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Your website is the hub of your digital presence. But without proper optimization, it falls short of its full potential. Slow page speeds and a lack of responsiveness in the design hide your website’s talents.

At ProCoders, we reveal the full capabilities of your main business card through expert WordPress services. Here, we want to show how our development and optimization solutions can help your website captivate audiences and drive results. So, we introduce our WP cases as examples!

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ProCoders’ WordPress Results: 4 Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are 4 examples of the success ProCoders has achieved for clients through WordPress. We’ll share a little bit about our collaboration, as well as the website metrics our hard work resulted in.


Aporia is a model monitoring platform that provides actual value to machine learning engineers and data scientists within minutes.

01. Challenge:

Aporia needed to optimize its existing WP site for speed and engagement. The former development team had issues meeting the company’s expectations in terms of deadlines and optimization quality.

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02. Solutions:

After auditing the website and pinpointing the main weaknesses, ProCoders have:

  • Migrated site to Elementor for greater design flexibility
  • Enhanced mobile site performance
  • Improved desktop speed and Core Web Vitals scores
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03. Results:

Eventually, we’ve built a new website for the partner from scratch, achieving wonderful results metric-wise:

  • Mobile FCP slashed from 4.8s to 1.5s
  • Time to Interactive cut from 9.9s to 2.0s
  • Google PageSpeed Insights score boosted from 32 to 92
aporia website on mobile

Here’s what our client has to say about us:


Mesh revolutionizes finance team operations through a centralized and automated spend management platform. Offering tailored solutions for every payment, Mesh combines flexibility with time-saving automation throughout the payment process.


Staircase AI is at the forefront of Customer Intelligence, harnessing Artificial Revenue Intelligence to forecast churn, uncover hidden growth opportunities at scale, and eliminate the need for human feedback.

01. Challenge:

Staircase sought an engaging and responsive WordPress site to showcase their services.

staricase website ipad

02. Solutions:

Built a fully custom WordPress site using ACF Optimized for speed on mobile and desktop Designed for maximum usability and conversions

staricase website phone

03. Results:

  • Desktop metrics: FCP 0.6s, TTI 0.6s, PSI 100
  • Mobile metrics: FCP 1.8s, TTI 2.0s, PSI 97

They already had a website on Elementor that needed a lot of design improvements, so we started fresh and created a new one from scratch.

staircase website mac


WINN.AI is a tool that can accelerate sales funnels with automation, intelligence, and seamlessness. The startup’s product crafts compelling follow-up emails for each sales call, meticulously tailored to your meeting’s agenda, enabling you to boost engagement and secure more successful deals.

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Your website is the foundation for engaging audiences and driving results. But without speed, optimization, and compelling UX, it falls short of its capabilities.

ProCoders’ WordPress experts can modernize your web resource to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Through migration or new development, we enable sites to deliver business impact.

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