AngularJS to Angular Migration for Swedish Digital Signage Company

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MultiQ hired ProCoders that provided a dedicated team of senior Angular developers to upgrade the legacy codebase in AngularJS. The team worked closely to the MultiQ CTO and Development Manager to deliver updated CMS software.

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Their Business Challenge

MultiQ is a leading provider of Digital Signage solutions in the Nordics, delivering SaaS that enhances customer experiences and drives business growth. The company has an impressive portfolio of clients, including Scandinavian Airlines, Telia, Swedish Railways, Skånetrafiken, and many other successful companies in Transport, Gaming, and Retail industries.

MultiQ needed to upgrade their flagship CMS software product and sought the expertise of external developers. The challenge was to migrate from the outdated AngularJS to Angular 5 and address security and scalability issues.

Gustav Guldberg

We’re always challenged with the decision of whether to fix legacy software or do new development. At times, we work with existing projects with existing clients, and other times we work with new development for new clients — sometimes those collide a bit where we need to work with existing clients and bring new clients on board. It’s not always possible for us to handle all of it ourselves, so we needed a company to provide us with staff augmentation.

Gustav Guldberg
CTO at MultiQ

Initially, the Digital Signage company had an assumption of a 3 to 4 month timeline for the full migration. Still, ProCoders was skeptic to this expectation and suggested running a Discovery phase first.

We Assembled a Full-time Dedicated Team

ProCoders, an IT consulting company, provided a full-time dedicated team of senior front-end development consultants to work on the project. ProCoders was selected from a shortlist of companies after a few months of search by MultiQ, due to their experience in Angular and ability to provide a staff augmentation model at a reasonable cost.

The project began with a senior engineer from ProCoders researching the existing software’s architecture and business logic to identify modules, services, dependencies between AngularJS components, and narrow points for future development. ProCoders then provided a decomposition chart to MultiQ stakeholders to define the scope of work. ProCoders worked collaboratively with MultiQ on a development roadmap to eliminate the AngularJS core from the code architecture.

Gustav Guldberg

We were in a three-month process to find a nearshore partner that we could work with long-term. Success is measured in multiple different ways, such as the overall relationship with the vendor, and the timeliness of them getting back what we request — they always get back to us the same day.

Gustav Guldberg
CTO at MultiQ

ProCoders assigned two senior front-end engineers with expertise in AngularJS and Angular to work full-time on the migration. The developers used a hand-made library that helps AngularJS codebase utilize components in modern Angular 5.

The team rewrote all the services and components from AngularJS to Typescript and Angular 5, and then created another dev-server, leaving only the new and clean Angular 5-based code. MultiQ wanted the developers to upgrade the software by component, and along with ProCoders they created and used a hand-made module to make AngularJS and Angular components work simultaneously.

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Communication & Face-to-Face Meetings Were Essential

The development was remote, but ProCoders engineers had daily meetings with MultiQ and provided bi-monthly progress demos. ProCoders VP Partnerships George Helgesen also visited the MultiQ office to meet with the engineering team and management in Lund, Sweden.

MultiQ wanted the developers to upgrade the software by component, and ProCoders used a hand-made module they created along with MultiQ to make AngularJS and Angular components work together.

Technical Solution for AngularJS Upgrade On-the-Go

The technical challenges involved in the project were significant, as AngularJS and Angular are two completely different platforms, written in Javascript and Typescript, respectively. ProCoders and MultiQ have joined forces to create their own library which was used to synchronize AngularJS with Angular, allowing developers to make changes in AngularJS software on-the-fly using a modern Angular framework version 2 and later.

Gustav Guldberg

I’m very satisfied with their skill level of communication and timeliness — I don’t like surprises and they’ve always kept their word and there have never been any billing issues

Gustav Guldberg
CTO at MultiQ
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The ProCoders team dedicated to the project successfully completed it within the agreed timeframe of 18 months, meeting the expectations of MultiQ in terms of both the results and the quality of the work. The partnership resulted in the delivery of secure and updated CMS software that can be conveniently scaled and maintained by MultiQ’s internal team for the benefit of both MultiQ and their customers.

Gustav Guldberg

We like that ProCoders pays close attention to detail and they’re committed to the task at hand. The trust built between them and us in a very short period of time really makes them stand out.

Gustav Guldberg
CTO at MultiQ

The ProCoders’ Difference

What can a team of ProCoders developers do for you? Take a look at some of the results we achieved for MultiQ.
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tex development time optimized

Due to going through the Software Discovery Phase with ProCoders our engineers and MultiQ optimised the migration process and its delivery time.

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Effortless hiring

Cut out the expensive recruiting process and shaved 99% of its hassles by working with a pool of already vetted talent.

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Time Effectiveness

MultiQ has already spent three months searching for the highly-qualified developers to migrate the CRM. ProCoders helped to staff up the team within just one week thanks to our ready-to-go pool of talent.

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Cost effectiveness

Outsourcing to a low-cost-of-living country saved 30 percent in consulting fees.

Vsimple mobile interface


AxisPoint needed a service to help vendors keep better track of their customers, they’d run out of programming bandwidth. The brand new platform ProCoders developed was so popular and effective, AxisPoint made it into a whole new product line — VSimple. And soon, a whole new way of managing customers was born.
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