already working with your own team or another provider and something went wrong, we can analyze your roadmap and assemble a team matching the needs of the project.

    03. Staff Augmentation

    Classic staff augmentation is useful when you need additional designers, engineers, testers, etc. for your internal real estate software development team. We choose the right people for your team and seamlessly infuse them into the workflow.

    Use Our Practical Experience and Analytical Power to Create the Best Environment for the Successful Development and Launch of Your Real Estate Project!

    Why Do You Need ProCoders for Your Next Real Estate Project?

    Here are some answers to your potential questions:

    Do you provide full tech support to my project?

    Yes. Aside from the fact that we sign an official contract, ProCoders is all about commitment to our customers. We invest time into studying your business to create matching software. We ask about the goals of the company, the target audience, reasons for choosing this type of program, etc. Based on the info and our research, we create quality criteria and provide tech support that meets your expectations.

    How do you know you hire professional developers?

    ProCoders isn’t a hiring agency and we certainly do not hire any subcontractors. We have a 4-stage hiring process every specialist has to go through to become a part of the team. Besides, these people receive monthly payments, whether they’re involved in projects or not. So, it’s only fair to hire someone who would contribute, right?

    How do I know I’m getting honest communication in case something wrong happens?

    We’re happy to meet online or in person to discuss all the details. Honest communication is one of our top values. We won’t sugarcoat it — stuff happens during development. But we have an effective algorithm for every circumstance. You know what Google engineers say about their backups? “Hope is not a strategy”. And we’re on board with this saying.

    50+ Languages and Libraries Are Available to You by Working with ProCoders Professionals. What’s Your Desired Tech Stack?

    Your Real Estate Project Deserves Professional Treatment! Let’s Discuss Your Business Needs and Tech Requirements ASAP!

    These Real Estate Companies Have Chosen ProCoders As Their Software Development Ally

    Real Estate
    A member of the National Association of Realtors and a recognized brand throughout Georgia, PARHOMENKO® Estate provides high-quality real estate for lease and sale, as well as property management in the country. Client requirements for ProCoders: – A minimalistic marketplace with essential features – Ease of use for a small business without a tech department – No large investments or complicated features – Fast and high-quality results Upon discussion, we’ve made WordPress our platform of choice as it checked all the boxes for the project. This helped us maintain cost efficiency and involve as little staff as possible, delivering a website with a small yet scalable capacity.
    Real Estate
    Being a luxurious real estate platform, VillaWay is focused on smart property management, which had to be reflected on their platform. With 5000+ property options in 120 locations, the marketplace had to be innovative, minimalistic, and easy to use for the target audience of the brand. Client requirements for ProCoders: – UI/UX upgrades of the outdated company’s website – Implement the new design with a few UX must-have improvements Results? Modern design, website performance, and must-have UX features such as a smoother and more functional interactive map property search. Our outstaffed designer has upgraded the UI with the latest trends, while our frontend engineer used React.js to execute the changes, creating a more flawless user experience.
    Real Estate
    DISCLAIMER: We value the privacy preferences of our customers, and to guarantee the safety of their data, we sign NDAs for every project. With respect to this customer’s wishes, we won’t disclose the name of the company, as well as some other details. This is a Danish smart real estate platform for sales, rent, and property management in the country. It allows for signing and sending contracts and moving reports, insight into potential tenants, automating renting details and payment, etc. Client requirements for ProCoders: – Long-term technical support – Highly-Professional tech team – A fact-based, clear development plan Thanks to our tuned and tested selection process, we’ve formed a highly qualified dedicated team that meets the client’s expectations. Coordinated work according to the pre-approved development plan allowed us to deliver the core project features along with service improvements. The main business functionality is already in operation!

    As showcased by the examples above, ProCoders can create a quick and easy marketplace for an SMB, as well as a sophisticated real estate platform with smart features.

    Still Hesitant? Ask Our Clients Personally About Their Experience with ProCoders!

    What our clients say about us?

    Erik Evripidou
    Founder, The Hizzle Company Ltd

    “The work performed by Procoders satisfied all project requirements and was delivered ahead of schedule, resulting in continued engagement by their company for other projects. Their team prioritized constant communication throughout the process via Trello, Messenger, and Skype.”

    user icon
    Jeremy Lachaine
    Director of Operations, Home Energy Firm

    “Going live was seamless, corrections were fast, and the final product was better than we envisioned.”


    What is the best software for real estate agents?

    According to Forbes, the best real estate CRM software options in 2023 are Wise Agent, LionDesk, Realvolve, and others. ProCoders says that THE best digital helper is custom software tailored to the needs of your company.

    What is MLS software?

    Multiple listing service software is a program that provides access to a vast public listing database. Such real estate software development solutions help real estate companies, private brokers, sellers, and buyers to find information about the property available in the needed area.

    How much does real estate software cost?

    Each client’s requirements are unique, and so is the price. A regular WordPress listing may cost you around $10K. And if we’re talking about custom solutions such as auctions, eSignature and booking services, etc., the price may start at $100K.

    How long does it take to develop property software?

    We can’t be specific here as each project is different. You may need a simple WordPress marketplace for one city’s property scope which we can complete in 2-3 months. You may also need IoT real estate software developed with smart contract support, immediate payments, and renewal automation. The development in this case may take at least 6 months if not a year.

    Do you provide support after launch?

    Yes, we’re focused on long-term partnerships, that’s why we commit. You can extend our collaboration post-launch to receive the needed technical assistance after-launch improvements.

    How does ProCoders stand out from other realty software developers?

    ProCoders takes time to study your business requirements and align them with the technical ones for your project. Besides, one of our top values is honest communication because this is the basis of a successful partnership. You’ll always have control and receive updates on the project.

    Do you want to learn more how to build remote team with ProCoders?

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