A transport trading exchange platform for couriers, haulers, shippers and freight forwarders, SDCN already had a reputation as being a high-tech solution for transport companies. But as the years passed after their initial build, SDCN needed to build a new tech infrastructure to maximize their mobile reservation opportunities. They came to ProCoders to help get them there.

Their Business Challenge

SDCN’s mobile network was already live, but they needed to migrate to a new backend framework — from Laravel 5 to Laravel 7 — as well as add on a whole new suite of functionality for members.

Richard Mole

Managing Director

The surge of maintenance, migration, and new development was beyond the bandwidth of their current IT management. A quick survey of the local consulting options in the UK wasn’t promising. With the hourly rates they charged, there was little chance they could get their priorities addressed with the budget they’d set aside.

Their solution? ProCoders. With world-class, English-speaking developers available at half the price of other Western European developers, they were able to buy just the help they needed, at a fraction of the cost.


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SDCN’s membership subscription platform is the core of its business

It allowed members to post loads they needed to subcontract to other transport professionals. It also allowed member haulers to quote for any suitable loads they could take on to fill the remaining space in their cargo holds.

The company had a large number of needs on their wish list for their IT consulting teams. They needed to add the live availability feature, so haulers could advertise and reserve space on the fly or in mid-route.

They needed to upgrade their billing systems so invoicing and payment could be handled online

At the time they had archaic emailing of PDF invoices they were currently using. And they wanted to expand the detail on their load reservations, so members could specify if they had refrigerated trucks, cold-chain processing, or other special availabilities.

Then there were the numerous other technical challenges that came with their migrations and maintenance. It was quite a long list for any developer.

ProCoders suggested SDCN go to a strict time & materials model

It would allow them to purchase a certain number of hours every month from ProCoders to handle any priority they wished the team to address. This flexibility turned out to be just what the company needed.

Without the strict assigned team structure, they could hire more expensive senior developers just for what they needed most, while letting lower-level maintenance jobs go to more inexpensive staff, as needed.

The SDCN needs constant maintenance and development to further enhance the functionality and performance. We also have an APP to track members and send notifications for suitable loads, this also needs ongoing maintenance and development to enhance its features and benefit SDCN members further. We have a fantastic team looking us from customer services, front and back end developers, and a team who look for improvements for the both our admin side and the users experience

Richard Mole
Managing Director

Taking a Load off their to-do list

The T&M model worked beautifully for SDCN, allowing ProCoders to set up priorities and divide the updating process into different parts that fit their budget better. Working collaboratively, ProCoders was able to migrate the old Laravel backend to the new one, add new subscription types in their system, fix bugs in their membership onboarding system, and reuild the billing system so members could pay via credit card with the Stripe system.

Now more loads are getting booked, faster payments are being made, and fewer subscriptions are being dropped because the check didn’t arrive in time. The streamlined processes are making for satisfied customers, and that’s been great for the expansion of the business.

Best of all, because SDCN has simplified its administrative processes, they’re more productive, allowing the company to absorb the new business with less administrative hassles. It’s a win, all around!

We are nearly finished with a large integration project with Stripe to link subscriptions rather than us managing separately. The first 12 months have been very productive and communication has been excellent.

Richard Mole
Managing Director

The ProCoders’ Difference

A better app makes happier members. Thanks to its relationship with ProCoders, SDCN was able to realize some serious business benefits.

User memberships up 27% after adding an internal payment system to the service.

Thanks to defining the right technologies for the project by ProCoders new changes-to-market time is 35% faster.

Increased engagement and deals activity by 20% as a result of migration to up-to-date technology and adding new core features.

35% reduction in costs while working with low-cost European regions over using UK developers.


SDCN already had a reputation as being a high-tech solution for transport companies looking to share hauling space. But new technologies brought new opportunities to offer up and reserve load space on the fly.

SDCN needed to build a new tech infrastructure to maximize their mobile reservation opportunities. They came to ProCoders to help get them there.

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