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In one of the tightest job markets in decades, how do trucking companies fill their need for permanent and contract workers? Technology, that’s how. That’s what ProCoders offered, when they helped bring the job matching platform RLM to life. The company was the vision of the founders of SDCN (Same Day Courier Network), another logistics company, who saw the need for a way to match contract truckers with openings in their schedule with companies urgently needing truckers for runs. ProCoders helped the company not only build its e-signature enabled platform, but it helped create a marketplace for driver education, too. Here’s how.


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Their Business

As a company offering IT Staff Augmentation services, ProCoders had a unique understanding of the challenges of finding contract-to-hire employees. The key was creating a platform that was easy to use, whether a driver was on the road, or behind his laptop.

The platform had to be as friction-free as possible, so drivers would want to sign on to the service. Creating a profile had to be easy. And filling in applications to work had to be painless, mobile-enabled and securely verified.

The same went for the experience on the logistics company’s end. Those small operators needed to be able to post jobs quickly and easily and download driver applications with ease. ProCoders helped SDCN think that through with its RLM services. With one click reservations, drivers could commit to a shift. And with the e-signature development services ProCoders offered, drivers were able to sign contracts on the fly, and pay for certification courses that can ensure they’ll get hired, again and again. Logistics companies could use templates and simple drag and drop features to quickly post new listings. Technology could make sure that jobs were filled — fast.

ProCoders very quickly understood the platform and what we are looking to achieve. They also offered many great ideas to enhance the user experience.
Richard Mole
Managing Director

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Assembling RLM Team

Out of respect for the client’s timetable and budget, ProCoders assembled a small team of one QA and two front-end developers that were able to build the platform on WordPress. When the question came up from beta testers — how do I add an e signature to a pdf? ProCoders was able to build custom code to allow for signable documents by typing in a secure signature. Drivers could fill out a comprehensive application form with multiple fields, with autofill options — ensuring they’ll never have to check in to an office or go out of their way to turn in paperwork. Problem solved!

As a Staff Augmentation firm in the logistics space, SDCN understood well the value of hiring in a contract team for their surge development needs. They’d hired ProCoders to work with developing SDCN’s digital properties, a year before. So it was an easy fit to pick up the phone and call ProCoders, when they began development for RLM Jobs, a spinoff service. ProCoders was able to put together a team for the project in just days, and the project was finished ahead of schedule. The team allowed SDCN to hire talent at 40 percent less than they would have to pay for developers in the U.K., where they’re based. And that’s a win, all around.

They are absolutely first class and their communication could not have been better
Richard Mole
Managing Director

Nimble Solutions for
a Company on the Move

RLM is a company that’s succeeded because it offers a convenient way for logistics companies to fill gaps in their load scheduling. Is there a driver that’s taken sick leave? Is there a surge of unexpected deliveries? Does a driver have a gap that allows them to pick up a delivery on the way home from his route? A mobile platform allows drivers to earn to their maximum potential, and logistics companies to fill their ever-changing needs.

Even better, the RLM is help filling their pipeline for new drivers — a smart strategy that helps them prepare for the future. By offering the industry-standard training — CPC (The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) — drivers could get the training they needed, no matter where they were traveling. So not only were they creating an important service offering, RLM was creating a channel for training the next generation of their workforce, and ensuring they’ll come back to work for them for years to come.

The ProCoders’ Difference
Logistics is all about getting a client from point A to B, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same was true for the development of RLM jobs. ProCoders helped the new company:
Get the RLM platform up and running successfully in six weeks
Attract 50 trucking companies to the site to post jobs
Gather more than 50 applications from truckers daily
99 Google PageSpeed Insights rating
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SDCN already had a reputation as being a high-tech solution for transport companies looking to share hauling space. But new technologies brought new opportunities to offer up and reserve load space on the fly. SDCN needed to build a new tech infrastructure to maximize their mobile reservation opportunities. They came to ProCoders to help get them there.

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