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What we offer:
Brian Herbert, CTO at AxisPoint

The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

Brian Herbert
CTO at Quartz Network
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Staff Augmentation

Don’t waste time searching, hiring, and training a software engineer, or teaching junior employees how to code. Instead, work with ProCoders, a leading IT staff augmentation company. Hire specialized staff members from our team either on a temporary or long-term basis. Plus, cut wage overhead and recruiting fees by up to 30 percent.

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Project Discovery

We believe that software discovery services are synonymous with project success. Take the first step in building a product architecture, mitigating development costs and making a clear, concise product development roadmap. Work with ProCoders to save money and attract more customers.

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Self-Managed Dedicated Teams

Cover every stage of your development process with self-managed dedicated team service from ProCoders. Benefit from an entire group of engineering professionals with varying skills and talents. Plus, get flexibility, scalability, and the power to directly manage your application and/or feature releases with unlimited technical support.

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george helgessen
What IT talent are you looking for?

Get software engineers that hit the ground coding. Book a call with ProCoders Head of Partnerships, George K. Helgesen

The ProCoders Difference:

01. Complete Project Support

We’re directly involved in your project and can help iron out all the details for events such as demos, investment rounds, and expos. But that’s not all; our team will continue supporting your project even after it’s finished. Whether you need free, short-term resources or help meeting urgent deadlines, we’re there when you need us. ProCoders cares about your project from beginning to end, and in the future.


The ProCoders Difference:

02. No Subcontractors

Unlike some companies that use subcontracted or third-party developers without telling you, at ProCoders, we directly employ every member of our team. This is so you can trust our staff, and we can make sure we’re directly responsible for them.

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The ProCoders Difference:

03. Direct, Quick Communication

Whether it’s on a screen or face-to-face, we’re ready to chat. Directly communicate with any member of your team, at any time, and receive quick responses. We take all necessary precautions in accordance with the pandemic and have certificates that enable our employees to visit most countries worldwide.

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The ProCoders Difference:

04. Local, Unbiased Representation

Our office in Kentucky makes working with ProCoders even easier. We promise unbiased representation through our US partnership with a company that shares our values. This partner has worked with us before and confidently recommends ProCoders without being on our payroll.

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Todd Pritts

Their speed, ability to get the concepts and translate into working code was super impressive. They are always open to talk through your ideas, even if they are very early in development.

Todd Pritts
CPO at Roth River, Inc.

Our Stages of Work:

Conduct Research

We spend time understanding and researching your unique business goals, budget and deadlines. Then we share the profiles of available engineers that can meet the needs of your project.

Select your team

With profiles in-hand, select the engineers you’d like to interview via phone or video. Ask questions about soft and hard skills (and anything else that’s important) to determine which candidates you want to work with. Once you approve your new team and sign the service agreement, we get down to work.

Get started

Whether we work together part-time, full-time or by-project, our professionals are committed and always available until your milestones are met. No surprise expenses, just agreed-upon fees and an unwavering drive to get the job done right.

When you work with us, you get Pros. Not just Coders.

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Oleg Kopachovets
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