ChatGPT for Customer Service and Communication: Advantages and Disadvantages
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The OpenAI ChatGPT benefits are all over the news. People are writing essays with its help, learning new information, compiling long-reads from smaller pieces, and generally enjoying communicating with advanced technology.

But what about business? How can one use GPT for customer service? Is it possible to understand clients better and improve communication with the help of artificial intelligence? Should you even use it?

Oh, we have so much to tell you about this! Especially about the pitfalls you have to be ready for when implementing this tech and how to avoid them.

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Key takeaways:

  • You can use GPT-3 for the automation of customer service by integrating an API from OpenAI and building an interface matching your website. The bot will answer clients’ questions 24/7, improving engagement, helping them make decisions in favor of your brand, etc.
  • The perks of using a chatbot with GPT-3/3.5 technologies include human-like interaction, around-the-clock availability, and better customer satisfaction as a result.
  • The pitfalls of using GPT-3 chatbots in customer service, however, show that this is still not human interaction and some specific or complicated requests may not be understood properly by the machine. The clients may get the wrong answers, which may discredit your brand. However, in the guide, we also talk about how to avoid these drawbacks.
  • We added explanations as to how implementing ChatGPT achieves customer satisfaction, profit increase, and cost efficiency, such as the importance of replying at any time and the absence of the necessity to hire more people.
  • The tech stack for integrating the chatbot includes PHP and JavaScript for your own chat design and operation, as well as the API from OpenAI to use ChatGPT.

How to Use GPT-3 AI Chat-Bot in Customer Service Improvement?

GPT-3 customer service is basically communication with your customers through artificial intelligence that can build coherent sentences and understand the context. 

Launched in November of last year, it took the technology only 5 days to draw 1 million users.

Using GPT-3 customer service and other applications of the technology, it has gained 1 million users in just 5 days.

It took Netflix about 3.5 years to achieve the same results. Of course, the technologies are totally different, but the scale of this bot amazes everyone.

So, how can you use ChatGPT for customer service?

Allow it to generate automated responses for your customers. Around 40% of client queries are repetitive, so why hire more people if you can generate immediate coherent responses for the same questions your operators get asked about every day? Have a chatbot answer all of those and, if the concern is very specific, connect a human operator or notify that the support will process the request first thing in the morning.

Note: If you use GPT3.5, you can even input your own data, so the chatbot will be able to answer specific questions about your company.

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Advantages of Using GPT-3 in Customer Service

To see if you should use a customer service chatbot, look at how ChatGPT describes itself.

A customer service chatbot with GPT-3 has a ton of advantages if used correctly:

  • Human-like responses – take care of your customers with quick yet very human-life answers, coherent and packed with information.
  • 24/7 responses – instead of hiring more people for night shifts, use a chatbot to cover clients’ queries around the clock.
  • Better customer satisfaction – more attention, more efficient conversations, and less wait time equals higher client satisfaction, which makes your business more appealing.

Your buyers can change topics, ask countless questions, and reach you anytime, reassured that you will reply to them in no time.

Pitfalls of Using GPT Chatbots in Customer Service and How to Resolve Them

ChatGPT for customer service still has pitfalls, but there’s always something you can do about it.

While the answers of GPT-3 and ai in customer support, it has one big pitfall – it’s still not human. This means:

  • It can provide wrong or outdated information
  • It can lose context if the topic is changed too abruptly
  • It may not understand sarcasm or difficult, long sentence

You can improve the situation by using GPT3.5 and inputting your company information for more accurate answers. Another way out is to write customer service guidelines and help the clients write proper questions. Short sentences, concise language, clearer orders.

To find out how to resolve your particular situation, you can get web developers for hire from ProCoders and have them adjust and implement the chatbot correctly.

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But how exactly to use GPT-3 customer service automation to achieve business results? Let’s see some ideas.

Examples of Implementing ChatGPT for Customer Service and Business Results

Think of your business goals and correlate them with the following examples of chatbot implementation:

  • Customer satisfaction rate.
    Customer service means a lot when it comes to engagement, satisfaction, and the decision to buy from a brand. Automate support with GPT-3, and your buyers will be able to reach your business at any time. 24/7 support guarantees customer satisfaction increase.
  • Profits.
    Being there for potential customers before they make a decision to buy from you is crucial. If your chatbot answers someone at 3 am, encouraging a purchase, helping to pick a size, etc., you’re up for a profit increase.
  • Costs.
    Cost efficiency is another business-related result of the proper implementation of ChatGPT. You save money on hiring human operators for your support system for night shifts or general query load. Trusting a chatbot with answering basic questions and covering the nighttime will show a significant salary spending cut.

To implement the chatbot, you’ll need powerful tech and equally powerful minds of software developers. Let’s see, what and who will create a perfect bot for your business.

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Tech Stack You Need to Integrate GPT-3 to Your Customer Service Flow Successfully

To create a chatbot based on ChatGPT, you will need:

  • PHP
  • PHP libraries
  • JavaScript
  • An API for ChatGPT

Now, as to the “successfully”, for that you will need professional programmers that know how to use those languages and frameworks to create a perfect chatbot for a particular business with its needs.

How ProCoders Can Help if You Want to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Customer Service

ProCoders can help you implement GPT-3 to automate customer service in several ways, depending on your business needs and project development stage:

  • Discovery Phase services.
    Discovery Phase is the best solution for businesses that don’t have a clear plan as to implementing GPT-3 and AI in customer support but want to do it in the best way possible. ProCoders’ analytics and tech professionals research your needs and requirements, aligning them with the technical possibilities. As a result, you get a step-by-step plan on what to do next, plus time and budget estimates for the project.
  • Dedicated team.
    If you already have it all figured out and just need the right team for the job, we can provide that as well. Let us assign top professionals with the tech stack and practical experience needed to fulfill your requirements.
  • Classic staff augmentation.
    In case you have a plan and a team, ProCoders is ready to complete it with qualified designers, developers, or QA specialists in a couple of days.

There are tons of benefits of outsourcing software development, including cost-efficiency, less HR hassle for you, and guaranteed result quality.

When looking for a tech partner, choose transparency, honest communication, and full technical support throughout the whole project. ProCoders will give you that and even more.

FAQ about using GPT-3 AI chatbot for customer support.
How do you use chatbots for customer service?

You can use ChatGPT for customer support automation by integrating it into your client service chat or using it to generate email responses.

Are chatbots good for customer service?

Yes, because they offer 24/7 information-packed support, which shows customers that you care, making your business more appealing.

Is ChatGPT a good idea to start your own business?

If you have a good idea about revolving your business around ChatGPT, do it. You can create your own customer service platform powered by the technology, a virtual personal assistant, an online counseling platform where the first questions are answered by the GPT tech while your algorithm collects data from the questions, etc.

What are the main chatbots limits in customer service?

It’s not human. So, a chatbot may not understand some specific requests, complicated sentences, jargon, and sarcasm. 

How can chatbots improve customer service?

Chatbots offer around-the-clock customer service and reply immediately. This increases customer satisfaction with the brand, which may increase revenue and bring more buyers.

Why are chatbots important for customer service?

Getting an AI chatbot for customer support means you catch up with advanced technologies. A chatbot will process clients’ requests faster and with more accuracy, saving money on human operators basically answering all the same questions.

Can ChatGPT be an independent software product and make money?

It kind of is already. Open AI doesn’t monetize the chatbot as of now, but they sell the API (application programming interface) to businesses that want to use it for their benefit.


Implementing ChatGPT into your customer service makes sense for many reasons. First of all, it means walking along with new technology. Besides, there are lots of advantages to using the solution because your customers deserve to get responses around the clock. You, on the other hand, deserve to cut on costs and increase revenue with the help of the advances of nowadays.

For the best results, you also need the right tech stack and, of course, a team of professionals who will build a custom chat with ChatGPT API for you. ProCoders is ready to provide you with a whole team, a couple of developers, or even just an analysis of your needs.

We offer a multitude of services, and one of them will definitely help your project thrive.

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