Simple Guide for Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript
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As the software development industry evolves, many businesses are considering converting their JavaScript codebases to TypeScript. The latter is less prone to errors, has an improved autocomplete, and is easier to maintain. All of this saves time, resources, and labor, which can result in a faster time-to-market of the upgraded version and a lower development cost.

Why convert JavaScript to TypeScript?

It may seem quite an undertaking to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript. However, with proper planning and preparation, it can be smooth and efficient. Gladly, we at ProCoders have had experience with such cases and are ready to guide you through:

  • The potential challenges that may arise
  • Bugs to control and avoid for a seamless migration
  • Tech stack and skills needed for the process to go smoothly

Finishing the article with an actual product owner guide on solution migration, we do everything so that you leave this page knowing exactly what to do next!

Why to Convert JavaScript to TypeScript

One of the reasons to migrate JavaScript to TypeScript is the increasing popularity of the latter. 2022 data.

There are several reasons why you may want to convert JavaScript to TypeScript: 

TypeScript PopularityCode ScalabilityFuture Compatibility
TS has been steadily gaining adoption, and in 2023, this trend continues as more developers recognize its benefits.TS offers better code scalability due to its static type checking and objects-oriented features. This leads to fewer bugs and more efficient code.
he TS compiler transpiles TypeScript code down to plain JS code so that it can run in JS environments like browsers and Node JS.
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Need All These Advantages for Your JS Solution? Let ProCoders’ Developers Take Care of the Tech Intricacies and Migrate Your Software to TS!

What Challenges May Arise in Migration from JS to TS

When converting JS to TS, you may encounter several challenges:

  1. Dealing with pre-existing code that is not compatible with TS’s strict type checking. This can lead to a substantial number of errors and warnings that need to be resolved during the migration process.
  2. The potential increase in the size of your codebase, as TS can require additional type annotations and imports to function properly. This may make the code more challenging to manage and maintain, especially in large projects.
  3. The transition may require a learning curve for your team members who are not familiar with TS’s syntax and features. However, with proper training, support, and resources, this challenge can be overcome.

All these challenges are worth the benefits TS can bring to your project. Besides, we at ProCoders not only hire JavaScript developers to build applications but also TypeScript professionals for businesses that are ready to choose innovation and scalability. 

Here, you’ll find developers with qualifications in both programming languages and their libraries who can make the transition almost invisible.

Avoid All Disadvantages with Professionals by Your Side. Hire ProCoders Developers for a Smooth, Hassle-Free JavaScript to TypeScript Transition!

JavaScript to TypeScript Migrating Bug List: Control and Avoid

Our developers say these bugs are crucial to watch out for if you want your JavaScript to TypeScript convert to go well. These bad boys can make it difficult to migrate and prolong the process until the tech specialists figure out what’s wrong.

Gladly, our experts have pushed through all possible bugs and errors during our transition cases. 

For example, we worked with a non-profit called Ushahidi, where we had to update and upgrade an AngularJS 5-6-year-old code compiled by various developers and migrate the solution to Angular. 

That would’ve been quite a hassle if it wasn’t for the experience of our senior engineers who knew how migrate from AngularJS to Angular and avoid errors in the process.

Here are some bugs our coders mentioned:

  • Incompatible JavaScript libraries – some JavaScript libraries may not have TypeScript type definitions, making them difficult to integrate with TypeScript code. You may need to create type definitions manually or find alternative libraries with TypeScript support.
  • Implicit type coercion – JavaScript allows for implicit type coercion, which can lead to unexpected behavior and bugs. TypeScript can help catch these issues, but it may require refactoring to eliminate type coercion.
  • Loose typing – JavaScript’s dynamic typing can lead to bugs that are difficult to track down. TypeScript’s static typing can help catch these issues, but migrating may require adding explicit type annotations and refactoring code to adhere to strict typing rules.

If you need a larger, customized list for your solution, it’s no problem!

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What Tech Stack and Skills Your Team Needs to Convert from JS to TS Successfully

Don’t choose just any developer to convert JS to TypeScript. Based on our experience, for migration, you need people with the knowledge of certain tech details of the transition process, not just the knowledge of JS and TS.

TS compilerTS configuration
You will need the TS compiler (tsc) to convert your code. Set it up using npm install or yarn.A tsconfig.json file is required to configure the TypeScript compiler options for your project. This file should be added to the root directory of your project.
TS-aware IDEDeep TS knowledge
A development environment with TypeScript support, such as Visual Studio Code or WebStorm, can help catch errors and provide autocompletion during the migration process.Familiarity with TypeScript syntax, features, and best practices is essential for a successful migration. Make sure your team members are well-versed in TS before starting the process.

Our developers know all of these technical details and are ready to start migrating your solution in 3-14 days!While some businesses think about the Express JS vs Node JS dilemma, you’re ready to go in a new, more modern direction. Of course, we at ProCoders are ready to guide you as your trustworthy software development partner.

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Be Proactive – Hire True Professionals with ProCoders for Your JS to TS Migration Project!

Product Owner Guide on Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript: Checkpoint and Critical Steps


During 9 years of gaining experience, we at ProCoders have understood that there’s no perfect formula for each solution moving from JavaScript to TypeScript. The step-by-step below is general and we publish it with the purpose of general education so that you can get familiar with the protocol. If you’re interested in migrating, we’ll study your project and its needs, creating a unique roadmap specifically for your business.

Step 1. Assess the
current codebase
Step 2. Develop
a migration plan
Step 3. Train your team
Before starting the migration process, evaluate your current codebase to identify any potential issues or complexities that may arise during the conversion.Create a detailed plan for migrating your codebase, including milestones, deadlines, and team member responsibilities.

Check if all team members are familiar with TypeScript and have the necessary skills and resources to complete the migration. If not, turn to ProCoders – we have the necessary staff on bench!
Step 4. Migrate
Step 5. Test regularlyStep 6. Monitor
and optimize

Migrate your codebase in small, manageable pieces, prioritizing critical components first. This can help minimize potential issues and disruptions.
Perform thorough testing throughout the migration process to catch and fix any issues as they arise.

After completing the migration, monitor your application’s performance and optimize it as needed to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

How ProCoders Can Help with JavaScript and TypeScript Migration

Convert JS code to TypeScript to make it better with ProCoders!

It’s a big endeavor to transpire JavaScript to TypeScript, but our experienced developers can guide you through a smooth transition. Our skilled developers have migrated numerous projects from AngularJS to Angular, switching from the popular JS to the more innovative and scalable TS. 

ProCoders can help you with:

  • A free 1,5-hour workshop where we get to know your business, its needs and goals, as well as the plans for the migration project.
  • Discovery Phase in case you require a full tech team. We start with analysis and high-risk area identification to create a migration roadmap. Our architects determine the optimal approach – either incremental or full migration.
  • Staff augmentation where ProCoders provide expert TS developers to work as part of your team on modernizing your JavaScript app or website.
  • Team as a Service (TaaS or self-managed dedicated team), suitable for larger migrations and businesses that don’t have a tech team at all. We can assemble a dedicated squad of JavaScript/TypeScript specialists who you manage day-to-day while benefiting from our staffing and recruitment.

ProCoders always has something to offer when we’re talking about making solutions better. Migrations aren’t uncommon because each year, new platforms introduce features that can make software and websites faster and more convenient to use. 

Transitioning requires a lot of work, but the results are worth it. Check for yourself; we have two cases available for the public – MultiQ and Ushahidi.

Let Us Apply Our Expertise to Help Migrate Your Solution!
What is TypeScript?

TS is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JS. It offers static type checking, object-oriented programming features, and better code maintainability and scalability.

How Much Does it Cost to Change JavaScript to TypeScript?

The cost of migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your codebase, as well as the level of expertise of your team members.

Are There any Automatic Solutions for JS to TS Migration?

There are some tools available, such as jscodeshift or ts-migrate, that can help automate parts of the migration process. However, manual intervention and testing are still required to ensure a successful conversion.

How Can Project Manager Assist in Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript?

A project manager can assist in the migration process by developing a detailed migration plan, assigning tasks to team members, and monitoring progress and deadlines.

Does A JS-to-TS ChatGPT Converter Tool Exist?

Currently, there is no specific ChatGPT converter for migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript. However, as AI technologies advance, it is possible that AI-powered solutions could emerge in the future to assist in code migration.

How to Re-launch With No Bugs after Migrating from JS to TS?

Thorough testing and proper planning are essential to ensure a bug-free re-launch after migration. Conduct regular testing throughout the migration process, and focus on fixing any issues as they arise.

Why Should I Convert from JavaScript to TypeScript?

Converting from JavaScript to TypeScript can offer numerous benefits, including better code maintainability, scalability, and collaboration among team members. It can also help reduce bugs and improve overall code quality.

Can ChatGPT Automatically Migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript Without Developers?

ChatGPT cannot migrate code without the involvement of developers. While AI technologies have made significant advancements, migrating code between languages still requires human expertise, understanding, and intervention.


Migrating from JS to TS takes careful planning but pays dividends in stability, scalability, and reduced errors. Our certified developers have successfully converted solutions of all sizes, avoiding common migration pitfalls. 

We start with audits to map a phased plan tailored to your needs. With rigorous testing and monitoring, we ensure a smooth transition to TS. The result is optimized code leveraging strong typing and future JS features today. Partner with ProCoders to leverage our expertise; we enable companies to adopt TS and reap the benefits seamlessly.

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