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Given that the elderly make up 20% of Sweden's population, it's not surprising that there are numerous eHealth platforms tailored for this social group. But what if you add IoT capabilities, health tracker integration, and data visualization for risk management and reporting?

All of this is about our partner – Avanto Care. ProCoders’ full-stack developers helped scale up the product development process, integrating new features and achieving remarkable results.

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A Client’s Perspective: How ProCoders Made a Difference

Dive into the journey of Avanto Care and discover the remarkable outcomes achieved by collaborating with ProCoders.

The Avanto Care Challenge

Avanto Care had previously collaborated with another team on the initial version of their solution. eHealth technology startup was searching for a partner who could grasp the design requirements and further enhance the platform with new features.

At first, the company also needed to determine the final target audience and wanted to see how the solution would analyze and showcase data, which brings predictive elderly care to the market. A bit later, due to their internal analysis, the primary customer profile was agreed upon – municipalities that take care of the elderly in Sweden.

This helped determine the feature list our full-stack engineers were to work on.

Why ProCoders

We were introduced to Avanto Care through a referral, and after an in-person meeting in Stockholm, ProCoders and Avanto started a partnership.

Jens Larsson Co-Founder & CPO

We found ProCoders through recommendation. Price, availability and skill of the developer that was presented to us were the deciding factors. We received a very skilled and fast developer, which means that we could develop new features with high quality at a fast pace.

Jens Larsson
Co-Founder & CPO
Avanto Care BeskRiver

But why did Avanto think about offshore hiring in the first place?

Given the IT talent shortage situation in the Nordics, it would be difficult to find skilled staff locally. With at least 70,000 talented specialists needed in the region, opting for staff augmentation via ProCoders turned out to be a smart, and most logical choice. Moreover, the contractor project requirements were very well defined – Avanto were looking for full-stack engineers with perfect soft skill and willingness to learn the industry-specific cloud infrastructure.

It’s a common situation when tech startups in Sweden compete for experienced developers with massive companies like Volvo, Ericsson, IKEA, Knowit, and other famous brands.

hack of the competition

Such competition is tough, and even though Avanto has a great friendly team, it would take too long to find a proper developer at a fair price in Sweden, especially in Stockholm. That’s why staff augmentation allows hitting multiple targets simultaneously: desired seniority level, technical expertise, excellent soft skills, and high-speed recruiting. Everything combines perfectly to grow the eHealth startup technology to the next level.

ProCoders’ Contributions to the Avanto Care Product

rentdesk Avanto Care

Working Model

The partner opted for Staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is an approach for companies that usually have a tech team and need additional specialists to provide a fresh perspective or practical skills and experience said team is missing.

During the course of our cooperation, ProCoder provided:

  • 2 Senior Full-stack Developers
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
Avanto Care Hem screenshot

On Avanto’s side, there were no tech experts before the beginning of 2023, half a year after ProCoders was hired. Then Avanto Care’s new internal CTO joined the team. Even without a technical lead from the client side at the early stage, our developers could still meet deadlines and deliver new features.

When it came to rewriting the code of an existing MVP in order to make it even more scalable, ProCoders acted as technical experts, pitching ideas to the CTO, who gladly considered them and was always up for collaboration.

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Features We’ve Updated and Upgraded

Avanto Care features
Avanto Care Handelser screenshot

Development Challenges and How ProCoders Solved Them

Our partners at Avanto needed someone who would understand their vision of the solution’s design. So, ProCoder’s task was to match them with the developer(s) with not only top-tier back-end and front-end engineering skills but also high perceptiveness. We needed a pro to communicate with the company and clearly see what the platform should look like.

Communication was essential in this case since the product owners had pretty packed schedules, so the full-stack engineers we’ve chosen for the product had to get many details from each conversation, making the most of the time the POs had.

Gladly, soft skills are ProCoders’ strength.

See Our Developers in Action: Watch Our Skilled Staff in Action as They Work on Transformative Projects Like Avanto Care.

Avanto Care Insikter screenshot

One more challenge in the Healthcare industry is data security. This is an especially important topic in Sweden, so the responsibility was massive. Our ISO 27001 accreditation verifies ProCoders’ commitment to implement the highest information security policies and procedures. So we’ve put extra effort into ensuring that the sensitive information of each patient is safeguarded.

Another challenge was in generating initial data for product tests. To see the platform work, the outstaffed developers had to simulate data about the pulse, weight, etc., ensuring the analysis algorithm worked correctly. This took a while, but the results prove that hard work pays off!

Avanto Care Review

Jens Larsson Co-Founder & CPO

We’re impressed with their ability to understand our needs and match us with the right developer.

Jens Larsson
Co-Founder & CPO
Avanto Care website page on a mobile phone

Avanto Care Results with ProCoders

ProCoders saved Avanto Care 3-6 months on hiring time for startups, time savings are extremely valuable as it’s one of their most precious resources. ProCoders developers alongside the Stockholm-based management team transformed the MVP into a production-ready SaaS, taking responsibility for building a proper timeframe:

  • Optimized the setup and configurations, for the GDPR and HSLF-FS compliant cloud infrastructure, using technology that is ISO 27001 certified, and security best practices according to EDPB and NSA/CISA.
  • Launched a production-grade SaaS platform.
  • Helped Avanto bring in new clients to the platform.
  • Prepared the product for two major eHealth trade shows in Sweden.
  • Redesigned the UI/UX based on client feedback and requirements.
  • Developed additional features for users.
  • Updated the codebase to ensure rapid scalability.

The team ProCoders provided for Avanto Care consisted of two Senior Full-stack software engineers and UI/UX designers who worked closely with the CPO and CTO of the company.

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