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    Litigation Software Development Services from ProCoders

    You’re one step away from boosting your career with a custom solution tailored to your needs. From design to after-launch maintenance – ProCoders can do it all.

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    Custom Litigation Software Development

    ProCoders will create custom litigation support software with features backed up by modern technology. You’ll get:

    • Audio and video support
    • Screen sharing and e-exhibits
    • A secure chat for your team
    • All-device compatibility
    • User-friendly interface
    • Top-class security
    • Full technical support
    • Third-party service integration

    File documents, access and print courtesy copies, monitor cases, manage them in a calendar, automate workflows, find forms immediately, and more with one unique solution.

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    The project is a subscription-based app for lawyers. It helps bring up documents on TV screens while questioning witnesses and defendants in the courtroom and streamlines work for litigators by allowing them to share and edit documents easily.

    After having a rough experience with another team, the company turned to ProCoders for technical help. The future app had some important goals a.k.a issues:

    • Dropbox integration – to ensure proper use for customers
    • Convenient subscription – to make all financial aspects a breeze
    • Mobile application – to make the solution as accessible as possible for litigators
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    What did ProCoders do?

    We provided a QA specialist, as well as frontend and backend developers to solve the problems, enrich the software with features, improve user experience, and polish the solution to make it ready for release.

    After thoroughly analyzing the needs of the client and pinpointing the most effective technologies, our pros chose ASP.NET for the portal and Swift for the mobile version.

    The result?

    The app is mere days from full deployment, with the beta version already running smoothly.

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    “They quickly understood our requirements and could explain the technical and project management approach.”
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    “If something needed to be changed, they would quickly grasp that and execute it, rather than resist changes.”
    Founder, Beyond Sky
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    “We feel and witness having a partner that genuinely cares for our projects’ quality.”
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    “I truly respect and enjoy the responsiveness and positive engagement from the ProCoders team.”
    CEO & Founder, Networking Startup Platform
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    “It was very easy to work with them.”
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    “The design style was amazing and they really nailed our brief.”
    Head of Digital, Vetz Petz
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    What is litigation software?

    This is a solution that stores all records of your litigation cases. You can find forms there, store your data, accept payments from customers, send invoices, establish and track your schedule through a calendar, etc. ProCoders can develop general litigation law software or a custom one with features for your particular business needs.

    What does litigation management software do?

    Software for litigation does a lot for your practice organization. Use it to prepare documentation, be aware of the deadlines and details of your cases, help plan meetings, accept payments more conveniently, and more.

    How much does litigation software cost?

    The cost depends on a lot of factors, such as the complexity of your project, the length of our contract, the level of developers you require, the timeframe and planned budget, the number of specialists you need, and so much more. We at ProCoders offer competitive pricing, with middle developers’ rates starting at $6,000 a month. And if we sign a long-term project, the monthly costs become even lower. Let us provide you with a free quote!

    Is litigation assistance software useful for managing my cases and new clients?

    Absolutely! You can take more clients because you save a lot of time by automating routine tasks and always having access to all your cases. All this without confusion as you can manage each client through the software. Finally, forms and other documents are highly accessible and easy to download or print, making it easier both for you, your team, and the people you help through your practice.

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