Developing an AI Astrology App: The Real OmniMind Experience
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The astrology industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with more people turning to it for guidance and self-discovery. The niche is undergoing a digital transformation, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this evolution. For astrology services companies, there’s a unique opportunity to enhance the customer experience by creating AI powered astrology apps.

Automation, 24/7 availability, and calculation accuracy are just a few of the benefits you can offer your clients with AI astrology apps. We at OmniMind know that for a fact, having developed an AI-infused astrology application ourselves using the mightly ChatGPT.

But is it really worth it? And what did we do to combine these two seemingly distant industries? What features and tech stack are the best for this process?

AI-Powered Astrology Apps for modern problems

We’ve talked to OmniMind’s CEO Oleg Copachovets and Numerology and Human Design Expert Bruno Perales on the topic to bring you both technical and creative insights into the topic.

Why Do You Need Artificial Intelligence for Your Astrology App

AI and ML (machine learning) bring a new dimension to astrology by automating complex calculations, offering personalized insights, and providing on-demand astrology services. Here, we provide some of the perks of using tech advances in your solution:

  • Accuracy and Precision: This means that users can receive highly precise birth charts, astrological predictions, and compatibility assessments, which are essential for a reliable astrology service.
  • Personalization: Artificial Intelligence allows you to tailor astrological insights based on individual birth details. Users no longer receive generic horoscopes but instead get personalized readings that resonate with their unique astrological makeup.
  • Availability 24/7: With an AI-powered astrology app, users around the world can access astrological guidance and insights whenever they need it, day or night.
  • Scalability: As your user base grows, the app can effortlessly scale to meet the demand, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.
  • Efficiency: AI automates time-consuming tasks like chart calculations and interpretations. This frees up astrologers to focus on more complex and personalized consultations.
  • User Engagement: GPT chatbots, push notifications, and dynamic content generation encourage users to interact with the app. They can ask questions and receive immediate responses, fostering a sense of connection and community.
  • Competitive Advantage: Integrating AI sets you apart from competitors. It positions your astrology services as innovative, modern, and aligned with the digital age.
Benefits of AI in Astrology
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“The number 20 in Numerology is the number of awakening and that is the main topic of this century. People are now asking for answers as they become more aware of their bodies and the energies that affect them. Mostly the energies of the cosmos and planets.

Astrology has become an accepted tool lately. More and more people rely on this ancient wisdom to get to know themselves better, work on their relationship compatibility, and even for future predictions.

This is where AI can have a huge impact, converting the Big Data into personalized guidance for every human being. People don’t want to spend hours and hours studying this tool, what people need is clear, personalized, and specific action plans that they can apply based on the current energies and how they affect their unique energetic blueprint.

With AI this can be a fast, easy, and efficient way of improving people’s well-being, relationships, and business. Welcome to the AI revolution, now also in the conscious space!”

Bruno Perales

Human Design and Numerology Expert on the role of AI in astrology

Curious About AI-Powered Astrology Apps?

Types of Astrology AI Apps

Astrology has a rich and diverse set of branches, and advanced AI technology can enhance various aspects of these services. Here are some types of AI based astrology apps you can create with OmniMind, choosing one niche or all at once:

1. Natal Chart Generators

Function: Natal chart generators create personalized birth charts based on the user’s details, including date, time, and place of birth (which also defines the Chinese zodiac).

Benefit: Users can easily obtain their unique astrological profile, including the positions of planets, houses, and zodiac signs at the time of their birth. This foundational tool serves as the basis for more advanced astrological interpretations.

2. Horoscope Generators

Function: These provide daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each sun sign based on AI-driven astrological insights about marriage, family, and life in general.

Benefit: Users receive regular astrological guidance tailored to their sun sign, allowing them to navigate different aspects of life, challenges, and opportunities with greater self-awareness and confidence.

3. Compatibility Checkers

Function: Such checkers analyze the astrological compatibility between two individuals by comparing their natal charts.

Benefit: Users can assess the potential of their relationships, whether romantic, friendship, or business. This feature helps individuals make informed decisions about their connections with others.

Engage with modern AI-powered Astrology

4. Transits and Predictions

Function: These astro apps analyze current planetary transits and their impact on one’s natal chart, providing astrological forecasts.

Benefit: Users gain insights into upcoming astrological events and their potential effects on various life areas. This aids in decision-making and preparation for significant life changes.

5. Numerology Calculators

Function: Such calculators determine personal numerology readings based on names and birth dates, offering insights into life paths and personality traits.

Benefit: Users can explore an additional layer of self-discovery by uncovering the significance of numbers in their lives. Numerology complements astrology, providing a holistic view of one’s personality.

6. Tarot and Oracle Card Readers

Function: Tarot and Oracle card readers use AI tools to generate computerized readings with interpretations.

Benefit: Users can use virtual sessions for guidance and self-reflection. They offer insights into various life situations and provide a different perspective on personal challenges.

Essential Features for Your Astrology AI Chatbot

To meet the expectations of astrology enthusiasts like your clients, consider including these features:

  • Customized and Dynamic Content: Tailor content based on user inputs and profiles.
  • Chatbots: Enable users to converse and ask astrology-related questions.
  • Push Notifications: Keep users engaged with weekly or daily horoscope updates.
  • Social Media Integration: Allow users to share their astrological insights.
  • AR Features: Enhance the experience with virtual birth charts.
  • Multiple Language Support: Attract a global audience with multilingual capabilities.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Building An AI Astrology App

Building an AI astrology app is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning and execution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you bring your vision to life:

Step 1: Plan Your App

The first step is to define the overall scope and objectives of your astrology app. Consider the following key aspects:

  • Scope: Determine the specific astrology services your app will offer, such as natal chart generation, horoscopes, or compatibility assessments.
  • Features: List the features and functionalities your app will include, keeping in mind the needs of your target audience.
  • Timeline: Establish a realistic timeline for development, testing, and launch.
  • Budget: Calculate the resources required and allocate a budget accordingly.

A well-defined plan serves as the foundation for your app’s development and ensures that your project stays on track.

Step 2: Research Astrological Content

You’ll have to gather the necessary astrological knowledge and data into one database to power your future solution. This step is essential for ensuring that your AI based horoscope app interprets astrology in a manner consistent with your client’s expectations.

Step 3: Develop Front-End

Create an appealing and user-friendly front-end design for your program. The front-end is what users interact with, so it should provide an intuitive and engaging experience. Consider factors such as user interface (UI) design, navigation, and the overall look and feel of the app.

Step 4: Implement User Authentication

Security and privacy are paramount in astrology apps as users will share personal details with the algorithm. Implement secure user authentication and profile management systems to protect user data and ensure a safe yet personalized experience.

Get better astrological predictions with AI technology

Step 5: Set Up Back-End Infrastructure

Build a robust and scalable back-end infrastructure to support your app’s functionality. This includes databases for storing user info, astrological calculations, and AI models. Ensure that the infrastructure can handle the expected traffic load and data processing requirements.

Step 6: Add Payment Functionality

If your astrology solution offers subscription-based services or premium content, integrate secure payment options. This allows users to easily subscribe and access exclusive features, ensuring your app’s sustainability.

Step 7: Testing and Debugging

Conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any issues or bugs. The process should cover various scenarios to ensure your GPT AI website or app functions smoothly and provides accurate astrological insights.

Step 8: Release Your App

Once testing is complete, submit your product to app stores for launch and promotion. Develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience and promote your astrology app AI effectively.

By following these steps and incorporating the insights from OmniMind, you can create a robust and AI-driven astrology app that meets your client’s specific requirements and delivers valuable astrological services to users.

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Tech Stack Suitable for an Astrology AI App

When using AI for astrology applications, consider using the following technologies:

  • React Native or Flutter: Cross-platform app development for wider accessibility.
  • Custom ChatGPT Models: Utilize AI models for personalized insights.
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS or GCP for scalable infrastructure.
  • Node.js or Django: Backend development and database management.
  • Development Tools: Android Studio, Xcode, Git, and more.

How Does OmniMind Approach Astrological Calculations?

We use a proprietary approach to deliver a unique combination of AI and astrology. First of all, here are some of the charts OmniMind can help you create:

  • Natal Chart (or Birth Chart): A map showing the positions of all the planets in their journey around the Sun at the exact moment of your birth.
  • Transit Chart: Reveals where the planets are currently (or at any desired point in time) and how they interact with your natal chart.
  • Solar Return Chart: A chart cast for each birthday, providing insights into the themes for the upcoming year.
  • Lunar Return Chart: A chart cast every time the Moon returns to its position in the natal chart, occurring roughly every 28 days, and it reveals monthly themes.
  • Progressed Chart: An advancement of the natal chart, progressing day-by-day. It offers insights into personal development and changes over time.
  • Synastry Chart (or Relationship Chart): Compares the charts of two individuals to assess compatibility or the dynamics of their relationship.
  • Composite Chart: A single chart created by calculating the midpoints of two people’s planetary positions. It’s used to understand the relationship as a separate entity.
  • Horary Astrology Chart: A chart cast for the moment a question is asked of an astrologer, providing insight into specific questions.
Explore future with AI-powered predictions
  • Electional Astrology Chart: Selecting the most auspicious time to initiate important events.
  • Solar Arc Directions: A technique where planets are advanced in the chart based on the Sun’s motion.
  • Secondary Progressions: Symbolic movement of the planets at a day-for-a-day rate.
  • Tertiary Progressions: Symbolic movement of the planets at a month-for-a-day rate.
  • Harmonic Charts: Derived by dividing the circle by a specific number, amplifying certain aspects or patterns.
  • Relocated Chart (or Astrocartography): A natal chart recalculated for a different location, useful for understanding how one might “feel” or the challenges that might arise in different places.
  • Midpoint Tree/Structures: A list of the midpoints in one’s natal chart and how they interact with planetary positions.
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts: Charts cast for the times of solar and lunar eclipses, offering insights into specific energies or themes being activated.
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“OmniMind can automate and utilize all of this information for forecasting. Typically, gathering data and calculations based on it constitute the first step in generating individual recommendations and horoscopes.

As the second step, we turn to the power of AI by utilizing specialized Language Models (LLMs) based on ChatGPT and gpt4all, which include knowledge from key teachings of modern astrology described above. 

We have trained the base model on numerous astrological teachings, but we didn’t stop there. The model can be further trained on your specific knowledge, books, literature, and even video seminars. This way, we can effectively digitalze a specific astrologer, their predictive model, and even their narrative style.

By using this powerful combination of automated calculations and AI models, we provide highly personalized results for the end client.”

Oleg Kopachovets

OmniMind CEO on combining astrology and AI with OmniMind

How Can OmniMind Help You Create Your Own AI Powered Chatbot for Astrology Users?

OmniMind allows you to craft a personalized ChatGPT AI tailored to astrology. Your AI horoscope chatbot can become an astrological expert, answering questions and providing insights with precision. Our AI-driven ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) ensures efficient data handling essential for complex calculations, personalized birth chart generation, and real-time astrological insights.

You can use your own database for the bot and access a variety of other astrological data sources to enrich your app’s knowledge base. From natal charts to compatibility assessments, OmniMind helps you offer comprehensive astrological services.

OmniMind’s low-code platform simplifies development. Our specialists will customize your app with renowned AI algorithms, including those from OpenAI and ChatGPT, designing an AI horoscope generator perfectly for your website or app.

Whether starting from scratch or enhancing an existing app, is one of those app development companies that actually contributes to your success!

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Discover the Possibilities of AI in Astrology with OmniMind
How can AI improve the accuracy of astrological readings?

Advanced AI can process vast amounts of astrological data quickly and accurately, leading to more precise readings and custom AI astrology predictions. It can also tailor insights based on individual birth details.

Can users trust AI generated horoscope readings?

AI-generated readings can be trustworthy when backed by extensive training and data. Users can gain valuable insights and guidance from well-designed horoscope AI apps.

How do I ensure data security and user privacy in my app?

OmniMind Implements robust security measures, including encryption and secure authentication, to protect user data and privacy.


Incorporating AI into your astrology app can revolutionize the way your services are delivered and experienced. With OmniMind and the right tech stack, you can create an AI astrology app that resonates with users and can provide personalized astrological insights. 

Our experts are ready to discuss your idea and start the work on a breakthrough app for your business!

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