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What do you do when your product delivery is challenged due to a slow-performing team you've hired? ProCoders has recently helped a real estate company from the Nordics to improve their progress, by providing a Team as a Service with top-notch developers who controlled the complicated development, all while keeping in touch with the client to ensure all processes are aligned.

With thousands of landlords currently using the product, it's definitely one of our favorite cases.

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Innovative approach to Real Estate in the Nordic countries

DISCLAIMER: We respect our clients’ privacy and, according to the non-disclosure agreement signed with this company, we naturally won’t disclose the name, location, or other pieces of private data.

Our client offers tech-driven innovative solutions for property management and the legal part of renting out real estate in the Nordic countries.

With its help, landlords can manage their properties, see payments and compile statistics, communicate with tenants, and see the issues occurring in the real estate they’re renting out. Also, both parties get an easy way through the documentation and contract signing, which is commonly problematic in the Nordic countries due to the difficult nature of said documents.

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Client’s Business Challenge

With innovative ideas and a ready roadmap, the company, unfortunately, had a number of challenges with its outsourcing. The former dedicated team wasn’t prepared for the complexity of the project, so they missed deadlines and deadlines.

So, following the disappointments the client experienced, they had to restructure the project and look for a new partner. Taking a look at the problem, it was clear that the current team lacked an adequate skill level. Every minute of new tech partner search meant further release postponing, which may have given competitors an advantage. Looking for local developers seemed counterproductive, as it would take too much time and vastly increase the budget (as seen in the MultiQ case).

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ProCoders said: “Challenge accepted!”

So, the only choice there was hiring a new dedicated team. The selection process had to become much more meticulous, though. After thorough research and communication with ProCoders’ representatives, the company decided to hire us as their tech partner.

We were able to provide our senior solution architect to analyze the project and execute team assembly. After talking to the specialist, our client realized that the skill level and experience fully matched their expectations. So, through the trial method, the solution architect carefully chose the best developers for the team using deep knowledge of the project’s needs.

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Assembling the Team

Understanding there’s no right to failure this time, the client saw the need for a powerful team with flexible interaction options. Realizing that given the ready roadmap and an intention from the company for close and resilient communication, we quickly agreed that the Team as a Service approach would be the best fit for this setup.

TaaS implies a clear scope of work, the ability to adjust the team according to the pending tasks, and monthly payments, which is convenient.

One of the main requirements for the team was efficiency amid rough deadlines, which implied high expertise, as well as great communication skills and the ability to work under pressure. The senior architect was able to choose experts from the ProCoders pool (many of whom he actually hired through complicated technical interviews).

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As a result, the client finally had a team of 4 frontend and 2 backend developers led by a senior specialist ready to take on tightly planned deadlines and the complex functionality of the platform.

As a result, ProCoders managed to help the company fulfill its innovative ideas that would resolve the legal and management issues of the Nordics real estate system for people looking to lease or rent a place.

The timely launch of the solution was a priority, so ProCoders had to gather developers skilled enough to create a revolutionary project for real estate in the Nordics under tight deadlines while maintaining close communication with the client in doubt of outsourcing efficiency.

That’s where we made things easier by assigning our senior architect to take care of the needs of the client’s business, study the case and its requirements, and hand-pick experienced programmers.

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We were skeptical as to hiring another outsourcing agency, but ProCoders sure persuaded us they aren’t “another” IT development provider. The communication was quick like they already knew what we needed before we even said it. The company was able to provide this project with a pro team in just a couple of weeks.

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The Results


As a result, we’ve managed to help launch this innovative, potentially life-changing product, which already draws clients and has all the functionality that was initially in the client’s mind.

The main feature is partially automated contract development and signing. It’s very important since it’s difficult to fill in such a document alone as there are no clear examples or default values.

Now, the client side of the project has a feature that allows tenants or buyers to input their data, with the whole document generated automatically, according to the laws of the Nordic countries. Housing moving in/out inspection, assistance with providing electrical services, property management, and more.

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All our ideas were perceived with a practical approach – the team could provide ideas as to the implementation on the go. This really made us feel safe with an IT partner because we understood our ambitious ideas were in good hands.

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ProCoders Difference

We’ve proven that any project can be executed, no matter how tough the assignment seems. All you need is a team of professionals you can trust, and you can achieve the same results as this Nordic real estate company.

Time Effectiveness

We adapted to the defined deadlines because of the misfortunes of the former development provider of the client. Catching up, the quality was never lost, only improved.

Quick Team Assembling

In a tight timeframe, we assembled a team that met the client’s skill level requirements.

Idea Implementation

We implemented eSignature, automatic contract fill-in, different administrative levels, and other innovative multi-level features to fulfill the business needs of the company.

Data Security

All privacy points were covered in an NDA every member of our team signed before collaboration.

Turning Ambitions into Reality: “The ProCoders Experience”

“The ProCoders Experience” implies us working for the success of your project, not just for plain technical results. In this case, the main feature of the service was the creation, completion, and signing of complicated contracts with dynamic content, which demanded research and exceptional skills.

For that, we have provided our best senior architect who studied the project and assembled a powerful team of people who can work with tough deadlines without losing an ounce of quality.

“The ProCoders Experience” Is Available for Every Client. Clear Communication, Business Requirements Research, Quick Adaptation to the Needs of the Customer, and Top-Notch Developers.

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