Practical Guide on Hiring Great Metaverse Developers Faster
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Did you know that by 2026, 30% of companies around the globe may have products and services created for metaverse or ready to be used there? The shift from regular digital business to metaverse business may become a hot topic soon due to the possibilities of the platform.

The pioneers of the Meta direction such as Google, Microsoft, Epic Games, Snapchat, Amazon, and others, have already hired developers for metaverse to enhance their products with 3D virtual reality. Allowing the target audience to see real-life models of the newest products, concepts, etc. allows for tighter contact with them, trust-building, and conversion.

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If you want to be one of the first to adopt this innovative technology, you need to hire a metaverse developer for your next project ASAP. Gladly, we at ProCoders know just how to do it quickly, easily, and effectively, and we don’t hesitate to share everything we know in this guide.

Key takeaways:

  • Metaverse is an emerging technology, but by 2026, around 30% of companies will have products and/or services ready for it.
  • Metaverse devs can create decentralized platforms, apps, etc., and offer gaming and NFT services, as well as marketplace creation and improvement, and more.
  • Such developers should be familiar with Roblox metaverse, Meta, and Ethereum platforms, as well as with their main programming languages.
  • You can find metaverse developers on job boards, LinkedIn, or through an outstaffing company.
  • How to hire great metaverse experts? There are 3 major steps, including establishing your goals, finding the right recruitment model, and conducting additional interviews.
  • ProCoders offers help at every stage, from planning your project to finishing it. By starting with the Discovery phase, you make sure you don’t spend over the budget and have realistic expectations.

8 Popular Services That Metaverse Developers Offer

Before you learn how to find metaverse developers, it’s important to learn the services these specialists offer.

  • Metaverse apps – metaverse applications create amazing user experiences, covering a wider audience using different devices to access your metaverse.
  • Decentralized services – the metaverse platform allows for creating decentralized platforms for most purposes, including socializing, trading, gaming, and shopping.
  • Gaming – obviously, the gaming industry can benefit from finding great metaverse engineers by bringing their projects to a new level of user engagement.
  • NFTs – metaverse devs can make it possible to get your users complete ownership of digital items and even launch NFT trading.
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  • Integration services – qualified devs can also improve the integration of third-party services and data with the existing metaverse.
  • Marketplaces – you may look for a metaverse development team for hire to create a whole marketplace, moving from the concept to the end results with virtual environments and payment systems.
  • Marketing services – experienced developers can use their knowledge to help you pitch your products to metaverse users.
  • Social media – engage your target audience with a social media metaverse where they can interact just like in real life, finding out more about your business and products, and more.

All of these can connect e-commerce and metaverse for you, leveling up your marketing. If this is something you want to pursue, learn about the technical and additional skills the best metaverse developers for hire should have.

Key Tech Skills a Metaverse Programmer Requires for Different Platforms

The following skills are must-haves in the resumes of qualified, almost universal metaverse specialists who need to provide products for different platforms.


The true specialist has to be familiar with Meta and its products, especially Meta Quest, the former Oculus. To be eligible for creating metaverse products for you, they require the following skills:


Unity is a paramount tool used for game creation. You can use both 2D and 3D platforms, with 3D being crucial for metaverse. The tool offers you to create amazing visual scenes, 3D posters, etc.

hire metaverse developers to avoid that situation!


Unreal is an advanced tool you can use to create 3D projects. It offers free resources, high-quality graphics, and a supportive community. By using this tool, you can up customization of each project as it covers most of your needs and offers a free source code.

C# and C++.

C# and C++ are both important if you want to create graphics with Unity and Unreal, the first one being used on Unity for almost 20 years and the second one being used on Unreal. Universally, it would be great if your candidate was fluent in both, which may be tough but definitely is doable.


Experience with Roblox is imperative. It’s a virtual environment you can use to play games. Look to hire a team of metaverse devs, and you can have your own virtual game based on Roblox.

To be able to operate there, the developer should be fluent in Lua, the programming language used to create visual-rich games, as well as Roblox API and Blender.


Decentraland and 3D Metaverse are all based on Ethereum and those are some wholesome virtual worlds. Ethereum is still the leader when it comes to creating metaverse apps, so you definitely want your developer to be familiar with the platform.

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Hire JavaScript Developers

The skills for this section include Unity and Unreal, as well as Solidity, a programming language for smart contracts.

Additional skills include:

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain technology
  • Crypto services, etc.

To find developers for metaverse, you have to know the right places. Regular job boards are fine, but there are platforms where you’re more likely to get a perfect match for your business.

Where to Find Developers for Your Metaverse Project

These are the best places where you can find metaverse engineers with proper skills and sufficient expertise.


LinkedIn has a huge pool of talent. Not all the people creating profiles there are suitable for the job, but there are a lot of wonderful prospects. In the Search, you can type the job title, choose the area, and chat with each candidate.

you can use networking to find metaverse engineers

You can also create a job offer and wait for applications. Another way out is to hire a recruiter who will work on the search.

But there’s no guarantee of success.

Metaverse Job Board

The board has all kinds of experts there for you to choose from:

  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Avatars
  • Community
  • Blockchain
  • Marketing, etc.

You can create a job posting and wait for candidates to contact you. There’s no guarantee they will do it, though. Also, you’ll have to go through the whole “pre-interview > interview > test > etc.” cycle.

Talent Marketplaces

Such marketplaces offer more advanced settings, such as matching people with potential jobs based on their skills and interests. The good thing is that all the specialists registered there are verified, so you don’t have to worry about the qualification of your future developers.

But the problem of time until you find the right person or team for your project remains.

Staff Augmentation Companies

We know all about staff augmentation and can confidently say this is the most reliable recruitment model. Finding the right metaverse devs is easy for us because we know where and how to do it.

You contact the company, we get deeper into your business vision, estimate how many devs you’ll need, and provide those for you. You can check, interview, test them and communicate with them directly, which leaves all the control in your hands.

It’s quick, it’s easy on your side as you don’t have to put all the effort into hiring the right people, and it’s effective because we only leave top professionals in our teams.

So, these are the options you can try, but there are more. Aside from the tech skills, to hire metaverse programmers, you should consider other factors.

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Want to hire best metaverse engineers fast? ProCoders can help!

Things to Consider When Looking for Metaverse Experts

Technical skills are the basics, of course, but you have to understand that you have to hire a metaverse specialist that is a team player, has good social skills, and more. Here are some things to consider:

  • Communication skills – how well they can communicate their needs, problems, progress, etc. with you.
  • Problem-solving – how well they handle pressure and problems during the creation of the project
  • Trend-following – how familiar they are with the most modern trends in the industry. Metaverse is evolving and changing quickly, and it’s important to always be updated.
  • Data security – both the security of your project’s data and the information about it. NDAs come in handy here.

Remember that finding metaverse engineers goes beyond how well they code.

Now, as you have both technical and additional skills a good dev should have, we can finally get into the question of how to hire metaverse developers!

How to Choose the Right Metaverse Engineer and Gain the Business Competition

So, how to hire metaverse engineers that will not only do their job well but will actually level up your business? The key is in a combination of technical skillset, vision, and soft skills. You want not just a metaverse engineer for hire but someone sharing your philosophy.

interview to hire metaverse developers

Here’s how to make the right choice.

Interview Questions

  • Describe metaverse in one sentence.
  • What technology is the most important in metaverse programming
  • What do you think the future of the metaverse is?
  • Are you engaged in any metaverse projects at the moment? If not, when was the last time you worked on it?
  • How is blockchain related to the topic?
  • How do you start a metaverse project?

Coding Tests

Offer the developer a coding test to see if they share your vision and if they can actually prove all that experience they talked about. The best way to see if you’re about to hire the right person is through practice.

By the way, you can also look for professionals on services that host such coding competitions, Codewars, for example.

We at ProCoders don’t hire anyone without a small coding test. First of all, we have to know if the person is right for our client. Then, after the project is finished, the specialists remain in our team and we pay them until there’s a new project for them. So, it’s in our pure interest to ensure the quality and level of skills for every employee.

Secret Tips

  • Hire professionals – make absolutely sure the expert you’re working with is a professional.
  • Know what you want – establish your business goals and have a clear vision of your project.
  • Secret skill – problem-solving. It sounds so cliche, but a huge part of creating successful metaverse projects is the ability to detect and solve problems fast.

Another tip: fruitful cooperation depends on both parties. When hiring metaverse engineers, you have to be sure you can offer something as well. Yes, we mean money.

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Check availability of the best metaverse devs for hire!

Cost to Hire Metaverse Engineers for Your Business Explosive Growth

Metaverse is still an emerging technology. Some consider it a temporary game thing, but many of us thought so of Bitcoin when it popped up in our News feeds. The leading companies are joining the party, and if you find yourself an innovator, it’s worth adopting this technology.
High risks come along as potential cybersecurity issues, dangers connected to high anonymity, and active data collection by third parties. Before allocating funds to hiring metaverse programmers, you have to realize and accept those risks and understand that not every product is guaranteed to succeed in this new 3D digital world, just as in the real world.
However, there’s a bright side. The innovators, even though they may go through trial and failure, often achieve high gains if their product and/or service succeeds. It’s not that easy to become the first in anything, so this is your chance.

Dev level / CountryUS (monthly)UK (monthly)Estonia, Croatia, Portugal (monthly)
BenefitsEnglish knowledge and nice locations if your business is in the US.English fluency and nice locations for European brands.Good location for clients from Europe.

English fluency.

Cost-effectiveness with good skills.
DrawbacksThese are median salaries, so the real ones can be larger.These are median salaries, so the real ones can be larger.Not the best location if you’re from Northern America.

Before you hire great metaverse programmers, you have to understand that the Web3 industry is relatively new and growing. The salaries, hourly rates, requires skillset, etc. differ between projects, countries and companies, which is why it’s best to hire developers through staff augmentation companies such as ProCoders.

We pay the programmers enough for them to do their jobs well. You don’t have to worry about the numbers being right. Through our Discovery phase, you can find out a detailed estimate of the project’s budget made by our experienced analysts.

Hire Best Metaverse Developers: Step-by-Step Guide for Innovators and Early Adopters

Need a how-to on finding the best metaverse devs? We’ve provided lots of information on how to hire the best metaverse experts. Now, let’s compile it all in a neat step-by-step you can use when the moment comes.

Step 1: Establish Your Goals and Requirements

Think about:

  • The kind of team you need (in-house, remote, hybrid)
  • What skills do you need from the team
  • Your budget
  • The details of your project
  • The time frame for its completion

You need to have a clear vision of what and who you need. At this stage, we’d recommend applying for our Discovery phase. It’s better to trust professionals than become one of 45% of projects that go way over the budget.

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Step 2: Choose Recruitment Model

The next stage of the how-to on hiring metaverse experts is the choice of recruitment model. You can hire a recruiter who will hunt talent for you on LinkedIn, look for specialists yourself on job boards, turn to hiring agencies or outsourcing companies, or opt for staff augmentation.

  • Social media and job boards are fine if you have lots of time to look for a perfect match, conduct interviews, and tests, etc.
  • Hiring agencies are quick but can’t guarantee good candidates since they mostly have recruiters and not tech specialists.
  • Outsourcing is a modern approach but it can be costly. Plus, you usually can’t control the project’s progress or the team’s work.
  • Staff augmentation is both quick and effective. Such agencies have tech professionals testing each candidate, and every client gets just the skills they need for their metaverse project.

Step 3: Interviews and Testing

The final stage of hiring metaverse specialists is interviewing and testing if you choose to do so. We at ProCoders do it all for you, but you always have the right to ask additional questions. We understand how important it is to hire the right developer for the job.

How to Start Your Metaverse Project with ProCoders Development Team

Before you even think about how to hire metaverse experts, consider applying for the ProCoders Discovery phase. We have professionals with business analytics and architects’ experience that will dive deeper into your idea and find out what exactly you will need to satisfy your end-user. The final plan includes:

  • The proper time frame for the project
  • The investment you will need
  • The risks and ways to avoid them

So, if you are looking to hire a metaverse development team, make ProCoders your first stop.

F. A. Q.
How much does it cost to build a metaverse world?

This depends greatly on the metaverse team for hire you look for. The final cost can be as much as $10-20K a month for the US and UK or less if you choose other European countries. The final number may vary dramatically based on the scale of the project you want, the number of developers you need, and more. You can contact ProCoders to find out precise numbers for your project.

What company developed metaverse?

The main company responsible for metaverse development is Meta. Other world-leading companies invest in and develop the project, including NVIDIA, Microsoft, Apple, Roblox, and Amazon.

Where do I find a metaverse developer?

There are many ways of hiring metaverse specialists. You can use LinkedIn, metaverse job board, hiring agencies, outsourcing, and more. They are all decent alternatives but have their risks. We recommend turning to ProCoders, our staff augmentation company that already knows how to find the right metaverse developers for your business.

What are the features of metaverse for ecommerce?

Metaverse allows people to interact with the virtual space (locations, items, etc.), as well as with real people. This is an innovative, modern multi-user experience your target audience around the world can enjoy, praising your business and buying your products as a result.

Can I find the right metaverse developers on LinkedIn?

Sure, but it will take time. You’ll need a recruiter to hunt for candidates, countless interviews and tests, and there’s no guarantee you’ll hire qualified metaverse engineers after putting in all those efforts. There are alternatives that will save you a lot of time and match you with a great specialist.


To hire the best metaverse programmers, you need to know:

  • What services do they provide
  • What services do you need
  • What is your budget
  • Where to find the right devs
  • How to interview them

And that’s still not all. In this article, we’ve highlighted the basic services, estimated salary, the most adequate place to look for proper programmers, secret techniques for interviews, and more.

We at ProCoders know everything about hiring programming experts because we do it almost daily. Each client needs a certain set of specialists with various skills and experience. Not to mention sometimes businesses need developers in such narrow niches that we have to look for them urgently just for that one company.

And we usually succeed, as well as our teams working on a plethora of projects. So, if you want to find out how much your project will cost, how many people you need for it, and how long until it’s done, get familiar with our Discovery phase. We’ll help!

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