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Vadim Tushev

Service Manager

Experience: Experience: 9 Years in IT

Vadim is the Service Manager at ProCoders. With a talent in marketing, networking, and communications, Vadim has accrued nearly 9 years of experience in the IT industry. His professional journey spans roles such as Marketing Manager, Service Manager, Communication Manager, Lead Generation Manager, and Project Manager. 

Bringing a powerful skill set of design, marketing, analytics, service communications, and team management, Vadim helps ProCoders achieve its goals by enhancing public presence and optimizing internal processes. Besides, as a service manager, he always stays abreast of IT service trends and seeks new forms of interaction with clients for ProCoders to make even more relevant offers.

Vadim’s efforts have significantly contributed to the company's growth, elevating it from a 25-person agency to a thriving international company with over 120 employees. Committed to sharing ProCoders' experience in software development services and product development, Vadim aims to help businesses hit their scores!

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