How to Develop a Dapp with React?
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React used to be the number one choice by software developers until the 2022 survey labeled Node.js as the leader. But React.js is still in second place, having 42.62% of responders vouch for it, which is a solid result.

So, when it comes to dApp, React templates, skills, and professionals are very much in demand. And today, we’re covering the topic from start to finish.

What are dApps and React? How to make React dApp? How much money does it cost to make a React dApp? And who can help you create a perfect decentralized application? We at ProCoders have the answers and we’re ready to share it all with you.

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Key takeaways:

  • dApps are decentralized applications that run on P2P networks or blockchain. React is a JS library used to build user interfaces. Logically, React dApp templates are used to build those UIs for dApps.
  • Decentralized apps work on the basis of smart contracts stored on blockchain, hence all the benefits.
  • You should hire a dev to build a dApp in React due to the security and privacy of these applications, to say the least. But there are also potential drawbacks.
  • The key features of such applications are their open-source and decentralized nature, as well as the possibility to automate certain processes.
  • To develop a dApp, you have to take lots of factors into account, create a prototype, do market research, and trust the final development to experienced professionals.
  • The cost of such an app depends on the industry of your business, the company you’re going to collaborate with, the tech stack you choose, etc. (like the cost to develop a marketplace can differ much from the cost to develop a fitness app)
  • ProCoders can help you at every stage of development by providing analysis of the needed budget and workforce and finding the right developers for the role.

What is dApp in React?

First of all, let’s learn or remember the basics.

dApp is short for decentralized application. It’s the app that works on blockchain or a P2P network instead of some central authority. And this is the brilliance of such software, as it’s transparent and secure.

dApps are usually hosted on Ethereum and can be created for finance, gaming, and other industries.

React is a JavaScript library full of “components” or building blocks you can use to build complex UIs (user interfaces) without having to type all the boilerplate codes yourself.

Now that the basic terminology is clear, let’s get into the mechanisms. Before you ask how to сreate a dApp using React, you have to know how it works.

Read further to find out how dApps work and why you need one!

Decentralized React Application – How Does it Work?

In order to tell you how to create a decentralized app with React, we should first explain how they work.

Decentralized React Application - How Does it Work?

The peculiarity is in the backend code, which is totally different from that of a conventional piece of software. Usually, such programs rely on smart contracts to perform the needed “if/then” tasks. When all the “if” requirements of the backend code are met, the focus action is triggered in the program, for example, a transaction within the P2P network the dApp resides on.

This is a very brief but easily understandable explanation. But why do you need to build a centralized application using React?

Why Should You Create a Decentralized React App in 2023?

If you’re considering hiring a developer to build a React dApp, take into account the benefits of these modern applications:

  • Privacy – in order to use the dApp, you don’t have to provide identification and show it publicly.
  • Security – due to the algorithm of blockchain, all the data stored in its clocks can’t be changed, which means people can’t interfere with transactions that have already happened, with data being available for all who take part in the smart contract.
  • Guarantee of operation – you don’t have to rely on any centralized authority for the dApp to work. If it’s built properly, it will work and won’t be hacked.

As for the “built properly” part, we at ProCoders have devs that know exactly how to build a dApp using React and make it work for your business. But we’ll talk about it later.

The potential drawbacks are:

  • Maintenance – if you hire a developer building a React dApp that doesn’t have the needed experience, bugs may later be found in the software, which are hard to fix as the code is open-source and you need the agreement of all participants.
  • User experience – depending on your target audience, it may be difficult to explain to people what tools they have to install beforehand for their UX to be not only convenient but 100% secure as well.
  • Experimental solutions – dApps are still quite experimental, so there may be other problems occurring in the future.
make decentralized react application can be hard

These cons are avoidable if you hire ReactJS developers who are highly experienced in creating decentralized React apps. Pioneering the niche may also bring you huge success in the future, which is why it’s worth trying to take your place there.

As to the choice of the library, React.js is one of the favorites if you ask ProCoders professionals. It’s fast and flexible, which makes it convenient to work with and deliver outstanding results in limited timeframes. It’s also full of various components that can help you build the most complex user interfaces. And if you need a custom component, you can create it!

For a more clear answer on why you need to create a DeFi app or another dApp for your business, let’s learn about the key features such applications offer.

Key Features of React Decentralized Application

Here are the key features you have to know before getting to a how-to on building a React dApp:

  • Open-source – the code of your application is open for everyone, which means all users can read and re-check it. This feature is responsible for the transparency of each app stored in blockchain.
  • Decentralization – as already said, a dApp isn’t concentrated on one main corporate computer. This also contributes to the security of the software as there’s no single authority that can tamper with and control it.
  • Automation – no person or third party is responsible for the running of the program, as they are usually based on smart contracts (that work autonomously).

What skills do you need to build for React dApp developing? And how to make a dApp with React? There are still many questions, so keep reading!

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How to Build Ethereum dApp with React: Full Tutorial

To make sure you know all the steps of the process, here’s a how-to on creating a dApp with React. Upon familiarizing yourself, you can contact us at ProCoders to find out how we can help you make your idea into a finalized project.

This brief React dApp development tutorial will showcase how you can start your way to Web3 immediately.

Step 1: Identify the focus market

You will have to sell your dApp, so creating presentations talking about the use of your solution will really help when talking to investors who will fund your future project. Market and audience research should also take place so that you can make adjustments to your prototype to fit the needs of your TA.

Step 2: Identify project goals

First of all, you need to think about:

  • The niche your dApp will take
  • Its purpose
  • Its use to the target audience
  • Its scale
  • The budget you can allocate for its creation
  • The business goals this application will help you achieve
  • How are you going to make money with dApps?

This will prepare you for whatever questions you may have when developing the software or from the agency you’re going to work with if you choose to.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the technology

Research the potential frameworks and platforms you may need for the project. The most important decision is the platform your dApp will reside on. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain spot for decentralized apps, so we may recommend you to choose it upon learning the details of your idea.

Step 4: Develop your prototype

The usual app development isn’t similar to a how-to on making a React dApp, so you’ll need a prototype first to understand how it’s going to work and if it’s even worth developing. Let professionals develop your prototype so that you can later test it with your target market and receive positive feedback.

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Step 5: Create an MVP

Then, you’ll need an MVP to see if your app will work the way you want it to. MVP is a way for developers to run and explore their apps without having to interact with nodes like during the real launch. So, it’s like a test run.

Step 6: Create and Launch the Final Version

To limit the risks, you need to go through the whole prototype-market research-MVP path to be absolutely sure you have the right dApp for the right audience. As you go through that, you can boldly go and engage in the development of a dApp in React.

Of course, we can’t let you go without recommending not only getting familiar with how-tos on making a React dApp yourself but also trusting the actual development to a professional team.

Besides, to create a decentralized app in React, you also need to know the tech stack necessary for the job. Gladly, we at ProCoders have tech team leaders that can definitely say if your new developer knows their stack, so let’s get into it.

Tech Stack for Creating React dApp

Here’s the tech stack you need for a successful decentralized application:

  • IPFS – decentralized storage for your dApp data
  • React – for the front-end part
  • Solidity – Ethereum smart contract programming language
  • Truffle – smart contracts testing and compiling framework
  • uPort – effortless login into the decentralized app

When finding out how to build a decentralized application with React, the tech stack topic is surely important. But what about the financial part?

How Much Does it Cost to Make a React dApp?

How much it costs to create a React dApp depends a lot on the following factors:

  • The company you choose – the agency you’ll collaborate with to hire developers for the job identifies the volume of investment. We at ProCoders, for example, always look into the real needs of the business and assign the most suitable programmers for the job. Our employees also have adequate salary expectations as we choose to hire talent from Central Europe where the standards of living are lower than, say, the US.
  • The industry – depending on the industry, your dApp can cost you $40K or $100K+. Healthcare apps, for example, start at about $40K, while the finance ones start at about $50K. Surely, you have to take all the other factors into account before calculating the final number.
  • The scale of the app – you have to consider the platform you want to build on, the consensus mechanism, the stack and APIs needed, the user experience level, MVP development, and more.

Also, remember that you’ll also need someone to create a smart contract for you. So, the final number may vary from tens to hundreds of thousands. It’s much better to consult a professional beforehand to know exactly how much you’re going to pay and who you need for the job. We can help you with all this through our Discovery Phase.

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How ProCoders Can Help If You Decide to Develop a dApp with React?

Just how many skills do you have to build to do decentralized application using React? How to build a dApp with React so that it doesn’t flop due to common mistakes?

We recommend you turn to ProCoders. We can not only help you create a top-notch project, but beat the competition with unique custom software. Here’s how we can help:

  • Analyze your goal with our Discovery phase, offering you estimates on the timeframe, cost, and team scale you need for your project.
  • Provide a team of skilled programmers to implement your idea into a customized decentralized application.
  • Offer full support throughout all development stages and launch.

and more.

We’ve crafted a system that allows businesses to create React decentralized application avoiding all common mistakes like overpaying or hiring more people than needed (not to mention development mistakes).

ProCoders saves your:

  • Time by pre-scanning, testing, and hiring people with the needed Web3js skill set for the development of a dApp React..
  • Money by choosing outstanding talent from Central Europe where yearly salaries don’t count in hundreds of thousands of dollars yet the qualifications aren’t poorer than in other countries.
  • Nerves by establishing communication between you and your new development team so that you can always discuss the project (during working hours, of course).

So, if you want to make a dApp with React, let us find the best programmers for you, interview and test them, and then let you interview them as well if you see fit. We’re always open to honest communication and process transparency, so you can be sure not one redundant or unqualified person will be hired for the project.

When looking to hire cryptocurrency developers, we take into account their practical skills by testing them. One small test can reveal the real coding, troubleshooting, and other skills of a developer. We’re always in favor of a practical approach.

F. A. Q. on how to create a dApp with React and the best project ideas.
How long does it take to build a dApp using React?

The rough estimate is 6 to 12 months, but it depends on several factors, including:

  • The industry your business is in
  • The scale of the project
  • The backend processes and if you have them ready (you can only build the front-end part of the app with React)
  • The scale of blockchain research to be done for the project
  • The developers you hire, etc.

To get the final numbers, including not only the time but how much investment to spend on creating a React dApp, consider our Discovery Phase. Our business and tech analytics will evaluate your project and come up with your personal timeframe, the number of people needed, and the investments.

What are the top 5 React blockchain project ideas to take off your own business in 2023?

Here are 5 top ideas:

  • Secure online voting – the voting industry definitely needs more reliability. A decentralized open-source app should be popular, given you hire qualified people for building your decentralized app with React.
  • Logistics – create a solution for logistics to be faster and more automated. Each item or service’s order details can be stored and followed.
  • Real estate – consider creating a marketplace for real estate or any other sales industry. This will make rights transfer more secure, as well as other important details.
  • Medical info transfer – get a dApp React template to create a program that allows medical practitioners and patients to exchange sensitive information safely.
  • Music – you can create a React decentralized application to show users original artists and rights-holders for music pieces on demand.
How to build the React dApp with a template?

When using a React dApp template, you avoid countless repetitive actions and can create an app based on the existing carcass.

For that, you have to:

  • Identify the project you want to implement
  • Hire a team of skilled pros for creating a decentralized app in React without errors
  • Research the potential templates to use
  • Choose one and discuss using it
  • Fill the code gaps with the data that will make your solution unique
  • Launch the program

We do recommend trusting the process to professionals. We at ProCoders can provide you with just such people. Being in the staff augmentation for over 10 years, we know how to connect the right coders with the right clients.


Creating a dApp can help you bring your business to a new level. From sharing information between a doctor and a patient to real estate transactions, you have an ocean of options.

Decentralized applications offer a ton of benefits, including privacy, security, and automation. These may be the reasons you may need a dApp in 2023.

To create one, you have to lay out a detailed plan, create a prototype, research the market, present your idea to investors, create an MVP, and finally approve the final version.

It’s much easier to do if you have ProCoders professionals by your side. We’re in the tech staff augmentation business for 10+ years and know where and how to find the best fitting coders for you.

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