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When Roth River came to ProCoders for development help, they had little more than an idea – a dream to use the Internet of Things to bring bourbon to the peak of perfection. Roth River had developed sophisticated sensor technology that allowed them to monitor the maturation of whiskey as it aged in the barrel. And ProCoders helped them deliver on that promise — creating an IoT app that offers distillers the ability to continuously monitor their stores of product — and offer customers a way to buy and customize their bourbon blend.

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Their Business Challenge

Roth River already knew they wanted a web application they could connect to their sensors — one that will allow them to monitor the maturation of their whiskey. But ProCoders helped them create a cross-platform interface that allows them to layer on a mobile app alongside their web application.

Todd Pritts
Todd Pritts

Founder & CPO

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This mobile (iOS and Android) application connected their customer to the barrel in a unique way.

Now, customers could not only customize the kind of whiskey they wanted in their barrel, but they could watch it maturing, too, in real-time.

Customers could even ask for changes during the aging process, including requesting hand-etched messages on the barrel, special bottling, and more.


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Roth River knew they had a groundbreaking new product.

But they needed an interface to deliver it to two distinctly different customers: distillers, and the whiskey lovers who many. Fortunately, ProCoders had all the readily available programming experts the company needed to work with their entrepreneurial team.

The company did extensive research to figure out what the UX/UI experience would be for users, the backend requirements for accessing and serving up data to users, and the process the company needed to go through to develop all the needed software.

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ProCoders recommended a team of developers that had the specific skills the project needed (Node.js, React.js and React Native).

ProCoders’ research uncovered the application structures, assembled the team, and developed a plan of action Roth River could build its company on. And the best part of all?

Once the research was done, ProCoders was able to vet and onboard Roth River’s programming team within a week.

Todd Pritts

Although the app is still being fine-tuned, ProCoders have succeeded in creating a promising product. The team was open to exploring new ideas, even in early development. Although better conferencing tools might improve communication, ProCoders were very responsive and overall a joy to work with.

Todd Pritts
Founder & CPO
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Experience IoT Expertise at Your Fingertips. Roth River Trusted ProCoders — Now It’s Your Turn. Ready to Use the Power of Internet of Things for Your Product?

A Taste of Success

In many respects, the application is Roth River and the vehicle through which customers and distillers alike truly experience their product. So it was not only important that the mobile/web application be built quickly, but it had to be absolutely perfect, smooth running, and intuitive to use.

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ProCoders sped up development through clever planning

During the development process, ProCoders was able to assemble an experienced team so quickly, they were able to take Roth River’s product to market in half the time the company had originally estimated. How? Because offshoring allowed the company to have development going on around the clock — when Roth River’s business hours were ending, ProCoder’s business hours were just getting started.

Using compatible platforms React.js and Nest.js meant they didn’t have to build separate web and mobile programming platforms — huge time savings because of a shared codebase.

The ProCoders’ Difference

By working with ProCoders, Roth River was able to emerge as a tech innovator in distilling — quite a feat in what’s usually regarded as an old-fashioned, tradition-bound industry. Work with ProCoders, and reap the results, such as:
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Project turnaround enhancement

Central Europe offshoring created an around-the-clock work schedule that shaved 30 percent off the implementation of the development iterations.

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Development time optimised

Reduced development time by 25 percent with the choice of Nest and Node JS for the web application, which blends seamlessly with React Native’s mobile framework.

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Fasted time-to-market

New team, new flexibility gets beta to trial 40 percent faster.

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Cost effectiveness

Reduced duplication of effort through the smart choice of React Native for mobile, which doesn’t require reprogramming between the iOS and Android platforms. This decision alone cut development costs by 50 percent.

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