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Quartz Network approached ProCoders to enhance an existing B2B Social Learning Platform. They aimed to evolve their platform by creating from scratch and integrating a unique feature akin to Tinder for businesses. Their goal was to establish a one-stop online destination where professionals could network and learn collaboratively.

Faced with a slow and costly development team in California, Quartz sought a more efficient partnership. ProCoders swiftly upgraded their platform, adding the innovative features needed to position Quartz Network as a pioneering force in the market.

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Their Business Challenge

Quartz Network’s idea for the new solution for their product was nothing short of ambitious. They envisioned the result as a dual-purpose solution:

  • An educational hub offering a broad spectrum of courses alongside both virtual and in-person meetings and events tailored for management, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and more.
  • A networking service designed to connect like-minded people and guide them to events that spark their interest.

    Additionally, the platform handles payments and awards, among the myriad of other features to offer.

The ProCoders’ team helped implement all of this, making sure the process resulted in a revolutionary product.

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Assembling Quartz Networkt’s Team

Quartz Network was established by a management team known for successfully launching online businesses. While they were skilled at rapidly expanding their business through effective networking, bringing all their ambitious plans into an online platform in a short amount of time, felt like an almost impossible challenge.

Based in the US, they sought an adequately large coding team locally but faced challenges in assembling a team quickly enough to meet their needs.
That’s where ProCoders came in. Thanks to our extensive pool of engineering talent in Europe, we could quickly assemble the crew Quartz Network needed to bring their idea to life.


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With one short phone call, ProCoders was able to understand how many coders would be needed to complete the development.

One of Quartz Network’s founders, Todd Pritts, previously collaborated with ProCoders for his company Roth River, an IoT mobile app for distillers. This history allowed us to bypass the usual formalities and dive straight into work, optimizing our time.
We tapped into our pool of talent, selecting coders with the right expertise and letting our partners pick who they wanted to bring on board. Our staff were prepared to start within a week, conserving vital development time.

At its largest, the team consisted of up to 20 professionals who integrated smoothly. ProCoders’ staff worked directly under Quartz Network’s guidance, providing an effective, turnkey solution that was crucial for the startup’s success.

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With one short phone call ProCoders was able to understand how many coders would be needed to complete the job.

Luckily, trust in ProCoders had already been established. One of the Quartz Network’s founders, Todd Pritts, had already used ProCoders to build another one of his companies — Roth River, an IoT mobile application for distillers. We looked to our staff to match the coders who had the relevant experience, and let our clients decide which ones they wanted to onboard. The whole process was seamless, and our staffers were ready to get started programming within a week.

Our staff reported to the client directly. And that’s a turnkey experience that made the difference for this fledgling startup.

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Experience the ProCoders Advantage! Discover How We Can Turn Your Vision into Reality, Just Like We Did with Quartz Network.

A platform that delivers

Quartz Network required a complex full-stack solution divided into two parts: one for members and one for providers.ProCoders was ideally suited to provide this solution.

Following thorough research, the team implemented:


An Administrative Panel:

Essential for platform managers to oversee operations smoothly, this panel facilitates the efficient management of content, users, and transactions. Additionally, it includes a highly visual master calendar that administrators use to make edits or add preferences for meetings, enhancing the platform by providing administrators with the tools needed to maintain a high-quality user experience.

Library on Its Own Database:

Offering a comprehensive range of educational materials directly addresses the learning needs of professionals across various fields. This feature significantly enriches the solution, making it a valuable resource for continuous professional development.

Profile-Matching System:

By enabling users to post profiles and connect with other experts sharing similar interests, this system fosters a vibrant community of learning and collaboration. It greatly improves the product by inspiring networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Vendor-Matching System:

This feature allows users to find vendors that meet their specific needs, streamlining the process of sourcing products and services. For the platform, this means simplifying how users access and engage with external resources, making it a comprehensive tool for professional growth.

Payment System:

Integrating a seamless payment system encourages user participation in educational events and courses. This feature boosts the utility of the solution by making it easy for users to invest in their professional development without leaving the ecosystem.

A System for Direct Interaction:

By supporting direct interaction, this system enables users to exchange knowledge and collaborate more effectively. It improves the platform by promoting a more engaged and interactive community.

Image Optimization:

Ensuring images are displayed optimally enhances the overall user experience by improving site speed and visual appeal. This technical improvement makes Quartz Network more user-friendly and accessible, regardless of the user’s device or internet speed.


This feature incentivizes active participation by offering points for platform engagement that can be redeemed for tangible rewards like headphones or gift cards. It not only enriches the user experience but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty towards QN.

Automated Meeting Scheduler:

Adds an automatic scheduler that efficiently organizes all meetings for attendees and sponsors at events based on their preferences. This tool simplifies the coordination of numerous meetings, enhancing the event experience for all participants.

Attendee Ranking by Omnimind AI:

Integrates advanced AI to automate and optimize the ranking of attendees for event sponsors based on specific criteria and registration responses. This feature streamlines the process of identifying key participants sponsors want to engage with and provides detailed insights and rationales for each ranking, enhancing strategic networking opportunities. By replacing manual efforts with AI accuracy, it significantly improves efficiency and personalization of interaction planning during events.

Each of these features plays a pivotal role in addressing user needs and enhancing the product’s value, creating a more engaging, efficient, and rewarding experience for all users.

QN Quatrz Network

Now, hundreds of courses are available

Now, the platform stores hundreds of available learning materials and has successfully hosted dozens of conferences, easing the way for businesses to navigate the post-COVID landscape and forge crucial connections.

The journey is far from over, yet through staff augmentation, ProCoders developers have swiftly completed the most critical features without compromising on quality. Remarkably, we hit significant milestones within just 3 and 9 months for the two primary sections of the project.

With a robust platform as its foundation, Quartz Network is primed for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Fast-Track Your Development! Time Is Money. ProCoders Helped Quartz Network Go from Concept to Market Leader in Record Time.

The ProCoders’ Difference

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Cost effectiveness

Save about 40 percent on their consultant fees by outstaffing to low-cost European regions.

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The Best Management Experience

Make development sprints shorter while increasing project turnaround efficiencies by up to 30 percent

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Time Effectiveness

Offshoring the engineering team to Central Europe allowed the company to get to market by 25 percent faster than they might have with a US-based team.

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Faster time-to-market

Hiring ProCoders they got the ability to staff up quickly, without the expenses and hassles of hiring more internal headcount which shaved two months off their development process.

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AxisPoint needed a service to help vendors keep better track of their customers, they’d run out of programming bandwidth. The brand new platform ProCoders developed was so popular and effective, AxisPoint made it into a whole new product line — VSimple. And soon, a whole new way of managing customers was born.
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