Top 12 Benefits of Choosing Laravel Framework for Your Next Project
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With a PHP Framework this fast, scalable, secure and versatile, you’ll soon see the advantages of Laravel over other frameworks.

When it comes to building web applications, we are now in an open-source world where you can find dozens of web coders for hire. Tasks that might have taken hundreds of lines of code just a few years ago now can be seamlessly added to your web application with a single line or two – thanks to built-in modules found in open-source PHP frameworks.

Hire backend developer with knowledge of the right PHP Framework, and you can save yourself thousands of hours of development time, improve site security, and get a fluid, easy-to-use website to market in half the time of your competition. And this, in short, is why we choose to build so many of our client projects in Laravel. This open-source PHP framework is fast, secure, versatile and can save you up to 35 percent in your development costs.

And when it comes to the benefits of using Laravel, that’s just the beginning.

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What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It was created because the prevailing framework at the time, CodeIgniter, lacked important functions like user authentication and authorization.

As an open-source framework, it is being continually improved upon as developers create new modules and capabilities. With eight versions published since its release, Laravel is a web application with true staying power, and it keeps getting better and more robust with every passing year.

With so many benefits of using Laravel, it has become a go-to framework we recommend to our clients. And if you decide to hire Laravel developer for your project, then you might want to check Laravel interview questions to be sure that you’ll hire the right guy.

Why is Laravel so Popular?

Laravel is a web application platform that’s elegant to use, with 18 user ecosystems built around various functions like security, customer communication and more.

Thousands of developers around the world use it as their first choice for platform development, and its open-source backbone means that new innovations around the framework are being developed every day.

Its ease of use and functionality make it accessible and affordable to use, no matter what the size of your web application. And that makes the advantages of the Laravel’s framework hard to ignore.

Why Does Your Project Need Laravel?

Laravel’s benefits come standard with its framework, with onboard functions like authentication logic, mailer library drivers, security and cross-site scripting, error and exception handling, web routing, and message queuing built into the system.

With these functions available in pre-programmed bundles, developers can build these into your website with just a few lines of code – saving you thousands of lines of custom coding and cutting your development costs by about 35 percent.

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Even better, these modules are designed to work well with other mail and communication systems, allowing you to communicate seamlessly with customers who visit your website, no matter what messaging platform they prefer.

And the advantages of the Laravel framework extend far beyond just the code behind the scenes. The framework also offers an impressive array of design templates to choose from, all of them created to be responsive no matter whether the site is being viewed on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

And perhaps one of our favorite Laravel benefits is the way the backend code is separate from the front end. This may seem like a small detail, but it can have big implications for your business.

Construction frontend and backend meme

With this functionality, your website designers can make changes to the look of your site, and even changes to site functions, without getting into difficult and expensive back end code changes. This affects Laravel price a lot and could save you thousands on development costs.

But the benefits of using Laravel are too numerous to summarize. To help you understand the advantages of Laravel over other frameworks, let’s drill down into each of them, here.

What Are the Top Laravel Benefits?

Seamless user authentication and authorization

When a customer logs onto your website or wishes to make a purchase, they must be able to identify themselves and make payments in the most secure way possible. Sign-in systems that are slow or hard to use will cost you customers, even if the delay is just a few seconds long.

Gandalf won't let you log in

Thankfully, one of the key Laravel benefits is its plug-and-play authentication systems, which allow customers to securely access your resources in a lightning-fast, intuitive, elegant, easy-to-understand interface.

Cross-platform Integration with Mail and Messaging Systems

Most sites need to send out user authentications, password reminders, auto-receipts, promotional messages and more.

One of the key benefits of using Laravel is its built-in mail API service, which seamlessly integrates over SwiftMailer library drivers to SMPT, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function, and “sendmail.” Your website applications will be able to send out emails and texts over local or cloud-based servers, including messaging services like Nexmo and Slack.

Fast Caching Integrations

If you’re committed to your user experience, your website needs to be speedy. Smooth-running cache systems are the key to this. And that brings us right into one of the advantages of a Laravel framework -its ease of caching integration.

Laravel is connecting to Redis

Laravel supports popular cache backends like Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box, and it’s configured to store cached objects in the file system. Best of all, Laravel will allow developers to create multiple cache configurations, which is ideal for larger sites.

Safe, secure transactions

If you have a website that runs user data and payment, security should be your first concern. For example, if you want to build a healthcare app you will receive a lot of private information about your users. And Laravel’s built-in systems protect against SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and more. Its codebase is heavily used, and as a result, heavily guarded.

The security ecosystem for Laravel features an online community and tutorials to help your developers learn how to build in the system. That can help you create web applications with security that’s rock-solid, and better for your business.

Forms that Manage Errors

Customer forms can be one of the biggest programming headaches on your website – especially the error messages that come up when your user types in the wrong thing. One of the important advantages of using a Laravel framework is its built-in error and exception handling systems.

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Laravel is configured to work with the Monolog logging library, which provides support for a variety of powerful log handlers. This means your customer will get error messages integrated right into the forms where they are typing, and you’ll get errors sorted out quickly and efficiently, and you can get back to business.

Automated Testing Processes

Here at ProCoders, one of our favorite benefits of using Laravel is its testing protocols. Laravel is truly built with testing in mind. Out of the box, Laravel has built-in PHP Unit support testing, and a phpunit.xml file is already set up, right inside the application.

This allows the developer to run expressive testing of not just the whole site, but one function at a time, such as making requests like filling out forms, clicking links and making purchases.

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Fast URL Routing

Laravel allows programmers to easily create a new package and publish it for the developer community. Thanks to Laravel’s service provider developers can easily plug in any package adding 2 lines of code and install a package from the packagist. When it comes to the advantages of Laravel, it’s not a small one.

Separate Business Logic and Presentation Codes for Easy Revisions

Laravel’s integrations make life a lot easier for developers particularly its line tool, Artisan. This tool enables the generation of basic MVC files and the formation of custom commands, creating skeleton code, database architecture, and migrations at the same time.

Artisan handles much of the repetitive and tedious programming tasks that many developers dread to do manually. And who doesn’t love that?

Prioritized Messaging in Queue

Most truly robust websites are constantly sending messages emails with receipts, processing membership requests or purchases, sending tracking order messages, and the like. Some messages, like purchase information, is more important than say, a scheduled reminder that your account renewal is coming due. But Laravel can prioritize these.

How Laravel Prioritizes Messaging in Queue

This is one of the key benefits of a Laravel framework, and no small matter. If you have thousands of requests coming at your site at any moment in time, you can rest easy that the important messages, the ones that impact user experience and incoming revenue, are prioritized.

Smart Scheduling for Your In-App Tasks

Your website has a lot of work to do – dumping new orders into your accounting/fulfillment system, or cleaning out old communications in your email cache, for instance. Before frameworks like Laravel, programmers would have to SSH into the server and create a Cron entry for every in-app task that needed to be completed regularly. But not anymore.

One of the most convenient advantages of a Laravel framework is its command scheduler. With this module, you can schedule commands form within Laravel itself, and only a single Cron entry is needed on the server.

Beautiful Design Templates, at Your Fingertips

We truly love this Laravel benefit: its Template Tool. This tool is pre-installed in the framework and offers dozens of choices for lightweight, powerful, beautiful site layouts with content-coding and seeding.

it's easy to design on Laravel

All the pages you create through it will be responsive and modern, and appropriate for any online presentation. And with plenty of widgets with CSS and JS coding, much of the heavy design lifting will be done for you.

Web Applications for Multiple Languages

Laravel’s superior routing capabilities has other key advantages, especially its fast and capable versioning of multi-lingual websites. When your web visitor is scrolling between language options, Laravel will ensure that they’re delivered to the page they need, in the language they need, every time.

Why Do We Prefer Laravel?

By now, I’ve rather thoroughly laid out all Laravel’s benefits. But if I had to sum up all those benefits, I would say Laravel is:

  • Fast – about 35 percent faster to develop on than coding everything from scratch
  • Inexpensive – cutting out thousands of hours of coding time with its convenient modules, and giving designers handy templates
  • Tried and True – after nearly 10 years on the market, and thousands of developers who’ve worked on and around the system, the framework is solidly reliable
  • Responsive – with speedy caching systems and protocols designed to keep your web application humming along
  • Secure – offering some of the best plug and play security software solutions on the market
  • Flexible – with modules allowing you to create and configure for any language, viewing environment, or user experience
  • Collaborative – with a dual programming structure that allows design staff to make changes easily and create responsive solutions for your business

In Conclusion

We love Laravel’s benefits, and all the business and technical advantages of Laravel over other frameworks. Our experience with Laravel on our client’s project bears this out. We turn to this framework often, depending on the client’s needs.

One of our recent successes was with MyDistijl, a CRM system for the management of a distillery company.

Mockups of a Laravel-built project

Distijl is a company that offers exclusive bourbon industry experiences and personalized bourbon products. The CRM system we created in Laravel allows the company’s customers to have a convenient interface for a completely personalized service experience, and ordering for a customized product.

In short order, the company earned 500 users with its web app, and we expect it to do well in the future.

For British tour agency Blue-o-two, Laravel allowed them to save money while presenting a sophisticated web interface to their clients.

Mockups of a project that was built on Laravel

We created a custom CMS for them using Laravel and Vue.js. Without its own dedicated programming staff, Blue-o-two needed ProCoders to handle the development of their interface. We designed a web interface with an easy back-end access, making it a breeze to change pages, add new information, and transfer customer-loaded information into actionable data for staff.

The newly speedy interface has increased the amount of time visitors stay onsite. And even better, it has allowed the company to manage its web assets with its own staff, saving it about $4,000 in developer salary every month.

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Would you like to see this kind of result on your next web application project? We’d love to talk to you about the advantages of the Laravel network and see how this framework might work for your next web application build. We’ll be happy to discuss with you how to hire offshore software developers who use Laravel.

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    For companies who are looking for custom software development, applying the Laravel PHP Framework in 2020 can be a very good start. Laravel framework is apparently the most starred PHP framework on Github. More than 50,000 developers appreciate the grand features of this framework because it gives the right tools to build websites and web applications faster, in a more stable manner with the added benefit of easy maintenance.

    Laravel possess a potent base in PHP framework which allows for opportunities with respect to HTML. It also provides simple and elegant syntax which makes the app expressive and communicative.

    So, Laravel is an open source PHP framework which is strong and an easily understandable application. Laravel uses the MVC pattern or the Model-view-Controller design pattern. It employs the existing modules of various frameworks that aid in web application. This gives the web application a structured feel and also practical.

    Laravel also offers extensive functionalities which consolidates the basic features of other PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and other languages like Ruby On Rails. If you are looking to speed up the process of web development then Laravel sure has some undeniable benefits to offer in 2020.

    If you are well-versed with Core and Advanced PHP, Laravel makes it even simpler for you. It will save a lot of time especially if you intend to build the application from scratch. Furthermore a website build on Laravel will secure it from threatening web attacks also.

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