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AxisPoint needed a service to help vendors keep better track of their customers, they’d run out of programming bandwidth. The brand new platform ProCoders developed was so popular and effective, AxisPoint made it into a whole new product line — VSimple. And soon, a whole new way of managing customers was born.

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Discover the transformative impact our services had on VSimple.

Their Business Challenge

AxisPoint was already well-known in the office appliance rental niche. But for the hundreds of vendors connected through the system, there was a blind spot. The company was still doing business the old-fashioned way, with scattered emails, phone calls, Facebook and WhatsApp messages that had no centerpoint where all data would be stored.
Customers were using multiple channels for contact, which caused confusion that jeopardized communication.

Brian Herbert - CTO at AxisPoint
Brian Herbert

CTO at AxisPoint

Buddy Bockweg - Chief Executive Officer
Buddy Bockweg

CEO at Vsimple

Enters VSimple

So, what exactly is VSimple? A revolutionary Workflow-as-a-Service platform that goes beyond the typical CRM and OPS systems. It’s designed to align with various business operations across multiple industries. The solution not only assists with everyday tasks but also:

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VSimple CRM Features

  • Customizable dashboards tailored to client needs
  • Dynamic status systems for real-time updates
  • Complete log of card changes for maximum transparency
  • A secure communication channel
  • Diverse permission types
  • Integration with Outlook
  • A secure file storage
  • Automated document fill-in templates

Vsimple OPS (vOps)

Vsimple’s Operations Platform (vOps) extends beyond a CRM system, providing a revolutionary solution designed by ProCoders to streamline and centralize business operations.

By addressing modern business challenges, such as delays from information silos and inefficiencies from duplicative data entry, vOps uses advanced AI technology to transform complex processes into efficient workflows.

This tailor-made system not only simplifies operations, allowing teams to focus on customer service, but also minimizes the reliance on emails, spreadsheets, and additional personnel, supported by personalized, fast support for migration, training, and optimization.

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Assembling the VSimple Team

ProCoders collaborated with AxisPoint to determine the exact mix of talent they needed

AxisPoint faced a significant challenge finding enough local engineers in Kentucky, largely due to the state’s brain drain issue. The scarcity of developers, combined with the high cost and inefficiency of local outsourcing options, made it difficult for them to proceed.

Here’s where networking makes the difference. Brian, the company’s CTO, was already acquainted with Oleh, ProCoders’ CEO, and decided to reach out directly for assistance. This decision is an example of the critical role of personal connections and trust in finding effective solutions to pressing problems like the local talent shortage.

Our Dedicated Team proposal allowed the AxisPoint CTO to manage the programmers we provided directly as if they were members of their staff.

ProCoders assigned an experienced team of full-time staffers on the job:

Beforehand, we went through an extensive vetting process to ensure that the staffers had the tech expertise for the job, as well as direct experience in AxisPoint’s industry vertical.

The team worked directly in the company’s internal project management systems. 

Result of such collaboration?

ProCoders helped Vsimple achieve a faster time-to-market. Moreover, we’re still working on updates for this complex, revolutionary product, quickly delivering the new features and helping with client onboarding.

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The Platform Improvement Became a New Product Line

Upon using the new system Vsimple was offering, the company realized they had a hit on their hands. So, why not sell it?

ProCoders developed a stellar system for VSimple, transitioning it into a highly successful subscription-based Workflow-as-a-Service platform that not only began to attract sales but also drew in notable clients. 

Our involvement goes far beyond mere support; we’re deeply invested in the product’s ongoing success. Working closely with the VSimple team, we continue to customize the platform to meet the unique needs of substantial enterprise clients. ProCoders ensures the platform evolves and thrives, reflecting our dedication to both our partner’s and their users’ success.

Brian Herbert - CTO at AxisPoint

For us, they provide full time, dedicated tech staff. Members of the team are willing to be available and work during our hours. The level of service they provide is outstanding.

Brian Herbert
CTO at AxisPoint
VSimple design

Effort Transformed into Achievements

When you have the right idea with the right implementation, you can come up with a service everyone wants to buy. Thanks to ProCoders’ expertise, VSimple has become not only a revolutionary tool but also a testament to how effective implementation can boost vendor productivity by approximately 15%.

This significant improvement stems from eliminating the tedious aspects of project and accounting management, showcasing how our contribution has optimized operations and potentially streamlined budgets for our partners.

After we’ve developed complex CRM and OPS systems for them, VSimple has integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and accumulated US$2.5 million in investments! Now that’s what we call sailing in style!

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Brian Herbert - CTO at AxisPoint

ProCoders offers project management experience but we chose to handle this in house. The members of the team we have now do not require a ton of hand holding and are very proactive in solving problems.

Brian Herbert
CTO at AxisPoint

The ProCoders’ Difference

ProCoders helped AxisPoint:
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Cost effectiveness

Save the company 40 percent over the cost of hiring US-based coders.

ProCoders developer sitting on a zoom meeting
Effortless hiring

Shave 99% of hiring process hassles by working with a pool of already vetted talent.

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Deliver ahead of schedule

Shave two months off the development process by optimizing the engineering team, and deliver ahead of schedule.

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Hassles-free team extension

Address its surge capacity needs with developers that are affordable and flexible.

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Bringing a new SaaS product to market takes enormous amounts of development time and talent. ProCoders helped Frontegg get to market faster by providing surge staffing. Our developers ensured Frontegg got their product in front of customers, and get one step ahead of their competition, all while staying on time and on budget.
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