What is Claude2: New Open Source ChatGPT Alternative
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“Artificial intelligence is the future” – this phrase has never been more relevant than today, as AI chatbots like ChatGPT take the world by storm. Yet exciting new alternatives are emerging that offer unique capabilities. Enter Claude 2 – an open-source AI assistant developed by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. (You’ll see these words a lot while talking to the bot).

Claude2 benefits include its harmlessness.

As we at OmniMind discuss the new smart bot as a ChatGPT language model alternative, our existing and potential clients ask lots of logical questions:

  • What is Claude2?
  • How was it made?
  • Is it a decent GPT alternative?
  • How is its AI significant?
  • How to access it?

To avoid confusion, we’ve compiled all we know about the model and the Claude2 vs ChatGPT dilemma in this guide.

What Is Claude 2 and What Can You Do With It?

Claude 2 is a conversational AI chatbot created by researchers at Anthropic, an AI safety and research startup. It’s designed to have natural conversations, provide helpful information, and avoid harmful, untruthful, or biased responses. The second version builds on Claude, Anthropic’s first AI assistant, released in 2021. 

key things you can do with Claude 2

Some key things you can do with it include:

  • Having natural conversations through text or voice and chit-chatting on any topic. The bot provides everything from accurate answers on everyday situations to empathetic talk providing mental health support
  • Getting explanations of concepts, summaries of topics, and definitions of terms
  • Receiving assistance through the model’s creative writing abilities, such as sentence rephrasing, text completions, grammar corrections, etc.
  • Summarizing long articles, texts, or documents
  • Translating texts between English and 100+ languages
  • Composing original poems, songs, short stories, and more
  • Scheduling meetings, setting reminders, creating to-do lists; Integration with calendar apps for scheduling assistance
  • Looking up info like weather, sports scores, stock prices
  • Checking homework answers and explaining solutions
  • Providing coding assistance and code completions
  • Making recommendations for books, films, restaurants

and so on.

OmniMind’s Experience:

Upon using the model, we’ve noticed how one of its main objectives is to be “helpful, harmless, and honest.” Guess this is a good pitch by the company, as AI-based models may provide false and even offensive replies while they are “learning”. That’s why most chatbots have limitations as to their answers.
Also, the pitch makes sense since Anthropic is an AI safety startup. This is a solid green flag.

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How Claude 2 Was Made

Claude 2 was created using Constitutional AI techniques pioneered by Anthropic researchers. This involves training AI models to follow human values and social norms. The assistant is built on top of the artificial intelligence company engine called Constitutional Adept.

Anthropic used self-supervised learning methods to train the model on a huge corpus of online dialogues and text data scraped from the Internet. This included recent conversations, articles, books, and other content right up through 2022.

In addition, it’s being updated through a technique called fine-tuning by incorporating new training data, including conversations with real users. This allows the bot to stay current with recent events, cultural trends, and evolving language.

Claude 2 vs GPT-4: Is It as Good as Its Competitor?

We’ve prepared a brief Claude2 ChatGPT comparison table:

FeatureClaude 2ChatGPT-4
Created ByAnthropicOpenAI
Training Data TimeframeUp to December 2022Up to September 2021
Accuracy of ResponsesHighly accurateSometimes inaccurate
Task AssistanceCan schedule meetings, set reminders, etc.Limited abilities
PrivacyDon’t store user dataStores some user data
Potential for BiasLow, designed to avoid biasesModerate potential for bias
AccessibilityFree and open-sourceClosed source, paid
File UploadingBuilt-in, seamlessThrough plugins or Code Interpreter

Token limit is also very important for us as we want to provide our partners with chatbots that can perceive and process different amounts of data – from answers to simple customer support questions to analyzing big data sets like documents, books, and websites.

ChatGPT-4 32K version has a limit of 32,768 tokens, while Claude2 limitations reach 100,000 tokens, which is about 75,000 words. 

Oleg Kopachovets

Expanding the context window to 100,000 tokens allows us to fit entire novels for analysis using Claude”.

OmniMind’s Tip:

Keep in mind that although Claude 2 has the ability to upload PDF files with your requests, you will still need a solution like OmniMind to enable full-fledged work with your document library.

So how do Claude2 pros and cons stack up against the buzz around ChatGPT? While both are impressive conversational AI systems, the Anthropic solution has some advantages:

  • More truthful, unbiased responses
  • Helpful for real-world tasks
  • Open-source a.k.a. customizable
  • Actively harmless
  • Newer data available
  • API for developers available
  • Cheaper

Oleg Kopachovets

Claude 2 is at least 3 times cheaper than GPT-4, but 5 times more expensive than GPT-3. So, when you’re dealing with colossal text Claude 2 definitely keeps your pocket fat”.

As to the cons, we’ve noticed several things:

  • The platform is available only in the US and the UK, although you can access it via VPN.

The functionality is limited to English, although you can communicate with the bot in your language. As Claude 2 itself explained to us, it uses machine translation, rendering your message in English and then translating the answer to the language you use.

Claude2 limitations may include its sense of humor.

According to the model, it may have some limitations in areas like creativity and humor where ChatGPT excels. “Overall, Claude 2 offers thoughtfully researched responses over entertaining replies.”

We found the bots’ jokes a bit self-conscious with phrases like “I don’t have a mastery of joke-telling but I’m happy to keep trying.”

Claude2 limitations may include its sense of humor.

OmniMind’s Insight:

Token limit is very important for us as we want to provide our partners with chatbots that can perceive and process different amounts of data – from answers to simple customer support questions to analyzing big data sets like documents, books, and websites.

ChatGPT-4 32K version has a limit of 32,768 tokens, while Claude2 limitations reach 100,000 tokens, which is about 75,000 words. This means a whole world for summarization applications we work on, as the users won’t need to break down the text into so many chunks to get a wholesome summary.

Oleg Kopachovets, CEO

At the same time, Claude 2 doesn’t have embeddings and they recommend using open-source SBERT ones. But who needs them when you have a context window capable of fitting almost the entire text of The Odyssey by Homer”?

To see the full picture and discover the differences between the GPT and Claude models, consider reading our “What is ChatGPT?” article. There, we talk in-depth about the chatbot that had so much buzz around it and the potential to help thousands of businesses. 

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How Does Claude AI Compare to Other AI Chatbots?

We’ve found Claude 2 the most accurate and convenient AI model so far. Let’s compare it to other assistants:

  • ChatGPT – Created by OpenAI and very conversational. However, it sometimes provides false information and lacks capabilities beyond chatting.
  • Alexa – Amazon’s assistant focuses on practical voice-controlled tasks like shopping, music, and smart home commands. More limited for open-ended conversations.
  • Siri – Apple’s long-standing AI assistant can handle basic queries and tasks via voice but has a limited depth of knowledge and conversational ability.
  • Google Assistant – Similar to Alexa and Siri for voice-based practical help and information, but not for nuanced dialogue.
  • Replika – Designed to be a personalized companion chatbot that remembers user details. However, lacks Claude’s accuracy and honesty.
  • Mitsuku – An early chatbot that won awards for humanness. Still relies on scripts rather than AI learning.

Overall, the Anthropic assistant hits a unique balance between strong conversational AI and responsible, truthful answers.

It’s improving as well. For example, the latest version scored 76.5% on the multiple-choice section of the Bar exam, while its previous model, Claude 1.3, scored 73.0%.

claude 2 ai model

TOP Claude 2 Applications for Your Business

The AI model’s wide range of capabilities provide benefits to various industries and business functions. Here are some top applications OmniMind can use Claude 2 for to enhance your possibilities:

Customer ServiceMarketingSalesRecruiting
A conversational AI chatbot on your website or messaging platform will provide 24/7 automated support. This frees up humGenerate personalized marketing content, analyze campaigns, and engage customers through AI-powered interactive conversations.Qualify leads, recommend products, streamline booking with an AI sales assistant.A chatbot can screen candidates, schedule interviews, and answer common questions to optimize hiring.
Create smart virtual tutors and advisors to deliver customized eLearning.Build AI assistants for personal finance, investments, and accounting tasks to serve customers.Implement symptom checker chatbots, virtual nurses, appointment scheduling, and more.A chatbot can write, debug, and test code to accelerate development.
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How to Access Claude 2

It can be accessed via API as well as a new public-facing beta website, claude.ai. It’s easy and completely free. 

Here’s how to try it out:

  1. Visit Anthropic’s website and sign up for an account
  2. Install the app on your device or use the web interface
  3. Start chatting by typing or speaking your messages
  4. Optionally make requests, ask questions, get definitions, etc.
  5. Provide feedback to improve Claude 2’s responses over time

As an open-source project, developers can also run Claude 2 locally and contribute to the codebase on GitHub. OmniMind’s developers have already studied the code to see how the model works from the inside.

So, we’re ready to integrate the solution into your projects!

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Is Claude 2 free?

Yes, one of the top Claude2 benefits is that it’s entirely free to use. Anthropic intends to keep it free and open-source.

What devices can I use Claude 2 on?

It’s available as a website, mobile app, and desktop app. Claude 2 works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

What languages does Claude 2 understand?

Only English, but more languages are planned for the future. You can communicate with the chatbot in other languages, but keep in mind that it will translate your message into English before answering it. The reply will then be automatically translated into your language.

Is Claude 2 safe for kids?

It avoids harmful content, but parental guidance is still recommended as with any online activity.

Does Claude 2 collect or store user data?

No, it doesn’t collect any user data. It is designed to protect privacy.


What is Claude2? It’s an exciting advancement in AI assistants. With its Constitutional AI approach, thoughtful responses, and commitment to help over harm, it becomes more than a ChatGPT-like bot. 

As it continues to improve, the AI model could become a valuable tool for work, school, and daily life. If you’re interested in integrating AI features into your website, eLearning platform, web or mobile app, or another solution, OmniMind can do it quickly and hassle-free!

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