How to Convert Your Wix Site to WordPress
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If you currently have a website built on Wix and are considering switching to WordPress, you’re not alone. Many business owners start out using the former for its beginner-friendly drag and drop builder, only to outgrow its limitations over time.

The good news is we at ProCoders have had experience with such transitions. And we’re ready to help you prepare for it by:

  • Evaluating if migrating is the right approach for you
  • Preparing your current site for the move
  • Using plugins and services to assist with the transition
  • Completing pre and post-migration steps

and more! Follow along as we detail how to convert Wix to WordPress!

How to Convert Your Wix Site to WordPress

What Are the Reasons to Convert to WordPress?

Before diving into the actual migration process, let’s discuss the top reasons businesses typically move Wix to WordPress:

More Design Freedom and Customization

One of the biggest gripes people have with Wix is its restrictive template-based approach. The options are decent but limit your ability to deeply customize the design and layout.
WP offers far more design freedom with the ability to modify templates or create a fully custom site architecture. Thousands of themes let you tailor the look and feel while still accelerating development.

Greater Scalability and Performance

As your business and site grow, the initial platform can begin to buckle under increased traffic. Bottlenecks are more likely on shared hosting. WP scales smoothly from small business platforms to enterprise-level sites. You have full control over hosting, caching, CDNs, and other optimizations to support growth.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Wix is affordable initially but charges you more as your site expands. Premium tiers for add-ons, extra storage, and bandwidth can all add up. You can get full control over your WordPress site cost with a self-hosted WP platform. Optimize hosting and resources purely based on your site needs.

More SEO Control and Options

Customizing SEO on Wix is limited compared to having full access in WP. Plus, page builders can bloat code. WordPress makes SEO easy with editable metadata, URLs, XML sitemaps, and built-in best practices. Great WordPress SEO services is vital for organic search growth.

Access to Advanced Functionality and Plugins

Expanding functionality in Wix often means paying more. Even then, options are limited compared to WordPress. Its plugin ecosystem offers endless free and paid extensions for nearly any feature. No restraints on customizing to your needs.

Easier Content Management

Wix’s built-in CMS is usable but lacks the depth and flexibility of WP. Managing dynamic content can be cumbersome. With WP, editing all site content is intuitive with custom post types, reusable parts, workflows, and even a mobile app.

Pick Your Hosting Provider

On Wix, you’re forced to use their hosting. If issues arise, you have little recourse or control. WordPress lets you use any hosting provider you want. Mix and match plans for cost and performance optimization.

Overall, Wix transfer to WordPress provides a powerful yet cost-effective foundation for long-term growth. The flexibility and scalability lead many site owners to eventually shift away from limited solutions.

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How to Prepare Your Site For Migration From Wix to WordPress

To make sure your Wix to WordPress migration goes smoothly, your site needs proper preparation. We’ve asked our senior WP developers about the key steps to complete in the pre-migration stage:

How to prepare to transfer Wix to WordPress?

Clean Up Your Content

Delete any unused, outdated, or duplicate content from your site. This reduces what needs to be migrated and eliminates future cruft.

Create a Sitemap

Generate a sitemap of all pages/sections on your site. This helps match up content when migrating to WP.

Review Site Analytics

Look at traffic sources, popular pages, conversions, and other analytics to align your WordPress site with what worked on the initial one.

Select a WordPress Theme

Browse themes that aesthetically match your current site and have the functionality you need going forward.

Find New Hosting

Research managed WordPress hosting providers that can smoothly run your site. Assess needs and pick a plan.

Determine Plugins Needed

Make a list of critical WordPress plugins like forms, eCommerce, etc. that will recreate functionality from the original platform.

Back Up Your Site

Use Wix’s backup tool to download a full. XML site backup for the migration process.

With prep work done, you’re ready to undertake the migration itself next.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Convert Wix Site to WordPressё

Once you’ve aligned on switching from Wix to WordPress and completed pre-migration housekeeping, it’s go time! Let’s walk through the step-by-step site conversion process covering before, during, and after the migration:

A step-by-step on how to migrate Wix to WordPress.

Pre-migration Process

Find a Trustworthy Software Development Partner

Ideally, your first step would be to find a software development company that would provide a coder or even a team to prepare your platform and export Wix to WordPress. Before making the final choice, consider their portfolio, WordPress developer salary cost, cultural fit, scalability options, and communication skills.

Install WordPress on New Hosting

Get WP up and running on your new managed hosting provider. For security, use a blank database with no existing site.

Activate Your Chosen Theme

Log into the WordPress dashboard and activate the theme you selected that aligns with your site aesthetic.

Install Essential Plugins

Adding any must-have plugins like WooCommerce, membership, forms, etc., based on how you use the site currently is essential, and so is thoroughly testing them.

Import Media Library

Use a plugin like Wix to WP to import your images, videos, and documents and copy a Wix page to Word Press.

Wix to WordPress Conversion
(3 approaches)

Manual Migration

Going page by page to copy over content is an option but extremely tedious. Only recommended for very small sites.

Use a Plugin or Service

Plugins can automate the migration of page content, products, posts, etc. to WP. Much easier!

Using RSS to Import Wix to WordPress

This approach ONLY refers to transferring content. To use RSS feeds, you have to enable them in your dashboard, under Site Settings. Switch it on for both pages and blog posts. You’ll also need the WP RSS Importer plugin to access Wix RSS feeds on your new site.

Point the plugin to your original site RSS feeds for importing pages, blog posts, etc. Then, run the WP RSS Importer to pull in content to relevant areas of your WordPress site.The plugin can import pages, posts, comments, categories, and tags from a Wix RSS feed into WP. Just keep in mind that formatting and images won’t transfer over – just raw content.

Post-migration Process

Key points about post-migration process

Review Transferred Content

Scrutinize everything that came over from the original site – pages, blog posts, products, etc. Make sure nothing is missing or duplicated.

Update Links and Settings

Double-check that all settings, such as menu links, images, text links, etc., work properly in WP after being copied over.

Redirect URLs

Use a plugin like Safe Redirect Manager to forward all URLs to relevant WordPress pages to retain SEO value.

Submit New Sitemap

Generate a WP sitemap and submit it to search engines like Google to index the migrated site.

And as you move away from Wix, the new WordPress site is ready to go live!

All this may sound doable alone due to additional plugins and services, but you have to realize the importance of data on your website and the platform itself. Would you trust a migration to an inexperienced person?

We don’t think so. It’s much better to hire WordPress developers who have transferred numerous websites to and from WP and who will choose the approach suitable for your particular case.

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Skip the Hassle of a DIY Move – Our Pros Will Own the Process from Audit to Launch. Turn Wix into Something More Powerful with ProCoders!

Plugins to Migrate from Wix to WordPress

There’s a lot of buzz around plugins. Some people think they are a waste of time, and if it’s not done manually, it’s not done right. Others rely too much on plugins, thinking they don’t need professional help with anything, even a process as serious as a website migration. 

We at ProCoders are in-between. We know for a fact that plugins help. They can make the migration process much more convenient and faster. However, we’re all in for a professional approach. 

You may need changes in the site structure or design. And the data can get lost during the process if you blindly use plugins. So, mixing the best of the two worlds by hiring seasoned pros that use the most secure and effective plugins is the way to go.

And while you know that you can always find expert WP developers to switch Wix to WordPress at ProCoders, we’ve prepared a list of plugins that may be useful!

Wix to WP Plugin

This free plugin lets you pull page content, images, videos, etc. into WP with reliable results. Easy to use and automates much of the heavy lifting.

WP Pusher

A paid migration service that copies over all Wix content into WordPress, including site structure. Provides 1-click deployment.


A paid automated migration service for transferring sites into WP while maintaining images, styling, etc.

All in One WP Migration

A premium plugin great for migrating WP sites but also supports importing from other platforms.


A paid migration tool that clones websites, including pages, posts, themes, and plugins, with high accuracy.

The key advantage of these tools is they eliminate most of the tedious work of manually recreating vast amounts of content. While considering the options, keep your budget in mind since some of the plugins are paid.

How ProCoders Can Help in Converting Your Wix Website to WordPress

Let ProCoders help you convert Wix to WordPress.

It’s no small task to export Wix blog to WordPress. Moving an existing site while minimizing disruption takes experience – something the experts at ProCoders have in spades.

Going the DIY route may seem not only daunting but time and effort-consuming, not to mention it may be dangerous for the data stored on the platform. So, why not trust professionals who have experience in the task you need to be done?

We actually had to transfer Wix blog to WordPress, along with the whole website, recently for one of our partners. This is one of our latest cases, and we’ve decided to seize the opportunity and talk to Alex, our Head of WP Development, about it.

Maybe this short yet informative interview with one of ProCoders’ most experienced engineers will answer some of your migration-related questions.

Q: Why did our partner want to migrate their website?

A: There were certain difficulties supporting the site and integrating new functionality. The company outgrew Wix and needed a platform that would accommodate the scalability needs of the project.

Q: Were there any difficulties during the migration?

A: We built a new website structure for the partner, so there were no problems except for transferring the booking widgets crucial for the service.

Q: And how did you solve the issue?

A: I wouldn’t say it was an issue but rather a more labor-intensive process. We’ve collaborated with the company’s manager to transfer all the needed information meticulously.

Q: How many people worked on the project from ProCoders?

A: One manager and two developers.

Q: And how long did it take to complete the migration?

A: We’re still making the finishing touches, but such a transition usually takes 1,5-2 months.

Q: What recommendations do you have as a specialist for those considering moving their website?

A: Make absolutely sure to preserve all metrics and links to existing pages.

We’re ready to take up new migrations! From planning to execution, our WP specialists will:

  • Audit your existing site and prepare a migration checklist
  • Determine the ideal WP theme, plugins, and hosting
  • Configure the WP environment for the transition
  • Assist in transferring content using the best plugins/tools
  • Test converted site and optimize for performance
  • Develop custom functionality needed in WP
  • Update DNS and implement 301 redirects for sound SEO

With 9+ years perfecting WordPress migrations, ProCoders provides an opportunity to hire programmers for startup or enterprise in any industry, from eCommerce to Healthcare. Our technical experts will collaborate closely to build, migrate and launch your new optimized WP website.

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Bring ProCoders’ 9+ Years of Expertise to Your Migration Project. Hire the Specialists with Experience in Your Industry!
Can I transfer my site on Wix to another host?

Yes, you can migrate your website to new hosting. Options include self-hosted WordPress, other website builders like Squarespace, or migrating just your content to host it from scratch. The process may involve manual content transfer or using plugins/services to automate it.

How do I transfer my Wix domain to WordPress?

First, purchase the domain name. For the WordPress site, set up hosting and install WordPress. Point the domain to the new hosting by updating the nameservers. Then update the settings in WP to use the domain. Lastly, enable 301 redirects so traffic flows to your new domain.

What are the key issues while migrating a site from Wix to WordPress?

Some common challenges while moving include: replicating custom design elements, exporter tools missing key content, broken links/images after migration, functionality gaps without the original add-ons, and getting SEO/rankings back to previous levels. Careful planning and testing help avoid most pitfalls.

Can you transfer Wix to WordPress automatically?

Yes, automated migration from Wix to WP is possible using plugins like Wix to WP or paid services like WP Pusher. However, for a proper, smooth transition, you need developers who know how to convert Wix to WordPress. By working with professionals, you opt for an error-free migration without lost content.

What is the difference between using Wix and WordPress?

Wix uses a drag-and-drop editor with templates, and WP is a customized content management system. The former is beginner-friendly but limiting, while WP offers endless flexibility and scalability. For advanced users, the latter provides more control over design, functionality, SEO, and performance.


Migrating an old Wix platform to WP requires thoughtful preparation, the right tools, and attention to detail. But with this guide, you now understand:

  • Key reasons businesses outgrow Wix and switch to WP
  • How to get your current website ready for migration
  • Necessary steps both before and after site content conversion
  • Powerful plugins that automate and simplify the transition
  • How our ProCoders team can support the seamless execution of your transition

The effort to convert to a new website pays off with more design freedom, scalability, functionality, SEO control, and savings. Now armed with a game plan, it’s possible to migrate while minimizing disruption. Just take it step by step.

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