Discovery Phase Service for Software Development

Save money and attract more customers by developing a winning project vision, defining your goals and identifying risks for product launch with the help of discovery phase services for product development.

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    Why Discovery Services for Software Development?

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    Did you know 45% of software development projects go over budget and 66% of technology projects end in partial or total failure? That’s why we help business owners, startup founders, technical leaders, R&D managers, and even digital masterminds find clear answers to three essential questions during their software development and discovery phase service:

    • How long will the development lifecycle take?
    • How much does my business need to invest?
    • What are the risks and how can those risks be avoided?

    We Know Software Discovery Services

    A lack of clear requirements and a poor project explanation are some of the most common reasons why software products fail. Avoid these pitfalls and more by having our team with you every step of the way. ProCoders follows these steps for every client.


    Dig into every business aspect of your project in order to define and outline its structure and overall strategy.


    Estimate the scope of work by selecting suitable technologies for features and scalability; evaluate the difficulty of the tasks to determine the engineering skill level needed to do the job right.


    Organize and prioritize tasks, create a queue of iterations, and plan project development on both the business and engineering side.


    Create a clear and developed roadmap for your approval, which includes in-depth processes, scope of work, timeframes, tech stack, and price. With software product discovery services there is little to no room for something to go wrong.

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    Expertise is essential

    We believe that software discovery phase service is synonymous with the success of the business.

    It’s the first step in building a product architecture, mitigating development costs and making a clear, concise product development roadmap. Our experts conduct qualitative and technical research when you want to:

    • Make enhancements to an existing software
    • Build an application from scratch
    • Rebuild an application using a legacy codebase

    Interested in your discovery phase price?

    Every business is unique so your software discovery services need to be too.
    We have experience creating service packages for every type of company, from startups and small- or medium-sized businesses, to enterprise-level organizations.
    1-2 Weeks
    • 10 screens prototype
    • Solution Architecture
    • 2 design concepts
    • MVP Scope definition
    • Development roadmap
    Medium Business
    2-4 Weeks
    • 30 screens prototype
    • 2 Architecture Solutions
    • 3 design concepts
    • MVP Scope definition
    • Development roadmap
    • Software product specification
    Custom Price
    4+ Weeks
    • 50+ screens prototype
    • Solution Architecture
    • 3 design concepts
    • MVP Scope definition
    • Development roadmap
    • Software product specification
    Team Composition:
    • Solution Architect
    • Project Manager
    • 2 Senior Developers
    • QA Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • UI/UX Designer

    Deliverables When You Use Discovery Phase Service for a Software Project

    ProCoders assembles your dream team and executes the steps needed for a successful discovery phase. Don’t spend huge amounts of money hiring and training new employees right at the start when you can use our services. Whatever you need, we have experts who can help achieve your goals.
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    Our Structure

    ProCoders takes the time to explore your unique business model, and both the external and internal needs of your customers. In order to expedite your business growth, we identify key success factors for your software application.
    We conduct the research you need through workshops, plus two to three brainstorming sessions per week when you partner with us for discovery services for software development.

    We start the discovery phase service for a software project by having the business analyst dig into your idea in order to understand the logic and intricacies of your vision. We want to appreciate your idea on a deep level so we can deliver from the very beginning. After we have a clear understanding of your idea and business goals, we create a clear structure backed by technical research and development. We identify product features and what specific technologies your idea should be built on. Do you need a matching application that works on desktop and mobile? Do you need filters, geolocation services, user roles, subscription plans, and more? We’ve got you covered. Plus, our team can analyze your competitors so you have a clearer view of the market.

    We work closely with you to understand and visualize your idea. You communicate your outlook and goals for the product so we can deliver based on your specific needs. With that feedback and additional research, we provide detailed guidance for product development that includes product features, performance needs and more. This stage of discovery services includes UI mockups & wireframes.

    After there is a clear vision, we move onto technical research. We learn the ins and outs of the industry and identify the best ways to reach your goals. In this stage, product features and the specific technologies your idea should be built on are identified. We also conduct a technology stack comparison, develop technical documentation and provide third-party API testing reports.

    We gather feedback to determine what is most important to you. When do you need certain deliverables? What elements of the project are most important to you? We answer those questions and more through defining the key features of your application in order to meet business requirements and the expected discovery phase price.

    You won’t lose your way with our software development and discovery phase service. Without a roadmap, you’re bound to get lost so that is why we help you stay on course by clearly defining business goals, project scope and short- and long-term targets. You receive development iterations, a team composition and a risk estimation.

    Don’t get boxed in. Instead, let us optimize the plan at every step along the way, based on the specific needs of your project. We deliver agile services with the flexibility for you to make on-demand changes to any specifications. Plus, we stick around even after the software is complete. If you need additional guidance or have problems, we are there.

    At the final stage of software discovery services we deliver a completed statement of work with a breakdown of cost estimates and suggested timeframes. We make sure you have a clear understanding of the scope of work, the project timeline and the expenses.

    ProCoders provides trustworthy, outsourced professionals. After choosing to do a discovery phase service for software development at our company you will work with a team that includes the following individuals:

    George VP Partnerships

    Project Manager

    Anastasiia Kholodna

    Business Analysis Specialist

    Dmitry Node.js & Web Lead

    Senior Software Architect

    Ruslana Project Generalist

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Ann UI/UX Design Artist

    UI/UX Designer

    Software Discovery Services: How You need them

    We deliver a plan and then optimize it the way you want. You can expect a clearly defined roadmap that is put into iteration, plus an optimization plan that accomplishes your specific needs. We are intimate with every specification and design element.


    Why take part in a discovery phase?

    To develop a project vision, define goals and identify risks. Product discovery makes it possible to determine the what and why, as well as create clear goals, identify and mitigate risks, and build a dependable product architecture.

    How long do software discovery services take?

    It varies, but usually anywhere from one week to two months.

    What are the upsides of outsourcing my discovery phase?

    There are many positives to outsourcing discovery services. Some of the upsides include faster time to market, reduced development costs, and optimized technology without the expense of hiring and training an in-house team.

    Who is involved in this type of project?

    Team members will vary, but typically a project manager, a business analyst, a solution architect, a designer, plus web and mobile developers.

    What are the consequences of skipping this phase?

    Not doing discovery is very damaging to short- and long-term success. Some consequences include project failure due to the product being a poor fit for the market, poor decision-making due to a lack of data and analysis, and going over budget. Discovery phase service is an essential tool for software development since it reveals whether a project will succeed.

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