Cross-Platform Entertainment and Social Media SaaS Development by ProCoders for a Startup


Country: Germany
Type of product: Web App, Mobile App
Industries: Entertainment, Social Media
Timeframe: 2 years

Explore how ProCoders redefined social music interactions for FindWhatYouLike with our tailored cross-platform SaaS development. Learn about the mobile app's intricacies that connect people through music playlists and the web app that transforms café music experiences. Discover how we integrated IoT capabilities, health tracker connections, and advanced data visualization for an enhanced user journey. Discover innovative features like seamless streaming service integration and smart playlist curation. How did these applications transform social music interactions? Read on for more details!

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Briefly About the Products

Our partner approached us with ideas for two innovative products:

  • Find What You Like – a mobile application that connects people based on their playlists and specified user preferences, analyzing individual compilations to suggest similar tracks. It has social media features – you can connect with people with a similar taste in music and chat with them.
  • Listen Together – a website that caters to cafes, allowing users to scan QR codes to create a collective playlist with other cafe visitors.
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Partner’s Business/Tech Needs

The company came to us through a reference by our satisfied client, so networking facilitated this connection. They started creating an innovative, groundbreaking product aimed at changing how people experience music in public places and helping them find others with similar music preferences. 

They needed algorithms that were similar to what AI does now. 

The thing is, there was no commercial AI at the time. 

So, the right choice was opting for professional software development help!


The Team ProCoders Assembled

After a comprehensive Discovery Phase where our experts found out more about the ideas for both solutions and created roadmaps for their development, ProCoders staffed the project with:


Team Lead


Ruby Developers


Ionic Developer


QA Specialist

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Frontend Developers

The client aimed to make the product as accessible as possible to a wide user base, necessitating development across multiple platforms at once.

So, we opted for cross-platform development. It not only enhances cost efficiency, speeds up development, and broadens user reach but also facilitates improved market adaptation, streamlined prototyping, enhanced cloud integration, sustainable development practices, consistent accessibility features across devices, and better consolidation of analytics, making it a strategic choice for sustainable, adaptable, and efficient software development.

Ultimately, this strategy not only halved our team size and budget but also reduced development time by a minimum of 1.5 times.

Our Contributions to the Project

For the solutions, ProCoders created a network with numerous integrations, seamlessly connecting with services such as: 

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In addition to integrating with popular streaming services, our team took a groundbreaking step by incorporating the product into the then-novel Sonos technology. This revolutionary feature enabled users to connect various streaming service accounts and play music remotely, without the need for any external devices.

Moreover, Sonos’s unique capability allowed for the distribution of speakers in different rooms, each playing distinct music playlists tailored to individual tastes. This integration of our product into a smart home system like Sonos wasn’t just an advancement; it was a leap forward in how we experience music, making it possible to personalize the soundtrack of every room in your home with ease. 

Besides, the initial version of the software was developed using AngularJS, but when Angular 2’s stable version was released, we realized that this was the future of Angular and migrated the product to it for easier future support and development. ProCoders are always in favor of proactive engagement with emerging technologies, ensuring our clients’ products remain up-to-date with the latest trends. 

We’re dedicated to delivering future-proof solutions for our clients.

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The Challenges Vs. The Solutions

During the development process, ProCoders faced several challenges, notably the integration with platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and smart speaker systems such as Sonos. Particularly, the backend integration posed a real challenge, connecting with these platforms was a complex task. 

However, over the years, not only have we gained invaluable experience, but the process itself has become simpler. This expertise now positions us uniquely — we’re equipped and ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring we can deliver exactly what you need with confidence and skill.

Besides, there was no AI you could connect to the system to do the matching for you, so the task was to build an intelligent matching system for tracks.

The solution our team offered was to develop custom plugins for seamless integration and smart music-matching, as there were no widely used plugin options at the time,

So, one could say we built a one-of-a-kind system for these two products.


The solutions were successfully launched and published in app stores. The client attracted a diverse user base of over 10,000 listeners across different platforms, leading to the acquisition of their company by a media holding.


Partner Review

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The most impressive thing about ProCoders was their understanding of the project.

Guys can recommend you the most relevant technology stack for your project taking into account popularity and stability of technology, developers availability, code reusability and else. I shall come to ProCoders for development of any mobile application.

CEO & Founder


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Find What You Like / Listen Together

Your digital platforms are the gateway to engaging with your audience, yet they might reach their full potential with innovative features and seamless user interaction. At ProCoders, we get to the true capabilities of your digital offerings with expert software development services. This page showcases how our solutions have transformed the entertainment industry through the FindWhatYouLike case. Discover how we created cutting-edge social music apps that connect users in dynamic new ways, elevating user engagement and redefining interaction. See how our development services can energize your projects and captivate your audience!
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