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Quartz Network came to ProCoders with a revolutionary idea for a B2B Platform: creating a one-stop online destination where professionals can network and learn together.

ProCoders was able to create this multi-faceted web application, in record time. And that makes Quartz Network a first-to-market mover that’s worth watching.


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Their Business

The goals Quartz Network had for this product were ambitious, to say the least. To put it succinctly, they were asking for the B2B networking with a deep library of educational courses, online conference spaces that can accommodate hundreds like a convention hotel, and the matching by interest/queries power you’d find in a dating app. Not a small order.

And did we mention that users must be able to perform complex actions on the application, such as posting content/profiles, sending and receiving vetting conference invites, paying for services, and much more? Quartz network needed a team of developers who could build this company from the ground up. ProCoders was up to the job.

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Todd Pritts

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Assembling Quartz Network’s team

Quartz Network was founded by a management team with a long track record of bringing online businesses to market. They already had other successful businesses they were running, and did not have in-house staff that could take on development like this. With their base of operations in the US, they tried to find a large enough coding team onshore. But they simply didn’t have the hours it would take to build such a development team.

Enter ProCoders. With our large pool of engineering resources in budget-friendly Central Europe, we were able to offer the fast team assembling the company needed to get their idea off the ground. Luckily, trust in ProCoders had already been established. One of the Quartz Network’s founders, Todd Pritts, had already used ProCoders to build another one of his companies — Roth River, an IoT mobile application for distillers.

With one short phone call ProCoders was able to understand how many coders would be needed to complete the job. We then looked to our staff to match the coders who had the relevant experience, and let our clients decide which ones they wanted to onboard. The whole process was seamless, and our staffers were ready to get started programming within a week.

Our staff reported to the client directly. And that’s a turnkey experience that made the difference for this fledgling startup.

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Avid Mizrachi
Co-founder CTO

A Platform That Delivers

Quartz Network needed a complex full stack solution. And ProCoders was perfectly positioned to give that to them. After thorough research, the team implanted:

  • An administrative panel
  • A deep library of coursework on its own database
  • The matching system, allowing users to post profiles and match with other professionals with similar interests
  • A matching system allowing users to find vendors who can help them with their needs
  • A payment system for reserving conference tickets and purchasing courses
  • An individual system for requesting meetings and facilitating discussions
  • Image optimization

Now hundreds of courses are available. Several successful conferences have been conducted — a trend that’s only increasing after the pandemic lockdowns canceled so many live events. With a stable platform underneath it, Quartz Network is well prepared for exciting opportunities ahead.

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