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Mary Nosel

Senior Copywriter

Experience: 12 years in copywriting, 3 years in IT

Mary has over a decade of experience in writing and editing in her role as a Senior Creative Copywriter at ProCoders, with the last three years focused specifically on IT content. She excels at making complex information easy to understand and enjoyable to read, helping to share ProCoders' insights with a wider audience.

Her skill set includes: 

  • crafting detailed technical articles
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • research and analysis

Mary has developed a keen understanding of software development cycles, enabling her to tackle complex IT topics with confidence. Her commitment to staying current in her field is demonstrated by her continuous education, including recent courses in JavaScript, which complement her technical writing skills. 

Additionally, Mary has expanded her knowledge through specialized courses in IT copywriting and editing, such as "Technical Documentation Essentials" and "Advanced IT Editing Techniques." These courses have equipped her to handle intricate subject matter more effectively, ensuring that her content is both accurate and engaging.

Mary's main tasks involve structuring large amounts of content to enhance readability and creating engaging blog posts and marketing materials that resonate with readers. Her goal is to help ProCoders communicate effectively, ensuring the company's values and messages are consistently conveyed across all communication channels.

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